Tool Bench Pencil Holder

home depot decoupage

My husband and son share a special bond, Home Depot. It started with the race car carts they have, moved to the ride on mowers and now when they go it’s all about forklifts. This craft uses glue and water but if you have modge-podge that will work too.

  1. Gather your materials. We went for a leisurely walk around Home Depot and grabbed all the free leaflets with their logo on them. We also used an old jar, glue, water , scissors and a paint brush.
  2. Start by clipping out the logo from the leaflets. We also decided on green as the background color so we clipped out big pieces of green as well.
  3. Mix 3:1 ( glue to water), mix well.
  4. Brush a thin layer on and lay down your back ground color.
  5. Add more glue mix
  6. Add your logos
  7. Add more glue mix.
  8. Let dry.
  9. Fill with pencils, frequently used screw drivers or even things like screws or nails.


“A Father Like That” by Charlotte Zolotow touched my heart. I have always been lucky to have a dad who was involved and present in my life, but this book is about the opposite. A little boy is telling his mom about what he wants in a dad, because he doesn’t have one. The book covers so many things dads do or don’t do, and while the dream dad isn’t perfect he is fair, loving and kind. I was tearing up as the book neared the end because I was wondering how the mom who was hearing all of this was going to react. Throughout the list of things the dad would do there were things for his mom too, mostly her being able to take a break and rest. Which made me feel sad that a little boy would have to worry about his mom, but I am sure that is all too common. The end pushed me over the edge, and my son who was drifting off to sleep while I was reading popped up and wiped my tears which made me cry harder because he was taking care of me. It ends with his mama saying that even though he may never have a father like that , that one day he can be a father like that. Great book for all families.