Free Art with Fun Tools

When I talk about “free art” what I mean is giving your child the opportunity to play with colors, make what they want and explore. Now I believe in this but am also aware that novelty is a big deal to small people who very easily declare “I don’t know what to paint” and “I’m bored”. Below you will find a long list of fun painting activities that can’t be done wrong, have no long list of materials and use fun tools to paint , like painting with trains and trucks in the picture above. Click on the title below the pictures to be directed to the original post for more pictures and brief descriptions.

Ball Painting

Bath Poof Painting

Blow Painting

Cookie Cutter Prints

Cork Painting

Feather Painting

Fly Swatter Painting

Pot Scrubber Painting

Potato Masher Prints

Q-tip Painting

Ribbon Painting

Sponge Painting ( kitchen sponge)

Sponge Prints ( glass sponge)

Turkey Baster Painting

Ziplock Shake Painting