Rememberance and Veteran’s Day Kids Crafts

This craft is not just for veterans but also for active duty , spouses and the often forgotten children of the men and women who serve their country and make incredible sacrifices . It’s a simple craft with a big heart behind it.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need one red and one blue sparkly pipe cleaner and letter beads to spell out THANK YOU. For the Rememberance Day version, you need one red and one white pipe cleaner and letter beads to spell out REMEMBER .
  2. Start by putting the letters in order, my son was all into this part.
  3. Next thread the beads on. I lost him after a few letters.
  4. Twist the pipe cleaners together into a bracelet.

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Poppy for Remembrance Day

Flag Place Mat

Can’t have a holiday without treats!

Remembrance Day and Veteran’s Day

Paper Poppy

Poppy Craft

I am Canadian and today in both Canada and the United States it’s a holiday celebrating those who fight for our respective countries. In Canada it’s Remembrance Day and In the US Veteran’s Day.   In Canada the Royal Canadian Legion sells little poppy pins for people to wear and show support for our defenders past and present ( this is also done in the UK). In the United States we often see yellow ribbons. So today I am dedicating this craft to my country but if you are looking for a patriotic American craft do not fear I have a list ready for you too.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need a paper grocery bag, a marker, scissors, some red paint, dried black beans and glue.Poppy Craft
  2. Start by cutting open your bag and drawing a poppy.Poppy Craft
  3. My son informed me he was going to make his own poppy just with scissors… he worked on it the whole time I did the poppy. Never force a child to do art , I wanted to post this today so I had to get it done but I can re do it with him if he asks. He was creating too, and we chatted the whole time about veterans and why I am making a poppy.Poppy Craft
  4. Paint with red paint. Poppy Craft
  5. Add glue to the center.Poppy Craft
  6. Add your black beans.  Let dry.Poppy Craft
  7. When dry cut out. Poppy Craft

Patriotic American Crafts


Flag Place Mat

Patriotic Treats

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