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kids-crafts-preschool-blogHappy Mother’s Day!

I hope all the mom’s out there are enjoying something they love today! I told my kids all I want is them to wait on me hand and foot when I return from my long run this morning. After that many miles, I may just pass out and they will get a free pass until next year!  One thing I will be doing is checking out what you are up to, so leave a link or two and share.

Spring Crafts For Kids { Add Yours }

rp_kids-crafts-preschool-blog-455x34711-455x34711111.pngWhat are you up to today? After my long run today I am off to teach Sunday school and then collapse ( just a guess). I hope you have had a wonderful week of learning and are planning a great one ahead. I’d love to see all your spring themed crafts, lessons, and science activities today.

Link them up here… after I get back from church I will be scrolling through them all!

Sunday Sharing – Leave your early childhood education link!

rp_kids-crafts-preschool-blog-455x34711-455x34711111.pngGood Morning! It’s Sunday and I am in the last few weeks of marathon training – there is nothing I’d love more than coming home from my long run today and checking out the great early childhood education posts you leave here on Link & Learn! I am passionate about early childhood education and my long runs are usually when I brainstorm new ideas for my preschool classroom and to share with you here. Where do you get your ideas?

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Blog Link Up – Link & Learn

rp_kids-crafts-preschool-blog-455x34711-455x34711111.pngIt’s Sunday and while I am off running this morning I am hoping that you are combing through your posts for just the right one or two to share here on Link & Learn.  We aren’t picky about what you share as long as it’s something that will benefit No Time For Flash Card readers.