Classy Halloween Craft

Sun Print

Halloween Craft

The blue is really all one color- my reflection is wrecking a perfect picture!

My son is fighting the flu, and although his fever is gone he hasn’t asked to do any projects and I haven’t pushed. He has been watching far too much TV though which if the fever is still gone tomorrow will be ending. So today while he sat on the couch enjoying my lax rules about TV when we are sequestered in our house , I made this. I was so impressed with the results. My mom bought me this paper and I think she paid $7 for the pack of 12 in Canada, I would bet it’s cheaper in the states! This is not a craft for little ones but you can grab leaves or other flat objects and use sun print paper with young kids.  Here’s what I did:

  1. Gather your materials. You will need sun print paper kit, some construction paper of any color, a pen or fine tip felt , fine tip scissors and patience !Halloween Craft
  2. Start by reading the instructions in your sun print paper kit. Pull out the frame that is included to make sure your paper cut out will fit. I did not do this and had to adjust later on.
  3. Draw a spooky scene that can be cut out, I drew way too much but edited it down to a tree with an owl.Halloween Craft
  4. Check on your sick child who is overjoyed to be watching a 2nd episode of Dora. Watching too much Dora
  5. Start cutting out your picture. It may take a while… I was thankful Dora was keeping my normally clingy sick son happy, cutting this was not easy.Halloween Craft
  6. Place the cut out in the frame provided before you open the sealed pouch of light sensitive paper. Halloween Craft
  7. Take the paper out, close the frame and place in sunlight.Halloween Craft
  8. You will see that we had a foggy foggy morning , I specifically wanted to try it on a day like today to see how it would work in overcast conditions.1tr 012
  9. It worked but  it took longer than the 2-3 minutes of sunlight suggested ( about 10) .
  10. Rinse in a dish of water for a minute.Halloween Craft
  11. Let dry- colors get darker as it dries.Halloween Craft
  12. Frame and add some classy touches to your Halloween display! Halloween Craft

Note to Readers

I am putting together an educational toy guide for the holidays and would love to include some reader suggested toys or games. My rules are : No characters, no weapons and keep the reviews short . I am aiming to have it done by the end of the month and up shortly after. I will as always link back to your blog in the post. If you are interested send me an email with  “Gift Guide” in the subject.

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