Frankenstein Craft

Frankenstein Craft

My son is almost 3 and not only very into Frankenstein , he is also in the bathroom all the time. Potty training has been pretty painless but it seems like we are always in the potty, so naturally I came up with a Halloween craft using a toilet paper roll!  You could use paint for better coverage, we are out of black paint so we used markers. What I love about this is that when you are done this Frankenstein craft can stand all on his own !

  1. Gather your materials. You will need a toilet paper roll, a black marker and/or  paint, green marker or paint, googly eyes, glue , 2 golf tees and scissors.frankenstien craft
  2. Start by drawing a line on the roll to mark where the hair will start.frankenstien 001
  3. Color the top part black , a trick I did with my son so he stayed in the lines , was to have him hold the other side and cover it with his hand while he colored. Worked great!Frankenstien Craft
  4. Color the other half green.Frankenstien Craft
  5. Add a mouth  with black marker.Frankenstien Craft
  6. Add glue for the eyes.frankenstien craft
  7. Add the googly eyes.frankenstien craft
  8. Poke  holes in the side for the golf tees. frankenstien craft
  9. Have your child put the tees in.frankenstien craftfrankenstien craft
  10. Cut the black part with scissors, multiple times for make hair. This is a good chance for cutting practice since there is no need to be exact, simply make cute into the roll.
  11. frankenstien 012
  12. We added stitches along the smile after cutting with the black marker.  Enjoy!

Letter Of The Week m

Monster m !

2October 001

Monsters have kinda taken over here at No Time For Flash Cards, first Saturday’s awesome book post by Carrie Anne now this monster craft ! I can’t take credit for this though, I again asked my son what letter he wanted to do and after shooting down his P for .. well let’s just say he is potty training and I am sure you can guess. We settled on m for monster! Scroll down for more fun alphabet activities !

  1. Gather your materials. You will need 2 pieces of construction paper , some colored foam ( or more paper would be a ok), some fun paints ( we busted out the art daubers because they dry fast), scissors, glue and a marker.Craft Supplies
  2. Start by writing a lowercase m on one piece of construction paper.2October 002
  3. Have your child color / paint the m. Do a dot art
  4. While they do that cut  the paper or foam into horns, teeth and eyes. 2October 004
  5. I made the eyes because nap time was already overdue when we realized we needed to do our letter of the week, and I didn’t want to push the specifics. Normally I would have had my son do this with help instead of doing it for him. Always adjust activities to your child’s specific needs/ abilities.2October 005
  6. When they are done painting the m cut out.letter m
  7. Add glue to back of the mletter of the week art
  8. Slam ( or gently pat) the m on the 2nd piece of craft
  9. Add the teethmonster kids craft
  10. Add the eyes2October 012
  11. Add the horns, and let dry.Letter of the week project

More Alphabet Activities To Try

Discovery Boxes

This is a picture of a T discovery box from 2008

This is a picture of a T discovery box from 2008

A great way to introduce a letter of the week to your child is to fill a box with items starting with that letter.The best part about this activity is that you use things around your house, and you can use it for letters, colors and shapes!

Letter of the Week  Stories

This is a fun activity for older preschoolers, I had fun doing this with my PreK class a few years ago! What you do is write a short story leaving blanks for your child to fill in with words starting with the letter of the week. The results will make both of you giggle, and your child will be learning too!

Here is an example :

Yesterday I went walking down the street and I found a _________ , I couldn’t believe it! My mom said I couldn’t keep it . Instead she let me go to the store and buy a _________ but there were none left! The man at the store sold me a ________ instead! I thought it smelled funny , so I went home and on the way home I found three ______. what a funny day!

