25 Classic Crafts For Kids

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25 basic crafts for kids

I am always amazed by the traffic some of my classic ( in my mind not exciting) crafts get. They are the ones that I thought we all did in preschool ourselves or at summer camp but after my kids and I spent a sunny afternoon painting rocks ( a classic !) I decided to make a  list of my favorite classic crafts to share.

Painting Rocks – grab some watercolors, water, and brushes. We have a gravel driveway so we sit right down and paint around us. The rain  ( or a hose) will wash away the paint but for a few days if your lucky or a few hours if you are us you will have a little patch of rainbow in a sea of grey.  This was a fantastic activity for kids of different ages. My 5-year-old and almost 2-year-old both had a blast.

Milk Carton Bird Feeder –  A great way to recycle and teach about birds at the same time.  My kids love watching birds from the breakfast table and I love how quiet they are when they do. We will be making a few more of these soon.

Color Mixing – Simple as pie and such a fun activity for kids from toddlers to tweens. It’s amazing how such simple materials can turn your kids into color scientists trying to make just the right mix.

Newspaper Pirate Hat  – I think I made 500 of these when I was a summer camp leader. They are simple, fun and frugal. A win in every way.

Pasta Necklaces –  How many have you made? If you say none you have to dye some pasta and make one.  Excuse the very old post that needs major editing now that people actually read my blog.

Paper Plate Tambourine –  What’s not to love about a craft that uses up extra paper plates and a few pieces of pasta? Great for toddlers and older kids love them too.

Hand Print Butterflies – I love any craft that includes my children’s tiny ( and not so tiny anymore) hand prints. This butterfly is classic.

Empty Container Drum – add a few pieces of tissue paper, some glue and something to hit it with and voila a drum!

Paper Plate Sun – We all need more sunshine in our lives and this one doesn’t give you cancer. It might not be a classic to all parents, but I am not sure there are too many preschool teachers who haven’t seen this one.

Classic Egg Carton Caterpillar – For me this is the ultimate classic craft and I was floored but thrilled when so many people pinned it. It’s a classic for a reason.

Painting With Water – Yes it’s that simple. Great on concrete but works on any surface you don’t mind getting wet. Kids love it.

Leaf Rubbings –  Run outside and grab a few leaves, paper ( even scrap) and a crayon or two and you have a fun and educational craft!

Cotton Ball Clouds – Great for teaching about the weather or just fun to explore textures this classic is easy to make on a rainy and cloudy day.

Egg Toss – More of an activity than a craft this is exactly what it sounds like. You toss an egg off the deck and hope it survives in the case you crafted.

Apple Prints – Although we made ours into a valentine using apples to print or paint is almost as old as using potatoes. Which we have done too. No need to use them for anything fancy just grab paint, slice the apple or potato and have fun.

Paper Plate Turtle – Any craft made with a paper plate gets my vote for a classic, but this is probably the one I have used the most over the years. I have more paper plate animal crafts here.

Sponge Painting – Another classic this is a great one for family toddler’s hands. Older kids can cut the kitchen sponges into fun shapes themselves to take it to the next level.

Playdough –  I loved helping to make playdough in preschool ( when I was a child) and thanks to these great playdough recipes I love it as a mom too. Anything that takes me back to 1980 deserves a place on this list!

Paper Lanterns – We make these for Chinese New Year, but they can be made with different paper colors for almost any occasion.

Paper Bag Puppets – If you have never made one of these I question your childhood activities. Th epitome of a classic kids craft the paper bag puppet uses a household item ( well everyone had paper bags in the 80s it seemed) and creativity to make something to play with.

Paper Crowns – usually made for birthdays in my classrooms these paper crowns can be made in a matter of minutes to make any child feel like a royal.

Fishing For Letters Game – No preschool class is complete ( in my biased opinion) without some version of this simple and incredibly fun game. You can make one for your kids easily without breaking the bank. In my last class, our fishing rod was a knitting needle with yarn and a magnet. Fancy ? No. Useful? Yes !

Cereal Bracelets – A teacher’s dream. This easy craft teaches patterning, counting, sorting  and works on fine motor skills. It takes no time to set-up and can also be a snack.

Popsicle Stick Coaster – My sister still has the set of coasters I made her 20 years ago and there is no reason not to make this classic with your kids and give them to someone as a gift too.

