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rp_link-learn-2014-455x178111111111111.jpgI know a lot of you do activities with your kids but you also write wonderful articles with parenting advice and education articles. I think today in addition to the regular early learning activities we should dig through our archives to find some great posts that might be helpful to other parents.  The holidays can be overwhelming and many of us can use any help offered!

If you are looking for great parenting resources my Pinterest Parenting board as some great pins as well as one of my favorite blogs Not Just Cute. Best parenting blog hands down.

So link up and have a wonderful week!

Holiday Crafts For Kids – Add your link!


Happy Sunday !

I am a little late posting today because yesterday our family went to get our tree and stayed up way too late decorating it. You can see our photos on my Instagram ( I would love to follow you too! ) . I would also love to see all the holiday crafts and learning activities you have done with your kids this week.

Link up!


If you are new to Link & Learn please don’t be shy. It’s a simple link up and if you want to check out other people’s blogs that is rad.

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Christmas Crafts & Early Learning

preschool blogI am so excited to be doing Christmas crafts! My kids are both begging to spend time at the art table, are coming up with their own ideas ( yay!) and I have so many posts waiting to be published. But that is what’s new with me. I want to know what’s new with you and what you have created and shared on your blog.  Link up!

It’s no biggie if you aren’t a blogger – Link & Learn is still for you. Scroll through the ideas below and find a few new blogs to follow and some great Christmas crafts to try.

Thanksgiving Crafts For Kids & More { Add Your Posts }

preschool blogCan you believe it’s almost Thanksgiving? More importantly at our house it’s my son’s 8th birthday. How in the world is he 8? This is the first picture I took of him for the blog way back in early 2008. the start of ntffc

He’s getting closer and closer to my height and let’s not talk about his negotiation skills ” Mom, I would love to do this math activity for you and the blog, how about if I do I get… ” I’ve always asked my kids if they want to help me share ideas and now that he is 8 the answer is sometimes no and I respect that…school is his job, the blog is mine. Really though it just makes me work that much harder to find something so cool he can’t wait to do it.

He was born on Thanksgiving and in his honor let’s all share the very best Thanksgiving posts we have from this year and years past ( feel free to add multiple links). If Thanksgiving isn’t your thing just add a few favorites , I have shared so many Thanksgiving ideas ( check out yesterday’s Turkey post! ) I am going to share some of my son’s all time favorites :


Snow Globe Snowman

Knight’s Shield

Marshmallow Snowman

Painting With Water

Raising Boys Who Want To Read

Kids Craft Ideas Linky { join in by adding your post! }

preschool blogTonight I asked my Facebook community if they thought it was too early to post Christmas craft ideas. The overwhelming answer was no. That is my green light! I am brainstorming as soon as I post Link & Learn and will have a few fun Christmas crafts for you soon.

You can see some fun ideas on our Christmas With Little Kids board on Pinterest.

Now let’s see what you have to share!