Monster Books by Carrie Anne

Now that October has arrived, thoughts of pumpkins and candy and spooky things are swirling around in my kids’ heads. And let’s not forget monsters. Monsters have always fascinated kids. They’re both exciting and scary. Here are a few not-so scary monster stories to share with your little monsters:


Clyde Monster
written by Robert L. Crowe, illustrated by Kay Chorao
published by Puffin
picture book (age 2-5)
Clyde was young but growing. He loved his mom and dad. When not at home he loved to spend his day in the forest doing summersaults. But when it came time to go to bed Clyde was afraid, afraid of the dark, afraid of people. You see, Clyde is a little monster who is afraid of people hiding in his room, under his bed, behind his chair, waiting to scare him. This is a wonderful tale of childhood fears of the dark. As parents we know that monsters aren’t real, but that doesn’t make our children’s fear of them any easier. Clyde and his family discuss his fears: “Would you ever hide in the dark under a bed or in a closet to scare a human boy or girl?” “Of course not!” exclaimed Clyde. The monster perspective makes this story more approachable to discuss your own child’s night time fears.
Big Lips
Big Lips and Hairy Arms
written by Jean Jackson, illustrated by Vera Rosenberry
published by DK Publishing
picture book (age 4-8)
Two monster friends, Nelson and Thorndike, are enjoying a cold and windy evening together when they are interrupted by a mysterious phone call: “I have big lips and hairy arms, and I’m only five blocks away!” The two friends try to distract themselves with caterpillar crisps and a game of Pin the Teeth on the dragon, but as the calls continue, with the caller getting closer to the house, they become a little worried. In the end everyone is pleasantly surprised when the mystery caller is revealed. Children will enjoy the suspense and delight when the mystery guest is revealed. be . The colourful illustrations aid in keeping the story from getting to scary.
go away green monster
Go Away, Big Green Monster
written & illustrated by Ed Emberley
published by Little Brown
picture book (age 3-8)
A Caldecott Medal winner
Through the use of die-cut pages, a scary monster is created page by page. But once the monster is complete the reader tells it “You don’t scare me! So go away…” Now each page removes a piece of the scary monster until the end “and don’t come back.” As the child creates and then destroys the monster in the book, page by page, they see that the monster isn’t as scary as they thought. This great interactive approach gives children control of the monster and hopefully helps them to understand and control their own fears.

Leonardo the Terrible Monster
written & illustrated by Mo Willems
published by Hyperion Books for Children
picture book (age 4-8)
Leonardo is a terrible monster. His attempts to scare people only elicits giggles. Then Leonardo has a idea. He decides he’s going to find the most scardy-cat kid in the whole world and scare the tuna salad out of him. But when he does, he doesn’t feel so great. Now he has a new idea, instead of being a terrible monster he will be a wonderful friend. This is another wonderful tale by Mo Willems. The large book format allows for great use of space around his images and words. Mo Willems has the ability to write wonderful children stories that entertain both children and adults alike.
monter manners
Monster Manners
written by Joanna Cole, illustrated by Jared Lee
published by Scholastic
Scholastic Reader (level 3)

Rosie Monster looked like the perfect little monster. Her only problem? She had terrible manners, terrible monster manners. She was too friendly, too polite, too nice. Rosie asked her friend Prunella to teach her how to be a better monster. Prunella shoes Rosie how to make monster faces, how to order in a restaurant, even how to behave when visiting friends, but Rosie’s manners don’t improve. Then something occurs that only Rosie’s not so monster manners can solve and her parents realize they’re lucky to have her, just the way she is. Children will enjoy this mixed-up manners tale and the delightfully rude lessons taught by Prunella. There’s a page of fluency words at the end of the book for young readers.


Carrie Anne is a contributing writer to No Time For Flash Cards , mom of 3 , and writer. You can find her at  Another day. Another thought…or two

Messy Monster Craft

Fuzzy Monster

This craft did not start well. Easter grass is messy on good days but answering an email, after I got the grass out ( oops) I found my son trying to clean it up in the family room. The grass was everywhere and all I could do was laugh. Here’s a pic of the carnage. That said, we had so much fun doing this monster craft which was inspired by the books below and my son’s newest pjs – which will debut once the weather cools.