Tire Track Art – This is a mainstay in toddler daycare classes everywhere. Kids love this and it’s easy to see why.


What is your favorite classic craft you have done year after year?



21 Flower Crafts For Kids

mother's day crafts for kids

Mother’s Day is less than a month away so it’s the perfect time to gather up all our flower themed crafts for kids and share them in one easy spot for you to find them. Over the years we have done a number of easy flower crafts for kids and toddlers that use common household materials so they are frugal too.  Here are our top 21 flower crafts for kids.

Daisy Math
Fruity Flower
Poppy Craft
Flower Cookie Cutter Prints ( great for toddlers)
Flower Cupcakes
Foam Flower Magnets
Pool Noodle Bouquet For Mother’s Day
Fingerprint Flower ( another great toddler craft)
V Vase
Spring Flower Mural
Dried Lentil Flowers
Newspaper and Button Flowers
Paint Chip Flowers
Cupcake Liner Poppies
Felt Flower & Color Mixing
Paper Roll Pop Out Flowers
Easter Egg Flowers
Family Flowers
Pool Noodle Flower Garland
Pasta Flower Centerpieces
Giant Sunflower Craft

20 Earth Day Crafts & Activities For Kids

easy earth day craft

When is Earth Day? It’s April 22nd , so it’s time to round up and share our Earth Day crafts and activities. What I love about Earth Day is that there are so many angles you can take. The 3 Rs – Reduce, Re-Use and Recycle is a great way to start . You can also focus on learning about how the Earth works, how we are taking from it and how we can try to give back . The Earth Day crafts for kids listed here are all hands on ways to teach your child about our beautiful planet.

Earth E
Nature Detectives
Newspaper Earth
Puffy Paint Earth
Make Recycled Paper At Home
Garden Sensory Tub
Coffee Filter Earth Garland
Recycled UFO
Recycling or Trash Sorting Game
Coffee Grounds Sensory Tub
Paper Beads ( from recycled flyers)
Recycled Crayon Candle
Earth Day Muffins
Recycled Crayons Using Solar Energy
Scrap Paper Confetti Earth
Trash Rainbow
Earth Day Tambourine
Table Top Recycling Center
Playdough Earths
Recycled Bird Feeder

Do you do anything special with your kids to celebrate our wonderful planet?

30 Bug Crafts For Kids

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Bugs are such a great theme for preschool aged kids because there are ample books , songs and craft ideas. You can teach math with bugs, you can dance like a butterfly to your hearts content and you can create all kinds of bug crafts with things around your house. I love bugs and bug crafts and most kids do too so scroll through our huge list of  30 bug crafts and find something to play and learn with.

Paper Plate Ladybug
Butterfly Suncatchers
Classic Egg Carton Caterpillar
Playdough Bugs
Cursive Name Bugs
Doily Dragonfly
Gross Motor Spider Web Game
Hand Print Butterflies
Letter B Bee
Letter C Caterpillar
Letter S Spider
Plastic Egg Bugs
Band-aid Butterflies
Fly Swatter Painting
Tissue Paper Snail
3D Pasta Butterfly Collage
Name Caterpillars
Paper Plate Spider
Dirt and Worm Treats
Spider Cookies
Butterfly Snack Necklaces
 Toddler Butterfly Craft
Egg Carton Ant
Very Hungry Caterpillar Craft
Painting With Bugs
Bandage Lightning Bugs
Worm Painting
Ladybug Math
Rock Bugs
Butterfly Sensory Tub

21 Easy Easter Crafts For Kids

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I love Easter and all the pretty , tasty, and adorable crafts and treats that come with it. These are our top 21 Easter activities for kids and parents to make and celebrate the holiday together. These crafts are all simple  and trust me the treats are easy to make too ( I am not that good in the kitchen).

Texture Easter Egg
Collage Carrot
Resist Easter Egg
Polka Dot Dyed Eggs
Soft Cotton Ball Bunny
Felt Carrot Treat Bag
Peek-A-Boo Chick
Rabbit R
Easter Egg E
Bubble Wrap Eggs
Jelly Bean Carrot Cupcakes
Frozen Yogurt Easter Eggs

Van Gogh Inspired Eggs
Marshmallow Easter Egg
Foam Easter Magnets
Yarn Easter Egg
Bunny Ears
Carrot Patch Cupcakes
Collage Easter Egg
Paint and Eat Waffles
Easter Chick Treat Box