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I am totally honored to be mentioned as the website of the week on Family Anatomy. If you aren’t familiar with this site, you should be. It’s a treasure trove of information about issues facing families with kids. The men behind this site and the podcast are both clinical psychologists who are also dads. I thought the discussion about self-esteem was bang on and didn’t want to miss sharing this with all of you! Click on the image above to be linked to .

Children’s Book Week

Favorite Books
Sent In By You
First of all thank you so much to all my readers who sent in their favorites. There were some I have never read and can’t wait to dive into. Of all the activities we can do with our children , none are more important than reading.

“In The Town All Year Round” by Rotraut Susanne Berner was sent in by Lynn @ Chronicle of and Infant Bibliophile . She said “If I had to pick one book to be stranded somewhere with him with for hours, it would be that one. It’s big and extremely detailed. The littlest readers can just stare at all of the images, slightly older can have fun finding items as you call them out (“where’s the bus?,” etc.), a little older than that can start to follow some of the story lines that weave their way through the book .”

“Goldilocks and The Three Bears” by Jan Brett was sent in by Marietta @ The Bookworms’s Booklist. She said “I picked this book as my top favorite (among many favorites) because I have many sweet memories of laying in bed reading this book to my boys when they were so young. Those are precious times and I cherish those memories.”

“But Not The Hippopotamus” by Sandra Boyton was sent in by Daniel @ Daniel The Poet , he said ” I love But Not the Hippopotamus because of the sing-songy voice my wife uses, and the very sad sound in her voice.”

“The Going To Bed Book” by Sandra Boynton was sent in by Cindy @ Aunt Cindyland she said “I love the pictures of ALL of the animals in the bath together, then as they brush their teeth standing on top of each other. The best is when they all go up on the deck of their boat to exercise as the very last thing they do before bed. It’s a book full of silliness!”

“Goodnight Moon” by Margaret Wise Brown was sent in by Melanie @ Life in Progress she said “It is the first book my 2-year-old requested by name. It’s a comforting, familiar book in our house now. And it’s especially sweet when the kids put their fingers to their lips and join in with the old lady whispering, “hush.”

“The Important Book” by Margaret Wise Brown was sent in by Jennifer @ ZRecommends .I love this book as well, it’s another simple but brilliant must have by this author!

“The Secret World Of Og” by Pierre Burton is one of my favorites but it was Carrie Anne @ Another day , another thought …or two that sent it in. “I still have my original copy that my parents bought me when I was, I think 12. I know read it to my kids, though my 4 year old is a little freaked out by the thought of a hand reaching up through the floor.” She said. When she emailed me I immediately emailed her back because I was so excited to see this book on my list. It is an amazing book and I have such fond memories of it as well.

“We Are All Alike… We Are All Different” by Cheltenham Elementary School Kindergarten was sent in by Annalee @ Out On A Whim and I am so glad she did. This is a great book that got a lot of use in my classrooms. Here is what she said ” It is a beautiful simple story of how everyone of us are alike in some ways and different in other ways. I love the illustrations and the reminder of this lesson on each page. I also love the great extension activities you can do after reading it. My favorite is to pair kids together (could easily adjust it to pairing siblings together or a parent and child), draw two circles on a paper and hand them mirrors to look at themselves and draw a picture of their own face in the first circle, then look at their partner and draw a picture of their face in the other circle. Afterwards, I ask each child a way they are like their partner and a way they are different (encouraging them to look deeper than just physical traits) and write these sentences on the paper.”

“I Will Never Eat A Tomato” by Lauren Child was sent in by Amy @ Let’s Explore She said ” My girls love to make up their own silly names for foods after reading this book.”

“Beezus and Ramona” by Beverly Cleary was sent in by Jeremiah @Punnybop and immediately I got excited about when my son will be old enough to read this. I loved Beverly Cleary as a child and hope I get to share her wonderful books with my son too.

“Are You My Mother?” by P.D. Eastman was sent in by Jennifer @ Twinhappy but I liked something else she wrote in her email to me, how her girls like to write and illustrate their own. I like that too!

“How to Heal a Broken Wing” by Bob Graham was sent in by Susan @ The Book Chook This is what she said about the book” ..the reason it’s my current favourite is because it is the perfect marriage of illustrations with text. It is a gentle, heart-warming story, and one that kids will remember

“A Bargin For Frances”by Lillian Hoban was sent in by Jeremiah @ Punnybop I have always liked this story, about how to deal with a friend who isn’t being very friendly!

“Danny And The Dinosaur” by Syd Hoff was sent in my @Be A Good Dad what he said about the book was short but very sweet ” I love listening to my kids read it and it is such a cool way to show an impossible thing in a normal world.”

