Color Hunt – Exploring the World Around Us

teach kids spanish and french color words

Earth Day was this week and it always gets me thinking about exploring the world we are trying to conserve. You don’t have to travel the world to give them a broad view of the world but I think that exposing them to bite size bits of other cultures through language and books can really help. This nature color hunt activity not only celebrates the earth and its colors but it celebrates some of its cultures too by including different languages.

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Gather your materials. We used our Little Pim Colors book as a guide for the color names in Spanish and French. We also used a egg carton, some markers and nature from our yard.color hunt in another language

Start by coloring the inside of the carton in the colors you will be learning. We followed the colors in the book which were red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. I loved that I could color two of each so my daughter could say the color one time in French and once in Spanish for each little bit of nature she popped in it.bilingual nature color hunt earth day

Next write down the color word on the top of the carton next to the color.bilingual color hunt in your backyard

Time to gather your little learner and head outside. We are building a small addition to our house right now and I think the guy working outside thought I was insane as I took picture after picture of my daughter… I didn’t have time to explain.bilingual activity for kids

Look for colors by first saying the word in French or Spanish . I would say ” Violet. What color do you think that is? ” If she didn’t know I would point to the color in the carton and say ” Look this is Violet, violet means ….” and she’d say “Purple!” and I would add ” Yes violet is how you say purple in French.” We followed this pattern for most of the colors. Some of the colors she knew so this exchange would be shortened. Each time I wanted to make sure she said the word and knew whether it was Spanish or French. I did each color in each language one time. I am exposing not drilling her.

Some of the colors were easy to find… some not so much.bilingual color hunt outside

We didn’t have a spot for white in our carton but when she found this dandelion she asked me how to say white in French and Spanish. Luckily I knew! She didn’t know how excited I was to hear her curiosity grow past the boundaries of this activity.color hunt fun

Take time to explore the nature around your home as well. We found worms, lots of spiders and, stopped to play too.multilingual color hunt outside

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How To Use Tech & Play Together with Little Pim

little Pim Spanish App for iPadWhen I became a parent I wanted my kids to start learning a second language early but our options were limited. When I was contacted by Little Pim Languages for Kids to work with them I was thrilled. I have checked out their products before and was impressed. As a mom finding the balance between screen time and no screen play time takes effort some days. I feel much better about handing my child a phone or tablet if they are going to be doing something educational with it. My daughter loves their iPhone apps and I can’t wait to check out their just released app for iPad : Learn Spanish with Little Pim “Colors”

My daughter and I played with the “Panda Game” as my daughter calls the apps I have on my iPhone and then did this color matching activity in Spanish.  It’s one way you could use high tech and low tech hands on activities together for a deeper learning.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need some construction paper in various colors, scissors, double stick tape, ribbon and a cute container that can pass as a laundry basket.little pim language
  2. Cut some clothing shapes with your scissors.little pim spanish for kids
  3. Tack the ribbon on the wall and add the double stick tape on the ribbon. spanisg game for kids
  4. Place the clothes in the basket and get ready for your laundry helper. Make sure you have your list of colors in Spanish ready. We used red/rojo , orange/ anaranjado , green/verde , yellow/amarillo , blue/azul and purple/murado .
  5. Time to match! Call out a colors and if you need help with the pronunciation you can always grab your phone or tablet and have the app say it for you to practice or do it for you. As she found the correct color garment she added it to our clothesline. spanish gamr little pim My daughter loved it and I was surprised she knew all the colors already. They really are sponges.  I love saying amarillo and rojo even if my accent was corrected by my daughter twice… no matter what language I speak if it isn’t English it sounds French . I liked how carefully she added the pretend clothes. You may also notice something I did which is your child repeating the word a few times as they search the basket for it. I would call out ” Verde! ” and my daughter would mumble verde, verde, verde to herself.little pim spanish

Have fun knowing that technology doesn’t have to be completely free of creative play . Balance the two by matching quality programs with hands on activities like this one.

Check out Little Pim’s website and brand new app here and follow Little Pim on Pinterest for all sorts of fun ideas for globally minded kids and families!

 As stated above this post is sponsored by Little Pim.