Touch and Feel Halloween Craft

Sandpaper Pumpkin

Halloween Activities For Kids

This craft was inspired by a follower on twitter, her son has a visual disability and she asked me if I have any crafts for children who had similar disabilities. I was embarrassed to have to say no.  I started gathering supplies , brushing up on my  early childhood special education and brainstorming crafts. I will be including more crafts and activities specifically geared towards children with special needs in the coming months. I would love to hear from other parents with requests! When a child has lost some or all of their vision the importance of other senses becomes heightened. Today we focused on touch but also sound with this Halloween craft.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need 2 sheets of sand paper, we used one very fine sheet and the other was large and rough. Orange and green paint, a black marker, scissors and glue.2October 023
  2. Start by drawing or having your child draw a pumpkin on the sandpaper. We made a separate stem but you don’t need to.2October 024
  3. Finger paint the pumpkin. My son was shocked to feel the sandpaper. ” This weird paper mama, it tickles.” You can imagine my happiness hearing that , that was the point. To feel , describe it and explore. 2October 025
  4. While they finger paint draw the jack-o-lantern face on the 2nd piece of sandpaper.2October 027
  5. Hand your child the black marker and have them color the face . My son did not like this at all, it wasn’t easy to color on the sand paper and it’s roughness jiggled his hand. 2October 029
  6. Cut the face pieces out.2October 031
  7. Cut out the pumpkin.2October 032
  8. Add glue 2October 033
  9. Spread the massive amount of glue wher eyou need it! Pop on the stem on the pumpkin2October 034
  10. Glue the eyes , nose and mouth on.2October 035
  11. Let dry.

Reader  Book Reviews !


“Shy Mama’s Halloween” by Anne Broyles sent in my Lynn. This book tells the beautiful story of a Russian family that recently settled in the United States and experiences its first Halloween. The mother, a naturally shy woman, speaks little English and is understandably hesitant about the idea of mingling with goblins and ghosts. She helps to make her children’s costumes, but leaves the task of trick-or-treating to her husband and the children. When her husband is too ill to take the children, Mama leaves her fears behind and takes the children out… read the complete review.

tentimidghosts“Ten Timid Ghosts” by Jennifer O’Connell  sent in by Janelle . The favorite Halloween book this year at our house is definitely Ten Timid Ghosts by Jennifer O’Connell. Seriously, I’ve read the book so many times, I can recite it by memory. Everything Halloween is included in this read: A haunted house, ghosts, a witch, skeleton, bat, ghoul, cat, owl, vampire, monster, spider, rat, mummy and trick-or-treating. Really, you can’t ask for more! But wait, there is more… read the complete review.

Thank you Lynn from Chronicles of an Infant Bibliophile and Janelle from Brimful Curiosities for sending in these reviews and allowing me to share them with my readers. If you haven’t seen their blogs, please pop over they are two of my favorite for books!