Storytelling Box With Photos

storytelling box Every year we go down to the Oregon Coast and rent a beach house and relax. This year I got to bring along something extra! A brand new Nikon D3300 ! Nikon wanted me to check the camera out and I jumped at the chance, I started playing with it as soon as it arrived.  I knew that when Nikon asked me to share the photos I took with the D3300 with my readers I wasn’t just going to throw them in a post, I wanted to show you how I used the vacation photos for a simple but very effective literacy activity. Storytelling.

Before you can make your box you need to shoot some great photos. I am not a photographer but I have always enjoyed taking photos and know that taking many is a great strategy for getting just the right shot! Here are some of my favorites that went into our storytelling box – trust me these are just a few that I took.



The view from the window seat – Taken with my Nikon D3300


Taken with my Nikon D3300

Making sand angels – Taken with my Nikon D3300

It's a big big world - Taken with my Nikon D3300

It’s a big big world – Taken with my Nikon D3300


Taken with my Nikon D3300

Taken with my Nikon D3300

oregon coast vacation storytelling

Oregon Coast Taken with my Nikon D3300

Jumping tide pools - Taken with my Nikon D3300

Jumping tide pools – Taken with my Nikon D3300


shells - Taken with my Nikon D3300

shells – Taken with my Nikon D3300


Jump - Taken with my Nikon D3300

Jump – Taken with my Nikon D3300


vacation photo box

Catch at the beach – Taken with my Nikon D3300


Running out of the waves - Taken with my Nikon D3300

Running out of the waves – Taken with my Nikon D3300


vacation photo storytelling box for kids

Checking out one of the instruments the beach house had – Taken with my Nikon D3300


Shells from the beach - Taken with my Nikon D3300

Shells from the beach – Taken with my Nikon D3300


When it comes down to it, they adore each other. Taken with my Nikon D3300

When it comes down to it, they adore each other. Taken with my Nikon D3300


Once you have all your favorites chosen print them out or have them printed at a photo lab. I am a last minute sort of gal so I did it myself.  Very late at night… don’t know about you but that is my time to check off all the items on my to do list.

Gather your materials. You will need the photos you took, a box, some card stock, glue, and scissors.

making a storytelling box

Taken with my Nikon D3300


Cut the photos out and glue them onto the card stock then trim. Pop them in the box and set them out for your little storyteller.

Do you use your family photos for activities? Tell is about it on our Facebook page!

As stated above I was provided with a Nikon D3300 in return for sharing this post.


Storytelling Activities For Kids

storytelling Storytelling is an important piece of the literacy puzzle. Of all the benefits to encouraging your children to tell and write stories I think the most amazing one is to connect them with their creativity. They take an idea, develop it, and then create something the can share . To me showing children that they can create is incredibly powerful. Of course there are so many side lessons from storytelling like spelling, learning story elements, comprehension, character development, even public speaking.  Here are 20 storytelling activities for children including two of my favorite tools for storytelling puppets and pretend play!

story telling with family photographs

Storytelling with Family Photos
Story Stones from Happy Hooligans
Fill In The Blank Easel Stories
Storytelling with Stamps from Amy Mascott

drawing activity for kindergarten
Toy Catalog Drawing Prompts
Shadow Puppets from Nurture Store
DIY Board Book About Feelings
Storytelling Cards from A Mom With A Lesson Plan
Fractured Fairy Tale Activities
Experience Books For Kids from Twodaloo

All around town photo safari and book
My Neighborhood Photo Safari and Book
Printable Comic Pages from Inner Child Fun
Action Figure Stories
Storytelling Bag from Carrots Are Orange

puzzle story telling at the zoo
Storytelling with Puzzles
Storytelling Basket from The Imagination Tree
Paper Roll Puppets
DIY Story Cubes from Red Ted Art
25 Pretend Play Set Ups
Fairytale Fridge Magnets from Nurture Store

{fill in the blank} Easel Stories

early writing activity for kids My daughter got this Melissa & Doug easel from Santa and she loves it but at our house we share most everything and her brother got a chance to play with the easel with this Fill in the Blank Easel  Story.  Writing , spelling and reading all come together with creativity and storytelling in this fast to set up activity. If you do not have an easel you can enter for a chance to win one from Melissa & Doug below or use a big sheet of paper on the wall. The reason I am suggesting the wall or an easel is because when kids write on vertical surfaces likes these their arms, wrists and hands naturally go into the proper position for writing. This makes it easier for many kids that struggle and doesn’t hurt those who aren’t either.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need some dry erase makers, a dry erase board / easel and a big imagination.
  2. Start by writing out a simple story on the easel with dry erase markers.fill in the blank easel stories early literacy Here is mine – Once upon a time there was a ________ named _________. He was brave, smart and ____________ . One day he found a magic ____________ and it started to ____________. He thought that is was amazing and ran to show his ___________. when he got home his magic ____________ disappeared! He looked for it everyday but never saw it again.
  3. Invite your writer to come fill in the blanks.  Have them read it out loud.fill in the blank early writers activity
  4. Fill in the blanks. fill in the blanks spellingMy son kept asking me how to spell things. Here is what I do when he asks. I will ask him first to sound it out. If he is struggling I will help. Generally I ask that he uses his 6 year old spelling for everything. Spelling is developmental and if we skip stages in development there can be struggles later on. Invented spellings are a really important step. Kids aren’t misspelling things they are just spelling them at their level of development. As your child progresses feel free to correct them little by little. My son can read well and simple words like dog, hat, car are ones that I would not hesitate to correct his spelling but words like furious, sword or friends I am still encouraging him to sound out and spell at his level. Interestingly he spelled sword correctly later in the lesson.fill in the blanks sounding out and spelling
  5. He didn’t like my ending so he edited it. ” When he got home his magic sword would shock people.” fill int he blanks stories and spelling activity
  6. When he was done writing he proudly read it back to me.fill the blank stories for kids

Watching my son write this really showed me how hard white boards can be for new and struggling writers. Many need the friction of a chalkboard to help them form letters correctly. This easel has a black board on the other side and if you aren’t lucky enough to win it in our sweepstakes you can make your own dollar store ones like we did.

Enter For A Chance To Win

deluxe standing art easel from Melissa & Doug

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