Letter of the week

letter of the week curriculum

Letter of the week is one of my more popular features on No Time For Flash Cards, we have multiple uppercase crafts for each letter and most lowercase as well. I am often asked if you should follow an order when introducing letters to your child. Some will say yes, others will say no. I am sorta in the middle. Here is why... my goal with letter of the week is to introduce the letter, that's it. I don't spend all week focusing only on it, it's simply the focus of one craft every week. There have been debate and studies done about the ineffectiveness of focusing only on one letter the entire week so I choose to continue focusing on all letters, after the one craft. If you choose to follow up with crafts or activities with the letter focus, choose ones your child relates to so the connections come naturally.

Children learn in context, they learn by authentic experiences and if we single out only one letter the entire week not only is that an artificial environment we are probably missing out on some lessons about other letters that could be coming up throughout the week. This is also why I include books with my crafts so that your child can make connections from reading, listening and doing the crafts and other activities. Children learn in so many ways if we offer diverse experiences they are more likely to not only hold onto the knowledge but also thirst for it.