Sunday Spotlight : Mother’s Day Special

Postpartum Progress

Postpartum Progress is like an encyclopedia of knowledge, help and advocacy when it comes to mom’s mental health. I was so touched and excited to be asked to be a part of their 2nd Annual Mother’s Day Rally for Mom’s Mental health.  During the 24 hour rally, every hour  a different story will be posted about postpartum mental health from women who have faced it and professionals who work to fight it. Here is the complete list of contributors.  I am eager to read about other mom’s struggles and triumphs.  Whether you dealt with PPD yourself or not this blog is a fantastic resource. Even after this special Mother’s Day Rally this blog should be bookmarked if you know any expectant or new moms, and my guess is you do.

Parent’s Corner : There is help if you need it!

Postpartum Depression
Most of you reading my blog are moms, and if one thing since having my son has become abundantly clear it’s that we need each other. PPD has been getting a lot of press but still so many moms aren’t getting the help they need and deserve. When I read Jenny and Graham Gibbs- Bankston’s tragic story I couldn’t imagine the pain that she must have been in and the grief that those families are left with. Please visit the link to Jenny’s Light, a foundation set up to educate and support those facing PPD and their families.

This is the number for the National Postpartum Depression Hotline , please pass it along to anyone in need 1-800-PPD-MOMS .

A reader Katherine also added this comment which I thought should be included :

1-800-944-4PPD This is the phone number for Postpartum Support International, the largest nonprofit in the world supporting women with perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. The people who answer this number can connect women to resources in every state in the US. Plus, they have Spanish speakers as well.

Thanks Katherine!