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I love to cook but between my schedule, my son’s and husband’s individual food quirks and trying to provide the healthiest options possible it can get stressful. What I love about this blog is that they ( Kara and Celeste)not only have recipes but they test the food out and give real reviews and reactions from their own kids! There isn’t an ounce of pretense, they are real moms who will have you in stitches laughing with them while trying to feed your family better.

PS : I also love that like my son, Kara’s older daughter loves to wear her PJ’s for the photos!

Basics for Beginners !

“How do I start?”

I have been asked this question a lot lately, and I never mind answering it. The thing is is that every child is different and the younger the child the harder it is to ask them what they want to do today. So here are some of my most basic activities, most were done when my son was 15-18 months old . For a full list of beginner activities look in the index under Beginners .

Painting with Water

Sunday Spotlight

The Spotlight is on …

Cooking Claire

What I love about this blog is that it’s a realistic cooking blog ,items get used more than once, results aren’t always perfect and as a mom of two young kids Claire keeps the menu tasty without being unfriendly to kids !

Pop over and see why Cooking Claire is my pick for this weeks
Sunday Spotlight !

`Sunday Spotlight

The Spotlight is on

Blog Roll !

Yes the long awaited newly categorized blog roll is up, if you don’t see your blog listed , it’s not because I don’t like it, it’s because you didn’t send it in , or I missed it ! So send it in and I will add it! I have visited every single one and I am always so impressed and amazed , more than a few of you had me laughing and a few posts had me in tears too. My awe got me thinking and NTFFC will devote every Sunday to spotlighting one reader blog . If you are on my blog roll you are in the running! Also remember you can always find the blog roll on the side bar.

Thanks for sharing !