Recycle Your Easter Eggs!

things to do with plastuc easter eggs after easter These are all fun activities to do with  plastic Easter eggs after the hunt.  Have fun and be creative before packing them away for next year. Learn letters, make alien bugs, a pretty Mother’s Day craft or even use them for a science experiment. These plastic eggs are full of possibilities.

Make these super cute Egg Bugs   ( above) with left over plastic eggs, pipe cleaners and stickers! These were a huge hit with my Sunday school kids last year !

Make a bouquet that won’t wilt or need a single drop of water with tissue paper and eggs!

things to do with plastic eggs

Throw a few into a Spring Sensory Tub

alphabet for starters

Introduce letters to your toddler

Get into a scientific mode with this experiment using eggs to answer the question “:Sink or float?”

easter activity for toddlers

Match up some colors ( after Easter use simple nests made from colored plates).

Have fun with numbers, letters and shapes with this discovery game using eggs!