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Are you ready to share? I am eager to see all the wonderful posts that I haven’t had a chance to see yet as well as the ones I have loved and can’t wait for my readers to check out too.

If you have just stumbled upon us for the first time dive right in! Add a link or two back to posts on your blog that you think our readers will love. Kids crafts, homeschool lessons, preschool activities and other family fun usually resonated well with our readers.

Thanks for taking time out of your day to share!

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kids crafts


How many hand print turkeys have you made? There is always room for one more! Thanksgiving crafts are more than welcome this week  but so is anything else you feel like sharing with us. If you have never linked up I hope you will jump in and share.

Crafts and Activities For Kids { Add Yours! }

kids crafts


Now that Halloween is done it’s time to get back to simple play and learning! What have you created with your kids that you want to share? Link it up so we can try for ourselves.

If you aren’t a blogger ( and most of you aren’t ) I hope Link & Learn gives you a chance to find new sources of inspiration for ways to play and learn with your kids.

Simple Crafts For Kids { Add Yours}

kids crafts

We all like beautiful art projects but I think anything a child makes with joy is beautiful. The experience is what I love both with crafts and art. Being together and creating something from nothing whether it’s a structured craft or child led exploration is special because it’s time together to connect and learn about whatever is at hand.

How did you connect with your kids or students this week? Share the post with the activity or project that you feel created the deepest connections either intellectual or emotional.  Ours was most definitely the Messy Monster Paintings - we made a huge mess and loved it.

If you are new to Link & Learn jump right in. Add a link to your blog post and if you have time check out a few or all of the others linked up. Together let’s create a great resource for all those who work and create with kids.

Crafts and Activities For Kids { Add Yours!}

kids crafts

Halloween is one of my favorite times of year because my kids love dressing up and creating crafts for me to display. Do you have Halloween crafts and activities to share? If you do please link them up but if not I still hope you link up anything you think my readers might enjoy.

If you are stumbling across Link & Learn for the first time welcome!  There are no hoops to jump through just link up a blog post that is fun and family friendly.