Mermaid Craft For Kids

mermaid craft for kidsMy daughter was Ariel for Halloween and ever since have been very into mermaids. When I asked her on a rainy Friday what she wanted to make her answer was “Mermaids” and I was stumped. So while she played I cut up a cereal box in 5 different ways trying to make something. The problem was I couldn’t draw the arms and face. Then I saw the American Girl catalog on the counter and inspiration struck!  My daughter loved this craft and that’s what this craft is all about, having fun!

Gather your materials. You will need a doll catalog, construction paper, cardboard ( we used a cereal box), paint , glitter glue,  scissors, and glue. catalog mermaid craft for kids

Start by painting the sea. We used blue paper and blue and green paint but who says the sea can’t be pink or orange. mermaid cut and paste craft

While your child is painting draw a few tails on the cardboard mermaid tailsand cut out the dolls from the catalog. mermaid craft for kids 2

Give them the tails to paint and cut out .mermaid craft for children

Glue the dolls on . My daughter had a whole story to go with hers. I love listening to her tall me stories. While they glue cut the tails out. mermaids

Glue the tails on.mermaids craft

Add glitter glue! adding sparkle mermaidsShe obviously loved this one. spreading glitter mermaids

Trim the top into a wave! mermaids craft with doll catalog