Flower Gift Box – Mother’s Day Craft

easy mother's day craft

I can’t speak for you but at my house I am the “make everything awesome for special occasions” person.  I bake the cakes, I get the balloons, I plan the kid made gifts… so usually when I am the recipient I miss out on the handmade stuff. This Mother’s Day craft takes care of that and gets your partner or other non crafty person off the hook too. Your child can make you a box and while that is no surprise the gift inside still can be.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need some paint, glue, pom poms ( sequins would be rad ), coffee filters or cupcake liners and a box with a lid.kids mother's day craft
  2. Start by painting your coffee liner. I am teaching my daughter colors right now so I line the paints up and ask her to choose so I get a great chance to label the color. ” Which do you want? The purple paint? Nice choice!” I don’t limit or control which she chooses , it just gives me a chance to be very deliberate in labeling them.mother's day craft for kids
  3. Paint!
  4. Choose another color when the enthusiasm wanes.
  5. Add glue to the middle. Make sure you have a drop cloth or in our case an old cutting board because the filters will let glue through.
  6. Add pompoms.
  7. And more pompoms!
  8. Glue to the top of the box , we didn’t have to ad much to the box because there was so much seeping through.
  9. Let dry .

21 Flower Crafts For Kids

mother's day crafts for kids

Mother’s Day is less than a month away so it’s the perfect time to gather up all our flower themed crafts for kids and share them in one easy spot for you to find them. Over the years we have done a number of easy flower crafts for kids and toddlers that use common household materials so they are frugal too.  Here are our top 21 flower crafts for kids.

Daisy Math
Fruity Flower
Poppy Craft
Flower Cookie Cutter Prints ( great for toddlers)
Flower Cupcakes
Foam Flower Magnets
Pool Noodle Bouquet For Mother’s Day
Fingerprint Flower ( another great toddler craft)
V Vase
Spring Flower Mural
Dried Lentil Flowers
Newspaper and Button Flowers
Paint Chip Flowers
Cupcake Liner Poppies
Felt Flower & Color Mixing
Paper Roll Pop Out Flowers
Easter Egg Flowers
Family Flowers
Pool Noodle Flower Garland
Pasta Flower Centerpieces
Giant Sunflower Craft

Grandma’s Brag Bag – Mother’s Day Gift

Martha Stewart Craft Paint

Grandmas love to brag. It’s what they do and I plan to brag like crazy when I have grand kids too. Grandmas have their photo books, or iPhones packed with images of their far away grandchildren but now thanks to Martha Stewart Crafts by Plaid my kids and I made their Mimi ( Grandma in Texas) a brag bag. When I agreed to be part of this Mother’s Day campaign I knew I had to do something with my kids because that is what No Time For Flash Cards is about. The bag was created by my kids and I and we even  tried to make sure it was a little fancy cause they like it fancy in Texas. You gotta check out how I turned my son’s writing into a custom stencil, enough talk you just have to see it.

  1. Gather your materials.  This is what they sent me. martha stewart craft paint by plaidAmazing right? What we ended up using were the heat tool, the stencil film, stencil tape, craft paint ( I am in love with this paint), sponge tip bottles, stencil brushes and stencil adhesive. I also bought a tote bag and we used some wood cut outs, thread, needle, glass, paper, marker and a thumbtack we had.
  2. I started by getting my son to write Mimi on some paper. This was the central idea for this craft. I wanted to make sure it was his writing on the bag. Martha Stewart Craft Paint
  3. Then I put the paper under some glass and taped the stencil film on top. martha stewart craft paint
  4. Time to cut with the heat tool. Now as you see my kids are not doing any of these steps and no child should. This is adult time for sure. This heat tool is seriously hot. It’s easy to use and hold correctly but please it’s only for adults. It cut so easily through the film. I am in love with this idea of custom and re-usable stencils. I am thinking hand prints, silhouettes… the possibilities are endless. I specifically kept the edges rough to make it match my son’s writing. martha Stewart Craft Paint by Plaid
  5. Next I sprayed the adhesive on the stencil and applied it to our bag. I totally put it on wrong and just like the can said, I could reposition it no problem.
  6. Then using the stencil tape I added a few stripes as per my son’s request. I let my kids choose the colors , ok so really I let them choose pearl or satin.
  7. Then I painted the bag.
  8. I think it turned out really well. Also something for moms like me that can fit adult crafting in only if  you can do it fast, this paint dries quick. I love that it does. It’s also non toxic which is so important to me.
  9. We weren’t done yet though. I wanted my daughter to add her touch as well. These sponge tips that can be added right to the paint bottles were the perfect tool for her to help. { There are no warnings on these products but please use the utmost care and give any young child your complete attention when crafting}.
  10. I used some wooden flower cut outs we had and made them into buttons by hammering a pushpin into them. Use one as a guide so all will line up.
  11. Then I taped then to a paper towel and let my daughter paint them.mother's day gift for grandma
  12. Once they were dried I threaded them together into a cluster.
  13. Then sewed them on to the bag as the dots on the i’s . mother's day craft

