Kids Activities – add your links!

rp_link-learn-2014-455x17811.jpgI hope all of you who were celebrating this week either Canada Day or 4th of July had safe and happy celebrations. I had a wonderful holiday and am trying my best to plan out a great summer filled with kids activities , family fun, and summer reading. Most of what we do all summer is play, lay out in the yard with books, and splash at the local pool! On rainy days and early mornings, or those days when the TV is on too much I plan an activity. My go to place for ideas beyond my own is Pinterest – specifically my Summer Fun For Kids board.

Wonder where I find all the ideas to add to it? You are looking at it. Link & Learn is my secret pipeline for awesome ideas. So please don’t be shy add your links and share in the fun.

Summer Activities For Kids { Add Your Link}


It’s the summer!!!

I am still so excited about not having to wake up early to catch the school bus, which is great because we’ve been staying up way too late reading The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan. That’s an affiliate link to Amazon if you want to read a review, we will have a review when we are done too!

What have you been up to? If you have been blogging about summer activities for kids please share them below! I love checking out what you have been up to and pinning them to my Summer Fun Pinterest board. I love your ideas!

Summer Activity Ideas For Kids { Add Yours!}



Are you ready to send them back to school already? I hope not, summer should be fun.  If you are help is on the way!  Check out the links below for great summer activity ideas( and these a few of your own).

For teachers – I have started writing lesson plans for my class and am starting to pin ideas to My Classroom board on Pinterest. My students are 2-3 years old but even if you teach older kids you might find something fresh you can adapt.

Have an awesome week!

Summer Activities For Kids { Link Up}


I am just going to come out and say it. I need fun stuff to pin. Great activities for kids, fun summer crafts, messy sensory play… I want to FILL up my Summer Fun For Kids board on Pinterest with rad things and I need your help.

Add a little or a lot of great summer activities from your blog in our linky because this is my first stop when I want to pin ideas for my 469K followers on Pinterest. Oh and that reminds me are you following me on Pinterest? Am I following you? Add your link in comments and I will follow!

If you are new to Link & Learn there are no real rules other than only add links that parents, teachers and caregivers can use to help make learning more fun for the kids they care for.