15 Olympic Crafts and Activities

olympic crafts for kids I love the Olympics not only because it’s a great chance to talk about sports but also because it sparks interest in geography, different cultures and being a global citizen. The Olympics are more than a sporting event and below are 15 Olympic crafts and activities to share all the lessons we can learn from the Olympic games with our kids.


olympic craft for kids

Coffee Filter Olympic Rings
Olympic Torch
Olympic Medal Craft
Toilet Paper Olympic Rings
T is For Torch Letter Craft
Team Bracelets


mini olympics

Porch Hockey ( Go Team Canada ! )
Flash & Find Geography Game
Mini Olympics at The Park

Multicultural Crafts & Books

flags of the world banner for olympics

Flags From Around The World Banner
Multicultural Books For Kids
Kids Crafts From Around The World
Famous Landmark Blocks
Multicultural Wreath
Create Your Own Flag

Olympic Medal Kids Craft

easy olympic craftsThis is the easiest Olympic craft ever and even better than being simple it uses something so many of us having laying around our houses during the summer, paper plates! After watching a medal ceremony my daughter pointed out and asked for a “necklace” so even though I made an Olympic medal kids craft like this with my son it was time to give her a chance. We’ll show you all a few tips for making this craft  easily with your toddler too!

  1. Gather your materials. You will need some paper plates, glitter paint( we love this stuff ), wide paint brush, ribbon, tape and scissors. easy olympic craft
  2. Start by flipping your plates over and using the non coated side. The glitter paint will adhere to this side much better. Also do not cut the extra off the plate it will act as a splat mat of sorts.
  3. Choose your bling! This is a great time to fit in some color recognition too. I will ask her what color she wants and most of the time she will say it, but if she just grabs it I will label it for her ” You chose the red one.”
  4. Squeeze it on.
  5. Spread. Using a wide brush is really key for a toddler since it will cover so much more with less effort and help avoid the frustration of ” I want it covered but I can’t co-ordinate my hand muscles to do it .” help them be successful but don’t do it all for them. 
  6. Add more as they wish . While she was crafting I made a medal for her brother who was at day camp, I knew he’d want one too. Also crafting alongside your toddler is a great way to model without barking directions.
  7. Let dry.
  8. Cut out.
  9. Cut your ribbon .
  10. Tape it on .olympic craft for kids
  11. Celebrate with your own champion! olympic craft for kids

Easy Olympic Crafts For Kids

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kids crafts


If you have been reading here for a while you have probably heard me explain why I am so attached to the Olympics. If not I’ll catch you up. My grandma was an Olympian and even though she died before I was born I have always felt extra close to my memories of digging through the trunks of her memorabilia whenever I could including her Olympic silver medal that always told me in it’s own way that girls could do anything.  All of this to say I love the Olympics and making Olympic crafts to celebrate !

3D Toilet Paper Roll Olympic Rings Craft
Olympic Torch Craft
Gold Medal Craft
Go Team Go Beaded Bracelets
Country Flag Banner
Coffee Filter Olympic Rings
T for Torch Letter Craft

What event are you most looking forward to watching?

Coffee Filter Olympic Rings

easy olympic kids craft I love the Olympics and I am so excited to cheer on my country . This craft is easy to make and can be made by one child or as a group. My kids and I all pitched in for a team effort which is rather appropriate for an Olympic craft don’t you think? You don’t have to use the contact paper but the craft will last much longer if you do!

  1. Gather your materials. You will need 5 coffee filters, scissors, markers, and contact paper.easy kids craft
  2. Start by covering your table with something to protect it. I used contact paper ( with the back still on) because I will sandwich the rings in it later to protect it. Since you throw the backing away I figured I’d use it first as a drop cloth.
  3. Next cut the middle out of the coffee filters.easy olympic craft
  4. Color!  My daughter was in charge of the yellow.
  5. My son started with the blue. He soon asked if he could use the permanent markers and I grabbed them for him.
  6. He was fascinated by how the colors spread on the coffee filter.
  7. After we did all the Olympic rings they both did a multicolored one too!
  8. This is what you can expect when you let a toddler use smelly markers. Have baby wipes on hand , they are not washable!
  9. When all the filters were done I peeled the backing off the contact paper and arranged the rings.I made one cut in each to interlock them.
  10. Then pressed a second piece over top.Trimmed and put it up in our window.


Alphabet Beads – 2 Activities!

Support Your Team!

Olympic Bracelets

When I bought these beads I was trying to decide what to make with them , and inspiration struck today. We are going up to cheer for Canada and the USA at the Olympics and decided to make some jewelry for the occasion. Beading was not easy and my son only did a bit, I wasn’t expecting him to do any this is an activity for 5 and up although as you can see younger kids can help! For a great activity for younger ones scroll down!

  1. Gather your materials. You will need some pipe cleaners ( in the country’s colors you are supporting), and some alphabet beads.Olympic Bracelet
  2. Start by searching for the letters. I didn’t ask my son to come help since my plan was for this to be an older child activity, but he came and helped!Olympic Bracelet
  3. Spell out your message.Olympic Bracelet
  4. Thread on!  I threaded all the of the beads on and separated the pipe cleaners to make it fancy 😉 For the USA one I threaded the USA on a single pipe cleaner and the hearts on both.Olympic Bracelet
  5. Wrap the ends to make your bracelet.Olympic Bracelet

Uppercase Lowercase Match!

Alphabet Match Game

Games don’t have to be complicated to be fun. This alphabet game is super simple but easy make and fun to play.  The beads are uppercase letters so to make it more challenging for my son who knows his letters, I used lowercase letters in the tin. You could use uppercase letters for beginners or even spell simple sight words for more advanced learners.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need alphabet letter beads, a muffin tin, some paper, a marker , tape and scissors or a circular paper punch.Alphabet Match Game
  2. Write out the letters on the paper.Alphabet Game Match
  3. Punch them out.
  4. Tape into the tin.Alphabet Match Game
  5. Call your sorting superstar to the table! And have fun, it is a game after all!

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