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There was an article in the NY Times recently about mommy bloggers and while my rebuttal will never be as eloquent as this one by Mom 101 I will say that for me this is not an “expensive hobby” I write this blog with a clear purpose, to be a resource for parents. I make more than coffee money but definitely couldn’t keep a roof over my families head with my earnings, but I take is as seriously as if I could.

In that spirit today’s spotlight isn’t about books, or art or even education it’s about Post Partum Depression and one fantastic organization Jenny’s Light.  Jenny’s Light was founded by one mom’s family after she tragically killed her baby son and herself after suffering from PPD in silence.  You don’t have to be expecting or a new mom to be at risk for this devastating illness and it’s effects. Father’s can suffer as well and as friends, sisters and partners of new parents it’s our responsibility to offer help if we are able.  One of the most useful pieces of information on the site are these steps to getting help for yourself or someone you care about. I know I have passed a long this information to more than a few friends over the years and no one ever said anything but thanks!

Check it out!

Light A Candle

A few months back I posted a link to

Jenny’s Light

It is an organization that is devoted to helping families struggling with Post Partum Depression. Exactly a year ago Jenny Gibbs Bankston and her infant son Graham tragically died . Now through this foundation her family and friends are making sure that their lives however short were not in vain. On this tragic anniversary I hope that this post reaches someone who needs it and makes a difference.

To see the memorial video
click here

Parent’s Corner : There is help if you need it!

Postpartum Depression
Most of you reading my blog are moms, and if one thing since having my son has become abundantly clear it’s that we need each other. PPD has been getting a lot of press but still so many moms aren’t getting the help they need and deserve. When I read Jenny and Graham Gibbs- Bankston’s tragic story I couldn’t imagine the pain that she must have been in and the grief that those families are left with. Please visit the link to Jenny’s Light, a foundation set up to educate and support those facing PPD and their families.

This is the number for the National Postpartum Depression Hotline , please pass it along to anyone in need 1-800-PPD-MOMS .

A reader Katherine also added this comment which I thought should be included :

1-800-944-4PPD This is the phone number for Postpartum Support International, the largest nonprofit in the world supporting women with perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. The people who answer this number can connect women to resources in every state in the US. Plus, they have Spanish speakers as well.

Thanks Katherine!