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Holiday Gift

Are you overwhelmed by all the fun funky and awesome gifts that are out there? Maybe you are totally underwhelmed and are yet to be impressed… either way I want to help!
If you have a product you love, or better yet something you make, or sell on your own online store I am planning a Holiday Gift Showcase.

Each Sunday from November 15th until Christmas
I will be showcasing things I find and you send in!

Please specify if you are the creator of the product, or if it’s simply something you love and want to give a shout out too.Depending on the number of submissions I may not include everything submitted.

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Recycled Crayons with Vehicle Themed Candy Molds


candy mold crayons for kids

In preparation for my son’s 2nd birthday , I have been playing around with making fun loot bag gifts. Here is my favorite so far, candy mold recycled crayons. Super easy to make, kids love to use them to color and a huge bonus being that my son who eats every art supply under the sun seems to leave these alone!

  1. Gather your materials. You will need some crayons ( about 4-5 per mold), an oven , disposable muffin liners, and a candy mold. I bought this candy mold from Micheal’s for less than $2 !
  2. Take the paper off the crayons, and break them into smaller pieces. Place them in a muffin tin .
  3. Melt. I used paper liners but the no pan needed liners are the best.
  4. Pour into the mold and let sit for an hour or until it’s cool. I used a cookie rack under the mold to keep it stable.
  5. Pop out of the mold.
  6. Get drawing !


Reader’s Corner :Look What We Made!

The Cutest Pumpkin!

When Amelia and her mommy Missy checked out our Halloween projects none quite fit with the supplies in their house, so they used the ghost collage idea but made it into the cutest pumpkin ever. Ripped orange paper and a glue stick were huge hits with this adorable 2 year old!

You can see more pictures over at their blog :

Mrs. Rodgers Neighborhood

Parent’s Corner : Quick Note

Learning Through Play !

I just wanted to make a quick note about how young children learn. I am often asked about how I structure my day and all the learning my son is doing. The reality is yes I have a general routine / schedule but it’s for me, I need that , not for him. Most of his day is play, we do a sit down art or learning activity that is parent directed 3-4 times a week for 10- 30 minutes depending on if he wants to continue. Other than that I let him lead , because at this age ( almost 2 ) he needs the freedom to explore, learn through play and the world around him.

If your child doesn’t sit for activities find active ones they like but even then remember that anything we “make ” them do should be a very very small part of their day. I am not advocating ignoring your child or plopping them in front of tv all day, but a strict structure of many activities is contrary to the imaginative play toddlers and preschoolers need.

Anyway I have had many emails lately asking about what activities I do when during the day – and reality is we don’t do things all day at all, mostly we play. However the one thing I do think we should all be doing as parents from day one is reading to our kids.