“Positively Mother Goose” by Diana Loomans was sent in by Sam @ it’s filled with centuries old nursery rhymes reworked to spin a positive message instead of the traditional negative one. I can’t count how many times I have wondered how we ever thought that the rhymes in traditional versions were okay to share with young kids! This takes care of that.

“The Alphabet from A-Y with bonus letter Z” by Steve Martin was sent in by Rebecca @ A little bit of Momsence she says her son ” wants this book every night before bed – awesome to teach letters and very interesting words. ” This is another book I have never seen, and have added it to my list!

“You’re All My Favorites” by Sam McBratney was suggested by Nancy @ My Parenting Source This book is about how parents can love their different children equally is so valuable. Nancy wrote “Siblings need to often be reminded that we love them all the same.” I agree!

“I Love You Stinky Face” by Lisa McCourt was sent in by April,and I couldn’t agree more with what she said about it ” This book is so much fun. It was a great way to bond with my children. It explains that a mother’s love is pure and unconditional. I will love my kids no matter what! “

“Hug Time “ by Patrick McDonell was sent in by Heather @ All The Way To Pluto And Back she said it’s ” The sweetest little children’s book in the wide world”. I think it looks adorable and can’t wait to read it!

“Open the Barn Door” by Chris Santoro was sent in by Rebecca @ A little bit of Momsence
and I love what she said in her email ” We had to buy my daughter her own copy because my son’s was very well loved!! ” That is a true recommendation !

“In The Night Kitchen” by Maurice Sendak was sent in my Jennifer @ ZRecommends This classic was my favorite Sendak book growing up and the illustrations always made me giggle!

“No, David!” by David Shannon is beloved at our house but Sandra @ Celebrate Every Day said “Our favorite books are the David books by David Shannon. We love the child-like illustrations, the simplicity of the stories, and of course, that my son’s name is David!”

“Tummy Girl” by Rosanne Thong was sent in by by Amanda @ Funny Days with Mommy and Maddie. She found this book at the library but loved it so much she bought a copy for her daughter. Here is what she said about it ” I love the rhyming scheme of the story and the little girl is just adorable and reminds me of myself when I was younger.”

So there it is all of em… well almost. You’ll have to wait for my favorite along with a special Sunday Spotlight tomorrow!

Celebrate With Us!

This week is Children’s Book Week , a week celebrating my very favorite thing! Did you know it’s been celebrated since 1919! I admit I had no clue it’s been going on that long. I spend a lot of time both with my son and after he has been tucked in for the night reading children’s books. Almost all of my activities have been inspired in some way by a children’s book I have read . Click on the logo above to visit the official website, they have listings of events,activities, and even book mark to download !

To celebrate this we asking you to share your favorite book with us. I have comments closed because I want you to email the title, author and why it’s your favorite. Submissions along with a link to your blog will be posted in my regular book list post on Saturday.

I am excited to find some new books and see some familiar titles too!

Sunday Spotlight – Earth Day Special

The Spotlight is on :

Earth Day is right around the corner and I can’t think of a better blog to showcase than Green Mama’s Pad ! What I love about this blog is that readers follow along with Marianna as she makes changes to her family’s life to be more environmentally friendly. So many are small changes that add up to a greener life! She has great product reviews and giveaways but my favorite feature is her new green glossary. In honor of Earth Day Green Mama’s Pad is having a blog party all week don’t miss it !

Earth Day Blog Party @ Green Mama's Pad

Crayon Candle

candle made with crayons

I have been wanting to try this for ages, finally I saved up enough crayons from restaurants, and goody bags . This took a while , it was a true nap time creation from the time my son fell asleep until I heard “Mama I’m up” almost 3 hours later. So block off some time without little hands before starting this project.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need many crayons of various colors, something to melt the crayons in ( I use aluminum cup liners in a ratty old cake pan- the wax does leak through sometimes) , some popsicle sticks for stirring, a recycled jar and a candle wick.
  2. Start by setting your oven to 220-265 I am impatient and melt them at 265 but many people have said that that is too hot and they had smoking, so my suggestion is to start low and adjust accordingly.
  3. Peel the paper off the crayons and break into small pieces. I used 7-10 crayons of each color for my candle.
  4. Melt.
  5. Put the wick in the jar and hold onto it as you pour the melted crayon into the jar. If I had had a longer wick I would have wrapped it around a popsicle stick and laid the stick across the jar to keep it in place.
  6. Let the wax set before adding the next color.
  7. This is what happened when I didn’t wait long enough.
  8. Keep adding and letting the color set.
  9. Trim the wick when all colors are added and set.
Update – I lit the candle and it burned well for about 15 minutes, after that the flame got tiny tiny . The smell was fine, although I admit to liking the smell of crayola! Overall I would do this as a pretty decoration, exploration about melting and color mixing and not to make a candle to use in emergencies !