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Link & Learn is ready for your very best post of the week, but if you happen to have an oldie that you are sure we will all love well then , go ahead share that too ! We want to be a great resource so add what you think we will benefit from the most. It’s also about checking out what others have to share and you will see it’s awesome, so check out some fun links too. Have a great week!


Link & Learn

We are going to try thumbnail links this week – leave a comment and let me know what you think. If you are new to Link&Learn it’s easy peasy, the hardest part is choosing which of your genius posts to link up. After you decide all you have to do is link up and check out some of these other creative posts from other participants.  Thanks for taking the time to share your best here with us and our community of parents and kids. Have a wonderful week .  * Now that I can see the thumbnails I love them too but wow they are too small, next week we’ll make them bigger. If I make them bigger now the existing ones will be blurry. Thanks for the comments *

Link & Learn

I hope you have been keeping busy so far this summer, taking a break for your regular schedule with your kids. Can you believe I’ve already seen back to school supplies in stores?!  I am not ready for back to school yet, though I am ready to see all the amazing creative posts you have to share so link up  your best from the week and show them off!  Remember to link back here so your readers can see all the great links that others leave. I am telling you this is by far the best place to start planning fun summer activities for kids. A few clicks here and you are set for the week.

Link & Learn

Summer learning is in full swing ! Link up your best post of the week and we can learn from you! I have been entertaining guests and preparing a party all week and I’m eager to catch up on your amazing creativity.  If this is your first visit here, welcome!  Please  join in , this linky is all about showing off your best so we can learn from each other. I hope everyone has a great week .

Link & Learn – Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to our dad and grandad readers!

I know there is at least one ( hi dad !) , today I want to encourage everyone to link up a project that you made for father’s day, a post about fatherhood or your dad or maybe even just a project that reminds you of the dads in your life.  If nothing you have fits that criteria that’s ok too, you can still link up your best from the week .  Thank you so much for sharing your links every week – together we are creating such a great resource and kids all over are hopefully having more fun because of it!