Free Art Friday

Scrap Paper Creations

Scrap Paper Art

Here at No Time For Flash Cards we call open ended art , Free Art Friday. I stole that from another preschool teacher because every Friday she would let the kids direct theor own art with all the supplies. Which is awesome in so many ways.  Today’s project has been the most true to form free art yet.  As I answer emails my son will often play with playdough, draw or cut scrap paper. Well  a few days ago that is exactly what he was doing when I hear from his chair ” I need glue to make my fish!” Scrap Paper Art 001Scrap Paper Art 002 So I handed him a glue stick and sure enough he’d cut an outline of a snowman in two to make a fish, and was now gluing on scales. Pride was overflowing. I grabbed the camera quickly and for those of you who ask if I keep projects , yes this one will be kept- forever!!

So grab some scrap paper, scisssors and glue and create! Whatever they make will be perfect !