  1. Gather your materials. If you are brave( and crazy like me ) use Easter grass you have laying around. If you are smart, grab some green tissue paper. You will also need some colored scrap paper , green construction paper and another full piece of construction paper in a contrasting color, scissors and glue.
  2. Start by cutting the green paper into a monster body and 4 limbs.
  3. Next hand your child the glue and have them glue the body onto the plain full size piece of construction paper.
  4. Add the limbs, I made 4 but my son only wanted his monster to have 2. That’s cool.
  5. Time to add a lot of glue – if you are using tissue paper add a few layers, adding glue as you need it.
  6. Add the grass. A cool trick is to make balls with the grass and glue those on. This minimizes the mess and random stray pieces falling all over your floor. After he added a ball of grass I would squish it hard to the glue to make sure it stuck.
  7. While they are adding grass cut out your features. I made horns, a big happy mouth, some claws and one eye with an iris.
  8. Glue the iris to the eye.
  9. Add glue for the facial features to the grass.
  10. Add on your mouth and your eye.
  11. Add the horns.
  12. Add the claws/toenails, or in our case, knee pads.
  13. Let dry!


“My Friend The Monster” by Elanor Taylor is a sweet and not at all scary look at a friendship between a little fox and the monster who lives under his bed. The monster was left behind by a previous owner of the house that the little fox moves into. This is a sad monster but with a little time and patience the monster and the little fox make new friends and all is well. The monster even gets his own bed in the little fox’s bedroom so he doesn’t have to live under the bed anymore.

“When A Monster is Born” by Sean Taylor is funny, my son didn’t find it as funny as I did but he still laughed and didn’t seem scared any of it. The story is about a monster and all the life changing choices he faces every day like whether to eat a principal or run through a wall of a school. This book feels like a choose your own adventure book, it’s fun , repetitive and silly. There is quite a bit of talk about monsters eating people , though nothing too gory.

“Go To Bed Monster” by Natasha Wing is a book anyone who’s ever struggled with bedtime will instantly relate to. The little girl in the book Lucy isn’t sleepy so she draws a monster but soon his refusal to go to bed even after she is sleepy backfires. I like this book, and despite his refusal to believe the monster was a monster not a dinosaur my son really likes this book and it got read 5 times today! * ( See comments for one from the author, I am so sorry I referred to Lucy as Sarah- you’d think the many times we read it itwould have stuck- no more late night blogging for me! )

Time To Rhyme !

Rhyming is crucial to literacy. The ability to rhyme aids in the development of spelling and reading because it enhances phonological awareness which is the ability to recognize and play with sounds in language. It’s also fun. For a post about silly poems I can’t think of a better person to turn to than Jeffery Duckworth a dad, designer, poet, illustrator and puppeteer. It’s fitting that his blog is called Duck of All Trades! His poems are gloriously funny , gross and kid approved! My 2 year old laughs at them and so do I! I hope this poem will inspire you to make up some silly rhymes today , your kids won’t even know they are learning!

A Poem of Love

(To My Stinky Poo Mud-Pie)

By: Mr. Muffins with assistance from Mr. Duckworth

From afar I’ve admired and watched you for long.
In my heart I now hear the most ghastly of song.
Your face is so ugly, like the Man they call Booger.
But Booger Man is boogery, you are pure sugar.

Your eyes are the greenest, as green as can be.
The green shade one turns when sick out at sea.
Your voice, oh how perfect! A racket to hear.
Like a laughing hyena who belches root beer.

I love how you smell; dirty socks in a pair.
There never has been a foul odor so fair.
But unlike dirty socks that split up in two.
Not a thing in this world could split me from you.

If you promise me love, I promise my all.
Together we’ll be happier than Sasquatch is tall.
In me you can trust, so please do not worry.
Together we’ll be happier than Sasquatch is furry.

If you knew I existed I’m sure you’d agree
Of the ugliest uglies, your choice would be me.
For in this land there’s no monster so true.
Believe when I say “you’re my nightmare come true.”

For more awesome poetry, puppetry, and illustrations pop over to

Duck of All Trades

Thank you Jeff!