Hands On As We Grow in our Sunday Spotlight

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Sunday used to be about Link & Learn but with the growth of Pinterest linky parties are just not worth the effort anymore. I’d be sad except that now I have time to get back to my roots and return to Sunday Showcase!

jamie hands on as we grow

If you are a long long time reader you know that every Sunday I would showcase one amazing blog and tell you why I think they are rad. Back then, we were all little blogs but now not only do many of us blog but we write for other places and create wonderful print resources too. Sunday Spotlight will be about sharing the blog but also the resources and products that they offer. Not it’s NOT sponsored. Yes,  many of these bloggers are my friends but can I tell you something? I have amazing, creative, rad friends.

Today I want to tell you about Jamie and Hands On As We Grow.

She is the queen of active, easy, realistic activities for parents to do with their kids. Jamie often reminds readers she isn’t a teacher…she’s just a mom. I don’t care if she is a teacher or not, she has  created some of my favorite activities that readers can ACTUALLY DO! She is down to earth and LOVELY. Her three boys keep her busy and are the inspiration for all the fun she shares on her site.

Check out her site here —> Hands On As We Grow

After being encouraged to write some ebooks Jamie has just written a whole SERIES! These age-specific weekly plans give you 20 weeks of printable plans for play! They are beautiful and like everything Jamie does USEFUL for the everyday parent.



Click here to learn more about Jamie’s ebooks.


I hope you are as excited about our switch back to Sunday Spotlight, there is so much talent out there to share!

Link & Learn

It’s Sunday and time to dig through all your fantastic posts from last week and share the very best here! I saw lots of new “faces” last week and was thrilled to see so many of you participating week after week. The creative lessons, art projects and insights into teaching and parenting were all phenomenal . Thanks for sharing so together we can provide each other with ideas, inspiration and every now and then a ” Why didn’t I think of that?! ” moment .

Have a brilliant week!

Link & Learn – Weekly Early Learning Linky

Hello!  I feel like it’s been ages since we chatted! I have been busy with back to school week, new exciting projects and can I tell you something? I miss you! I need a few days to just sit and read all the truly genius links that you add to this linky week after week. I love how this community of ours supports each other to create an even greater resource of children’s learning in school, at home and in bewteen!

If you are new here don’t be shy, add a link to your best activity, craft or lesson from the week and check out some of the other links you see.

Have a great week!

Link & Learn

Summer learning is in full swing ! Link up your best post of the week and we can learn from you! I have been entertaining guests and preparing a party all week and I’m eager to catch up on your amazing creativity.  If this is your first visit here, welcome!  Please  join in , this linky is all about showing off your best so we can learn from each other. I hope everyone has a great week .

Link & Learn

I hope you have fun things planned for the summer but don’t worry if you don’t just check out some of the other links below! This link and learn is my go to place for inspiration! Although I admit to falling way behind on reading. Hopefully while we are on vacation I can hide under the covers and catch up while other family members wrangle the little people. Have a wonderful week.