Free Art Friday !

Ribbon Painting
We have been posting a lot of crafts lately and I think it’s time to get back to having a little old fashioned free art fun! If you are new around here you probably haven’t heard me rant on and on about allowing your child free art time. What I mean is that there is no specific product in mind, it’s all process and your child’s imagination at work. Kids learn best by doing and creating so make sure that this is the biggest chuck of art time. I may have lots of fun , cute crafts but they are the add ons to the business of being a child, play!

Gather your materials. You will need a piece of paper some paint a fun dish and some ribbons. We have been learning about small , medium and large lately so I am using three different sizes of ribbons but didn’t really make a big deal about him using it, he was free to choose. We added a little water to thin our paint which makes it easier but also much much messier, be warned!
Dip your ribbon in and play!
This was a messy day, both of us ended up with paint on our PJs and the floor and all over the table, don’t forget to use washable paint.
Let dry and marvel at the masterpiece !
Have a great weekend!

Art Is Messy!

Ribbon Painting!

I’ve been waiting to do this art project for ages, I have used yarn with awesome results in the past but didn’t have any handy. I was prepared to do a project myself a long side my son , but as it turned out he was able to do it with no help! I must warn you , it was messy!
  1. Gather your materials. You will need paper, paint, a plate for the paint and ribbon , yarn or string.
  2. Cut a short piece of ribbon for your child, the younger the child the shorter the ribbon, the longer it is the harder it is to control.
  3. Pour some paint on the plate .
  4. Dip your ribbon in the paint and then touch your ribbon to the paper. I was shocked at how my son caught on fast, of course the ribbon went into his mouth a bunch too.
  5. Add another color!
  6. Keep going until the mess becomes too much or your little one has had enough! We stopped when paint made it onto the eyebrows!
  7. Just a note about art activities like this- something I always try to do is allow my son to pick out his own paint colors, today he picked orange and yellow and I added in pink since he has been having a hard time recognizing pink , so this was a fun time to reinforce it!


I thought this song about pigs in the mud was fitting after such a messy art project!

Three Little Pigs

Three little pigs rolled in the mud,
Squishy , Squashy felt so good,
The farmer took one pig out,
Oink oink oink, the pig did shout!

Continue with 2, 1

No little pigs rolled in the mud,
They all looked so clean and good,
The farmer turned his back and then,
All the little pigs rolled in the mug again!


” Action Jackson” by Jan Greenberg and Sandra Jordan is a great book not only about Jackson Pollock but also about how an artist goes through the artistic process, their influences and what their life is like. This book is perfect for older children but my son loved looking at pictures and Jackson Pollock’s dog! I would suggested this for anyone with budding artists!

” Painting with Picasso” by Julie Merberg and Suzanne Bober is a sweet little board book and only one in a series of “Mini Masters” by the authors. This book and all in the series will introduce your child to famous art work in their own home or stroller because they travel well too!