25 Mother’s Day Gifts Kids Can Make

cheap mother's day gifts kids can make I have to be honest with you all the years I have been blogging I have kind of loathed making Mother’s Day crafts because it’s just been me making them with my own kids who turn around and give them to me. This year I am SUPER excited because my students are making a super cute craft that I can’t reveal yet… I don’t want to wreck the surprise and I know at least a few of my students parents read the blog ( Hi!). Instead, let me share with you some of the wonderful Mother’s Day gifts kids can make mom, grandma, or other special caregivers they want to celebrate on Mother’s Day.

mother's day gifts kids can make

Button Pendants
Tinted Mason Jars by Hands On As We Grow
Recycled Picture Frame
Book Order Bead Necklace
Grandma’s Brag Bag

mother's day crafts for kids to give to mom
Newspaper & Button Flowers
Love Bomb
Make Your Own Kissing Hand Necklace
Finger Print Flower by Nurture Store
Recycled Vase

mother's day crafts for toddlers and kids
Vibrantly Colored Coffee Filter Flowers by Fun At Home With Kids
Napkin Rings
Handmade Stamp Prints by A Mom With A Lesson Plan
Toddler Made Recycled Necklace
Twizzler Necklace

mother's day crafts kids can give to mommy
Milk Plug Ring
Pool Noodle Flower Bouquet
Art Magnet
Sequin Suncatchers
Sandpaper Printed Dish Towels by Toddler Approved

mother's day ideas
Flower Magnet For Mom
Recycled Paper Hearts
Dried Lentil Flowers
Salt Art Jar
Family Flowers

Easy Mother’s Day Craft

cheap mother's day gift Kid made jewelry is special and this easy Mother’s Day craft is no exception. What was super special about these simple button pendants was that it was the first time my daughter has ever used the glue gun. This glue gun is a low temp glue gun so even at it’s hottest it would make her recoil her finger but wouldn’t burn. I didn’t tell her not to be careful, I treated the glue gun like a regular high temp one because I want her to have the proper reverence for the tool. I don’t want her to see another in another setting and grab it not worried about the possible dangers. I find that when I give my children the opportunity to do something with some risk they live up to my expectations and use the right amount of caution. No one knows your child better than you do, if you think they are ready for this go for it. It was so much fun.

Gather your materials. You will need some old jar lids, a Low Temp Mini Glue Gun ( that is an affiliate link) , buttons, a pipe cleaner, and ribbon or necklace cording. easy mother's day gift

Start by cutting the pipe cleaners and gluing them to the back for a hook. Let cool before flipping over to fill. mother's day craft for kids

While the backs cool have your child sort through the buttons finding the ones they love. mother's day gift kid made

Time to create!  Look at how serious she is about this. easy mother's day craft for kids

Pop on the buttons. Please test the glue to see how hot it is before letting them push the buttons on. Ours was not hot at all so she was safe to add them by hand. If it’s still hot enough to burn your finger then just drop the buttons on and use the back end of a pencil to gently push them on. Do not push far . If you were doing this with a regular glue gun this would not be safe. button pendants for mother's day

Keep going! easy mother's day craft for childrenLet the glue cool completely. mother's day craft for children

Add some cord making sure it’s long enough to get over Mom’s or Grandma’s head.easy mother's day crafts for kids

Now I just need to mail these off to my mom and mother in law.mother's day necklace craft

9 Recycled Mother’s Day Crafts

mother's day craftMother’s Day crafts don’t have to be elaborate they just have to be made from the heart. These crafts also take Mother Nature to heart and are made with one of more recycled material like scrap paper, old books, even those little plugs from milk and juice cartons.

Recycled Picture Frame
Book Order Bead Necklace
Love Bomb
Recycled Vase
Napkin Rings
Toddler Made Recycled Necklace
Newspaper and Button Flowers
Milk Plug Ring
Recycled Paper Hearts

Turn Art Into A Mother’s Day Card with Cardstore.com

mother's day card from cardstore.comThanks to Cardstore.com for giving me the chance to brag about my mom with this sponsored and heartfelt post.

My mom loves being a grandma and if you asked me I would tell you that I love her being a grandma too. She adores my two trouble makers and every single thing they do. She endures the torturous phone calls where my daughter grabs the phone and talks too loud while running all around the house. She spoils them with treasures from her travels bringing back funny hats from Venice , a chess board from Moscow and countless things with maple leafs on them from home so they don’t forget they are half Canadian. What I love best though is that when you come over to my house when my mom is there I can bet she is doing 1 of 3 things with my kids – sitting on the floor playing, sitting in a chair reading or making a mess in my kitchen baking with my kids.

