Bubble Wrap Grapes

kids craft

This is a great example of why trying things a few times with young children is so important. A few months back we made these and my son was not really into using bubble wrap, that all changed this time! He loved painting it and printing it onto the paper. This wraps up our week of fruity fun!

  1. Gather your materials. You will need some white paper,green construction paper, bubble wrap, scissors, purple paint, a paint brush and glue.
  2. Cut your bubble wrap into a triangle.
  3. Paint your bubble wrap on the bubble side.
  4. Print onto your white paper- we printed 3 pages even though the craft only needs one print. Let dry.
  5. Trim your print into the shape of grapes.
  6. Cut your green paper into the same shape, with a stem.
  7. Add glue to the green paper.
  8. Glue on your grapes and let dry!

“Raisin and Grape” by Tom Amico and James Priomos is a hilarious and sweet book more about grandpas and grandsons then about grapes and raisins. The dry sarcastic humor will keep parents happy ( or if you aren’t into that you’ll hate the book) while the funky illustrations and simple text will keep your little ones interested. This is a great book for older children to read to younger siblings, the text is easy enough for novice readers and they will think it’s funny, especially the part about armpits! My son is so into his grandpas right now that this was a huge hit and I love that it can also be used to explain that raisins are dried grapes. Grab this , sit down with some grapes and have fun!