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It’s spring break here so I need all the extra ideas I can get .   Link & Learn is the perfect place to find kids crafts, homeschooling ideas and other fun things to do with your kids to keep them learning and exploring . 

What did you do with your kids this week ? Show us by linking up.

If you are new jump in and share, the more ideas we have to share with parents and kids the better.

Link & Learn – Kids’ Crafts and Fun Activities

I am just now going through last weeks awesome craft links. You guys are amazing! So many awesome early education lessons, and fun things to do at home. I have noticed some new blogs that are simply amazing. I love that our community is growing by leaps and bounds. There is no reason anyone should have a hard time finding something fun and educational to do with their kids with so many great ideas at their finger tips.  Don’t forget to join the conversation on our Pinterest and Facebook too !

Link & Learn – Kids’ Crafts and Educational Activities

What have you been crafting and learning with your kids this week?

We have been in Texas  and I am fixin’ to chill out for a solid week after all the traveling we’ve been doing.  Before I put my feet up I want to make sure I post Link & Learn so y’all can link up and I can see what you’ve been up to while I was eating a 3rd helping of Grandma’s fruit salad ( it sounds healthy but it’s made with mayo and cool whip… but oh my gosh it’s good).  This linky really is such a great source of inspiration , I love seeing how many creative parents and teachers there are out there having fun playing and learning with kids .

If you are new here leave a link to a post about an educational activity, play or craft. That’s it. If you want to grab our button you can scroll way down and grab it ( it’s on the sidebar) or leave a link in your post saying to shared it here . I am not a stickler for this though, I just want my readers to have the largest pool of great ideas for things to do with their kids, so thanks for linking up! Another great linky is hosted every week by my friends at The Kids’ Co-op you may want to check that out too.

Have a great week!

Link & Learn – Kids’ Crafts and Preschool Activities

Sunday is my favorite day of the week not only because it’s the one day I throw make up on and if I am lucky wear heels to church but also because I get to catch up on all the fantastic ideas around the web. Pinterest is good but this linky continues to be the best of the best for kid crafts, art projects and early learning. Thank you so much for joining every week and if you are new you are not allowed to be a wall flower ! Jump in and leave a link or two for us to see what you have been up to. Don’t forget to check out the Kids’ Co-op Linky as well!

Have a great week .

Link & Learn – Kids’ Crafts and Early Learning

Need a craft idea for your kids or educational activity for homeschooling ?  Link & Learn is the place to find the best the web has to offer for kids and early learning every week. Think of this linky as a cheat sheet and don’t forget to leave a link to your favorite post of the week.  Newcomers are always welcome so don’t be shy, just add a link and join in.

Also don’t forget to follow us on Pinterest as well as Facebook where I share my favorite links from here and The Kids’ Co-op Linky throughout the week.

Hope you have a fantastic week!