Now if you go to my mom’s house the first thing you might notice is her fridge. It looks like a preschooler lives there because it’s covered in art from my two kids.  The art work is proudly displayed not just for her but so my kids can see how much she loves their creations.grandma

She is a great grandma and deserves a great mother’s day card from me to say thanks for this and so much more. When I was browsing Cardstore.com for the right card I saw so many I thought would be great . Funny ones, sappy ones , even edgy ones for hip mamas.  There are multiple ways to customize your card with text, your own photos and even a signature. When I saw this one and it was just perfect!  It let me upload a photo of my daughter’s painting and turn it into a card for my mom.  Absolutely perfect for us!

cardstore front

Pretty cute right? It was really easy to make and I got a notification the next day that it had shipped.


Now the best part I have a rad coupon code for you to make a Mother’s Day card for your mom, grandma or wife for only $1.99 this is an exclusive offer not available onsite!

The exclusive promo code is CSF3199 

Did I mention that Cardstore.com can also stamp and ship your cards to your mom? Pretty awesome for everyone who doesn’t want to miss out thanking the wonderful moms in their lives.


Fine Print

Create any Mother’s Day card for $1.99 when code CSF3199 is applied at checkout.  No minimum purchase necessary.  Offer valid through 5/6/13.  Coupon code CSF3199 must be entered during online checkout. Coupon does not apply to shipping & handling charges and cannot be combined with other offers.  Coupon code is not valid on previous purchases, and excludes all plush and greeting card bundles as well as non-card items.  Coupon code may be used to purchase more than one Mother’s Day greeting card but is not valid on orders of 150 cards or more.  Discount applied at checkout. To prevent abuse, we reserve the right to discontinue or modify this offer at any time without notice. Offer is subject to change and expires at 11:59 pm PST on 5/6/13. Offer intended for use in the United States, US territories, and Canada.

As stated above this post was sponsored by Cardstore.com but the kids, grandma, artwork and all the opinions are mine.



Easy Mother’s Day Craft For Kids

kids craft for mother's day I love getting kid made gifts especially for holidays like Mother’s Day . This is possibly the easiest mother’s day craft ever. Anyone , even the most un-crafty person can handle it , add in a few fresh flowers and you have a cute and functional gift for mom. As you will see both my kids made one and I have a few tips for doing this with a toddler .This is a great last minute craft to make as there are few steps and almost no drying time either!

  1. Gather your materials. You will need a small smoothie sized container , permanent markers, ribbon and scissors. I also used some cardboard for a mat to protect the table.kids craft vase
  2. Start by taking the labels off the bottles.
  3. Start coloring. They can write words, do a drawing or just some fun abstract designs. Using permanent markers is a huge treat at my house so my son was thrilled. vase for mother's day
  4. The markers don’t dry right away so make sure you tell your kids to be careful to avoid the wet marker. This made my son take more care while making it which is a goal for us. We are working hard on him not rushing through everything.
  5. My daughter who is 22 months even made one. I sat her on my lap and held the bottle for her while she used the markers. By having her on my lap I could easily grab the marker if it started towards the table, her face, my face… anywhere that permanent marker would not be welcome.
  6. Next tie some ribbon and add flowers. We will put real tulips in on Sunday. 

Favorite Books About Mom

I Love You Stinky Face by Lisa McCourt is a wonderful mushy book that will still appeal to kids that aren’t so into mush. A little boy in his PJs asks his mom if she will still love him even if he was a series of terrible monsters. It reminds me of “The Runaway Bunny” but less saccharine and creepy. Sorry if I have just called your favorite book creepy but I’ve never been a fan of “The Runaway Bunny”. Back to this book and why I like it, I love that the little boy in the book keeps trying to find ways to make him unlovable and the mom keeps finding ways to love unconditionally. There is a deeper meaning here and moms will see past the fun illustrations to the real heart of this book, which is no matter what we love our children. When I found this in a thrift store and read it quickly, I couldn’t look at my son in his stroller throwing puffs on the floor without tearing up.

Mommy, Mama, and Me by Lesléa Newman is a book about everyday life of a family with two moms. What I love about this book is that it showcases parts of the day that young toddlers through preschoolers can relate to easily. They have bath time, they go to the park, they cook dinner, in other words they are a family like any with a small child. My son loved this book and related easily to the baby in the book and to the experiences that they share.The book makes no political statement, no explanation of two mommies and it shouldn’t, it’s a book about one loving family and nothing more.

 Mama Always Comes Home by Karma Wilson was a last minute grab at the library that I am so thankful I saw. It starts off with animal mother’s leaving their babies, for all different reasons . A bird gathering food, a dog greeting his master and more. The animal mothers leave, but they also always return to their babies. Then it switches to a child and mother. She reassures the child that she will be back and we watch her leave, and return . I loved this book because my son isn’t the best when I leave him, he related to this book immediately and was repeating ” Mama always comes home!” half way through