Now all we have to do is send this to Mimi in Texas for her to carry around telling everyone how her brilliant  grandchildren made her this amazing Mother’s Day gift.

This post is part of a wonderful campaign you can find more great ideas for Mother’s Day using Martha Stewart Craft Paint by Plaid by connecting to them on Facebook , Twitter and my fave Pinterest .

I wrote this post as part of a paid campaign with Plaid and Blueprint Social. The opinions and creations in this post are my own


Silhouette Mother’s Day Card

mother's day craft for kids

I very shamelessly borrowed then modified this idea from my son’s preschool who sent a large canvas project home last year . You don’t have to make this a card, it would be precious framed as a gift for Mom or Grandma too!

  1. Gather your materials. You will need 2 blank card or 2 large pieces of cardstock, a bath poof, plate, paint, double stick tape, contact paper, pen, scissors, crayons or colored pencils. As well as a picture of your child in profile.
  2. Start by cutting out the picture of your child. Tip use sharp fine pointed scissors. I luckily had 2 photos on hand, this is not the first which when cut with my dull old scissors made my son look rather alien-esque. Nothing says Happy Mother’s Day like a card from your martian child .
  3. Place on your contact paper and trace with your pen.
  4. Cut out. Make sure you place the picture in the right direction, I had to do this twice because I wanted the profile facing right. See a trend? I was up too late watching the news the night before.
  5. Peel the contact paper off the backing and place on card stock. Make sure to place it on the finished side , if it’s on the unfinished paper it may rip a little , it did for me, but I wasn’t going to have my daughter redo it , it looks ok but would have been better if I’d been paying closer attention or got more sleep.
  6. Pop some paint on the plate, dip your bath poof in it…
  7. And paint. She squished the poof in her hand for a good 3 minutes before attacking it. Yes it was messy. Unlike her brother she didn’t eat too much paint, bath poofs tend to elicit more touching with hands than tasting.
  8. Let dry.
  9. While it’s drying use another piece to make a mat , even though it’s behind it will look like a mat when it’s done. Color however you want, write words , whatever your child wants. The big guy put his playmobil away to come do the part his sister couldn’t . Although you could totally just add another color of paint to the plate and paint more. This was just a good way of making one craft with two siblings.
  10. Remove the contact paper and cut the silhouette out in an oval when dry.
  11. Tape to the mat using permanent double stick tape.
  12. Trim and tape to the card.

Besides this wonderful card( or equally awesome kid made creations)  what do you hope you are given this Mother’s Day?

Flower Crafts for Mother’s Day

Year after year when you ask young kids what they want to make their moms for Mother’s Day they might say their favorite thing ( firetruck, superhero, princess…) but after some prodding you will probably hear “Flowers!” . So here are some of our favorite flower projects but if you want firetrucks, superheroes or princess crafts we have those too.

Pool Noodle Flowers – they look great for years not days!

Mother’s Day Cupcakes – fun and easy for kids to help decorate.

Even though this Poppy was made for Remembrance Day but it’s so pretty ( and easy to make) I included it.

These Newspaper Flowers would be a perfect addition to any green mama’s Mother’s Day card – just make them smaller and glue to a plain card or recycled paper.

These Family Flowers celebrate love and you could make them of  your mama’s kiddos if you want.

Give mom what she gives you every day – Bunches of Love!