Strawberry Play Dough Sensory Play

fine motor play dough activity strawberries Our house sits on what used to be a huge strawberry farm. Our soil is amazing, it’s really a pity I don’t have anything close to a green thumb. Still learning more about our neighborhood’s history was part of the spark that inspired this activity. Originally we were going to draw the strawberries but my daughter suggested making strawberry play dough. I grabbed the black rice and we were all set. What I love about creating with play dough isn’t just the hand strength it works on , or even the ability to squish “mistakes” and start over, it’s how I have yet to do a simple planned activity that didn’t end in a completely different but equally fun ( albeit messier) play.

Gather your materials. You will need some play dough ( ours is actual Play-Doh because the only homemade stuff we have right now is scented with mint and my daughter made it very clear that strawberries do NOT smell like candy canes… so we grabbed some of our pre-made stash). You will also want a cookie cutter, we didn’t have a strawberry so we used an acorn, as well as some black rice.strawberry playdough supplies

Place all the tools together and let your little creator create!Strawberry playdough play activity for kids

She started creating berries right away. Strawberry playdough for kids

I didn’t even have to tell her what the black rice was for. I loved watching her carefully add them on top. Great fine motor play!fine motor activity strawberry playdough for kids

After she made a handful of strawberries she created a coffee shop. I was lucky enough to get more than a few cups of yummy black rice coffee! This is exactly what I want to see her do with activities, use them as a launching pad to even MORE creativity! strawberry playdough and sensory exploration

Fresh and Fruity !

Lumpy Bumpy

One of my friends shared a similar craft her son brought home from preschool with me and I fell in love with the idea. I was pleasantly surprised that there was very little rice on my floor after the craft and my son loved finishing art time with a yummy strawberry smoothie!

  1. Gather your materials. You will need some heavy weight construction paper or cardboard ( I am using a cereal box) , red markers or paint, some green paper, glue , scissors and some rice. We used forbidden rice, it’s black, but any rice , dried beans or seeds will do!
  2. Draw a simple strawberry shape on the cardboard.
  3. Have your child color or paint the strawberry. Let dry if you are using paint.
  4. While your child colors, cut out a stem from the green paper.
  5. Grab the glue! My son is always excited when I let him loose with the glue. Put it all over the strawberry.
  6. Add the rice, do not just dump it on, encourage your child to pick up the rice one and a time. You’ll sneak in a great fine motor workout for your little one.
  7. Add the stem and let dry.


” Eating the Alphabet” by Lois Ehlert is an alphabet book extraordinaire! Wonderful paintings of fruits and vegetables seem ultra simple and it is but somehow the way the author has pieced this simple book together is brilliant. Maybe it’s that children learn about food at the table multiple times a day and feel proud being able to identify not only some of the letters but some of the pictures too! From a teaching standpoint I love that there are both upper and lower case letters on each page! This book will grow with your child, and beware it will also make you

“The Little Mouse, The Ripe Red Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear” by Audrey and Ron Wood is a fantastic book that children adore! The story not only unique in that the narrator speaks directly to the mouse , it’s illustrations will enchant your child’s imagination and make the most overtired parent smile. The little mouse is trying to keep the strawberry away from the bear, and his adorable attempts to hide it make my son laugh every time! Great book!

~Additional Activity~

When teaching about any sort of food, I always try to work in ways to cook, taste and play with it. Nothing beats the real thing but it doesn’t have to be a fancy meal. Today we made super simple smoothies !

  1. Gather your materials. You will need milk and frozen fruit, a blender and a cup.I told you it was simple. We put strawberries and a few pieces of mango.
  2. Pour in your milk – 1/2 a cup
  3. Add your fruit- don’t forget to count as you pop it in !
  4. Blend and enjoy! Trust me that’s his smile!