15 Fun Outdoor Activities For Kids

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I always think that the summer is going to be a nice break from the grind but it’s just as busy as the rest of the year so I need lots of easy activities for my kids that they can do outside when we are between activities. These 15 outside activities for kids are fun and educational and will make a few great summer memories too.

Painting With Water
Nature Color Hunt
Squeezie Sidewalk Chalk
Angry Birds Water Balloon Game
Photo Scavenger Hunt
Painting Like Monet
Water Balloon Color Mixing
Driveway Graffiti
Sound Safari
Mud Soup
Spray Painting
Backyard Dinosaur Dig
Find & Count Bug Hunt
Fly Swatter Painting
Backyard Car Wash


Squeezie Sidewalk Chalk

by Kim
                {Hello! If you are checking us out for the first time and like what you see you can subscribe here and get new ideas to play and learn with your kids daily. }

Sidewalk chalk is fun. You can make sidewalk chalk paint and brush it on. You can even use balls in sidewalk chalk paint to create some real fun (and fun learning). But we like to put another twist on it, too. Squeezie bottle sidewalk chalk!

You will need some squeezie bottles (we got ours at the local dollar store), cornstarch, water, and food coloring. If you are worried about the food coloring staining, you can just make it without it and it will dry a very bright white. It still looks really cool.

Pour your cornstarch in a bowl or container.

Add water and stir until you get a nice thin viscosity. you want it to be able to squeeze through the hole in the bottle.


Pour your sidewalk chalk paint into the bottle and add food coloring. My 3 year old daughter picked pink and my 5 year old son picked blue, but only after I told him that I could not make the paint camo. Then we had a discussion about how camo is NOT a color. Good grief. 😉


Now squeeze away.

We made hearts.

We made dragons. That is a Ninjago dragon in case you are wondering.

We mixed our colors. This was done to aggravate big brother, but it turned out to be really fun once I stepped in to point out the cool effects they were making together.

We ran and squeezed. My 3 year noticed that when she ran and squeezed she only got dots in a line and not an actual line. Very cool observation. So we talked a little about it and demonstrated.


We left our mark all over the driveway. Daddy came home to a neat surprise.

Kim is a contributing writer for No Time For Flash Cards, a mom to a toddler, a preschooler, and a foster parent, too. She juggles her day by trying out fun activities and crafts with the kids. After all, she is just a big kid herself. See what she has been up to over at Mom Tried It.

3rd Annual Summer Reading Challenge

Every summer we promote reading by setting up a Summer Reading Challenge for our readers. Last year we read over 20 THOUSAND books. This year let’s read 25 thousand! It’s super easy to participate and at the end of the challenge I will draw one name for a $50 Amazon Gift Card so you can buy even more books to read with your kids.

How it works :

  1. Starting this Monday June 4th until Sunday August 26th keep tally of all the reading you do with our Printable Weekly Tally Sheet or one of your own.
  2. Every week please fill out this form and enter the number of books ( or full chapters of a chapter book) you read with your child or they read on their own. Fill in your email for a chance to win the end of challenge sweepstakes which is a $50 Amazon Gift Card provided by me !  Please only fill this form out once a week . I will post reminders every Saturday but it can be any day of the week, we limit it to once a week so people don’t fill it out more than that and have a unfair advantage to win. The number of books you read every week doesn’t affect your chances of winning.
  3. Repeat! Let’s make 2012 the summer of reading!

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Q:What if I read the same book to my kids 30 times in one week can I count that as 30 or as 1?

A: That’s 30. We know kids love to read the same book over and over , we do too! We want you to read whatever you love.


Q: My kids are reading chapter books how do we count those?

A: One complete chapter = 1 book .


Q: What if I forget to enter my book count one week can I add them to the next?

A:  Absolutely! We want you to have a weekly chance to enter so you get lots of entries into the gift card sweepstakes but if you want to keep tally all summer and only enter once that works too!

Q: I have more than one child do submit more than one entry per week?

A: No . Add all the individual tallies together and add one huge number .


Still have more questions? Contact us or leave it in the comments and we’ll sort it out for you.


Official Rules
This sweepstakes is open to American residents 18 years or older. To be eligible for the sweepstakes you must fill out this form. 1 winning participator will be drawn at random, using Random.org, after the sweepstakes closes on Sunday August 26th 2012 at 8:00pm PST. The winner will receive a $50 Amazon.com gift card valued at approximately $50. After the winner is notified he or she has 48 hours to respond with their email address to send the gift card to,or another winner will be chosen at random. No purchase necessary.The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Any information gathered through the sweepstakes including email and postal addresses will not be used in anyway other than contacting winners and shipment of winnings. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW.

Over 8000 Books Read !

Wow!  It’s just barely July and already you and our other No Time For Flash Cards readers have sat down and shared over 8000 books with their kids. I am so excited to see such amazing numbers coming in week after week.

If you haven’t joined our Summer Reading Challenge yet you are not too late. All the details are here but the gist of it is that you read with your kids, tally up how many books you have read, submit a tally sheet once per submission period ( see below) and then you are automatically entered to win a $50 Amazon.com gift card at the end of the summer. Pretty cool!

Submission Periods :

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The winner will be drawn on the 26th of August.

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Water Activities For Kids

summer activities for kidsSummer is the perfect time to learn and play outside so grab the sunscreen and head outdoors. Kids love water and even if you don’t live near a beach or have a pool you can still let them play and explore to their hearts content.  Here are some fun water themed activities like Letter Spraying ( pictured above) to try this summer.

Painting With Water

Sink or Float?

Color Mixing ( check out his hair in this post , all my fault!)

Angry Birds Water Balloon Game