14 Heart Crafts & Activities For Kids

14 Heart Crafts For Kids For Valentine's DayValentine’s Day is in less than a month and it’s time to celebrate love and friendship while being creative, learning a little about shapes and getting ( a little) messy.  Here are 14 of our favorite Valentine’s Day Crafts that are all about hearts!

Heart Rainbow
Princess Wand Valentine
Heart H
Sorting Hearts Math Activity
Shake Painted Heart Valentine

Circle of Friends Heart Wreath
Paper Hug
Musical Hearts Game
Hearts Playing Card Banner ( great for a math lesson too!)
Puffy Heart Wreath
Love Bug with Heart Wings
Heart Tambourine
Heart Sun Catcher
Heart Filled Dump Truck Craft

For even more heart shaped and Valentine’s Day ideas check out our Holiday Pinterest Board. Don’t miss our Love Bomb craft that I completely forgot to add to this round up!

9 Snowman Crafts For Kids

winter crafts  for kidsWe haven’t seen much snow this winter but it hasn’t stopped us from making snowmen. These 9 snowman crafts are our favorite that you can make no matter what climate you live in. On Friday we will be sharing our favorite snowman books. Don’t miss it there are so many great ones to choose from.

Playdough Snowman
Snowglobe Snowman
Letter Snowman
Marshmallow Snowman
Snowman at Night
Spice Jar Snowman Blocks
Emotional Snowmen
Snowflake Snowman
Magnetic Snowman

Favorite Early Learning Activities of 2012

favorite early learning activities 12 of 2012These are my favorite posts of 2012. This year has been an amazing one for No Time For Flash Cards and while our readers soared in numbers it doesn’t feel like the community was lost in the shuffle. Thank you for so much support and inspiration. Your comments, pins and likes fuel the fire that keeps us creating, reading and sharing.  These 12 posts are not the most popular ones ( check out the most popular ones here) , they were the 12 my kids seemed to connect with the most and that I was the most excited to share.


12. Emotional Snowmen. This post was the brilliant work of our contributing writer Kim Young. Talking to your kids about emotions doesn’t have to be a lecture especially with fun novel activities like this.

11. Move & Groove Alphabet Game. This gross motor letter game was such a huge hit with both my kids that I had to include it. It’s easy to make and a lot of fun to play too.

10. Rainbow Gelatin Sensory Tub . This took way more planning on my part than 99% of my ideas and it was well worth it. The kids loved it.

9. Alphabet Peg Dolls. This post is part of our Alphabet For Starters Series . I made the dolls but both my kids still play with them.

8. Sticky Table Art . What a simple idea but it kept my son intrigued for ages. It was so beautiful too.

7. Hot Chocolate Math . Math is bog around here but this simple tray idea has been used with and without marshmallows with basic math for my daughter or simple equations for my son.

6. Table Top Loose Parts. I can’t take credit for this idea but I will happily share it again. Loose parts is a fun open ended play with odds and ends and kids love it.

5. Listen and Find Word Search. I was so excited to introduce my son to a strategy I used with my 6th graders while student teaching. He loved it as much as they did.

4. Neighborhood Photo Safari and Book. My husband teases me that I love this one because of the firefighters . That may be part of ti but the real reason is that months later we still read this book at least once a day.

3. Love Bomb. This post was part of a Tinkerlab craft challenge and the results were awesome! My son adored the process and I loved the end product. It’s still displayed in our playroom.

2. Books About Strong Girls. This one just hit home for me. As a mom of a little girl who is already fond of princesses and make up I need as much help as I can get to make sure she is strong, confident and loves herself for all the right reasons.

1. Multicultural Paper Dolls . This post is my favorite because I designed it with a clear objective ; to explain that our skin color is just another attribute like eye or hair color. What’s inside , like our heart is all the same. My son got it and not just a little, he really got it.


Do you have a favorite activity or post we did from 2012?


Top 12 of 2012 { Our Most Popular Posts}

top 12 of 20122012 was the year of kids craft round ups.  You all love them! They were by far the biggest traffic providers of 2012. As much as I like them they aren’t actually my favorite. They are fun to put together but my heart belongs to the single activity posts . I will post my favorite 12 of 2012 on Monday. Until then here are the top 12 traffic getters of 2012. Enjoy.

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31 Things For Kids To Do During Winter Break

winter break activities When I suggested to a friend over coffee that I was thinking of writing a post about winter break activities for kids her face lit up and I knew I had to do it.  We love having our kids home for winter break but after a few days , a few newly broken Christmas toys and the third trip to the store to get more batteries it’s time to unplug and have some simple fun.  So here are  31 things for kids to do inside and out during winter break. These are not special activities for the holidays or even ground breaking activities . These are simple do it today and don’t break the bank activities. When you hear ” I’m bored!” you can scan the list.

  1. Donate. Before or after new toys make it into your house make a few piles and chose what to donate , throw away or keep.
  2. Go on a scavenger hunt outside.
  3. Make some ornaments for the tree inside.
  4. Make bird feeders for your trees outside.
  5. Bowl with your family and knock them down.
  6. Have a book festival .
  7. Go for a hike .
  8. Turn your playroom into a grocery store , toy store or coffee shop.
  9. Toss an egg off your porch and learn while doing it.
  10. Read some banned books .
  11. Work off some energy in your own boot camp.
  12. Go on an alphabet hunt.
  13. Play hide and seek.
  14. Make a snowman outside.
  15. Make a snowman inside.
  16. Go on a photo safari and write a book about your neighborhood.
  17. Get messy .
  18. Make a mural .
  19. Pretend to be a veterinarian , a scientist , or even an elf.
  20. Play with your food .
  21. Make your own constellation.
  22. Make a volcano without too much mess!
  23. Have an ice cream taste test.
  24. Start a journal.
  25. Match up some mustaches.
  26. Draw and design your own cards ( maybe thank you cards for holiday gifts?! )
  27. Measure with Legos
  28. Bring some snow inside and find out what part of your house is the coolest.
  29. Turn your train table into a winter wonderland.
  30. Get creative with loose parts .
  31. Make your own art retrospective , host a kid gallery show and look back at all the art you created in 2012.