Toy Parachute Craft

kids craft

“This is the best craft EVER.” I wasn’t even sure it was going to be a post until he said that. But let’s be honest when your child declares that and then stays busy playing with it, it’s got to be shared.  This was really fun and helps clean out my art closet that is in a sad sad state. I will be doing crafts inspired by my “Spring Cleaning” ( really cleaning before listing our house for sale) on my other blog so check them out! Also please remember any crafts with ribbons. yarn and strings should be closely supervised and only played with while supervised.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need a dinner sized napkin, clear tape, a hole punch, yarn, scissors and a wee paratrooper ( we used our playmobil ambulance driver).
  2. Start by cutting 4 pieces of yarn all the same length ( we did about a foot).
  3. Next open your napkin all the way.
  4. Reinforce the corners with clear tape. I did the front and the back. This will make it sturdy and resist ripping.
  5. Punch holes in about the same place in each corner.
  6. Tie the yarn to the holes. I also taped the ends down.
  7. Now tie two strands on each side together.
  8. Make two more knots close together, these will be the arm holes.
  9. Pop them in it.
  10. Drop!