Kids Craft Supplies You Have Around Your House

craft supplies for kids you alrady have at home Kids craft supplies aren’t always cheap and your bill can add up fast. One way I cut costs is to use what I have.  I bet most of you have dozens of great arts & craft materials already in your house. This list is not definitive if you have a favorite everyday item that you use for crafts that isn’t listed here please leave a comment to inspire other readers.

  1. Band-Aids  make great butterfly and firefly crafts.
  2. Salad Spinners is great for painting.
  3. Coffee Grounds are an earth friendly sensory tub filler.
  4. Egg Cartons make cool caterpillars .
  5. Bath Poofs are perfect tools for toddler painting.
  6. Ziploc Bags are good for mess free color mixing or shake painting.
  7. A Garlic Press is great tool for playdough play.
  8. Pot Scrubbers have big handles and make fun tools for toddlers to paint with
  9. Cookie Cutters make great stencils, playdough molds and fun to paint with.
  10. Salt can be colored and layered for colorful crafts.
  11. Coffee Filters are beautiful when you add colored glue or food coloring.
  12. Fly Swatters are much more fun to paint with than brushes!
  13. Jar Lids can be used for  DIY stamps .
  14. Paper Plates can be used for almost anything but animals crafts are our favorites.
  15. Fruits and Vegetables are fun for little hands to paint with.
  16. Bubble Wrap is great for popping ( fine motor skills!) but printing with it is rad!
  17. Shaving Cream isn’t just for Daddy’s face, it’s also fun to create with.
  18. Marshmallows can be used for counting, matching and creating really cool crafts.
  19. Yogurt is a great first paint for babies.
  20. Milk Plugs make really amazing rings.
  21. Toilet Paper and  Paper Towel rolls have near endless uses.
  22. Bubble Wands make really awesome prints.
  23. Potato Mashers  make great prints when you add some paint and paper.
  24. Pasta can be used dry and glued on crafts or dyed and made into necklaces.
  25. Q-Tips can be used as a paint brush or glued on to paper to make pretty flowers.
  26. Corks are fun in the water table and make a great alternative to stamps.
  27. Kitchen Sponges can be cut into shapes and used to paint.
  28. Pool Noodles can make garlands and even a bouquet of flowers.
  29. Toy Cars are a great alternative to paint brushes for little hands.
  30. Cupcake Liners can be made into flowers, jelly fish and even umbrellas.
  31. Cheerios cereal can stand in for beads and fill sensory bins that are ok to eat.
  32. Water bottles make great discovery bottles when filled with fun things and recycled rockets when decorated.
  33. Golf Balls can be used for painting .
  34. Milk Cartons make great bird feeders.
  35. Newspaper can be painted and even turned into a pirate hat.

You don’t need a huge well stocked craft room to create and have fun with your kids. Think out of the box and be creative. What do you like to use for crafts that is meant for something else?

Also check out our supply list for our favorite store bought kids craft  supplies .


Parent’s Corner

My Art Closet

Let me start by saying this is NOT what my art closet looks like right now the holiday craft bonanza has not been kind to it, come January I am cleaning it up again! I have been flooded with questions lately about how I keep my supplies organized so here it is!
  • Gather your materials. I use a shoe hanger from Ikea , and I slide in it baby wipes and Gladwear containers they fit perfectly! Inside those I keep markers, crayons, cotton balls, pencil crayons, paint, glue etc…
  • Then on the bottom few slots I keep newspaper ( just a few sections at a time) toilet paper rolls, and other recyclables that I can use for projects.
  • Also the top section has foam sheets, they fit perfectly, and pipe cleaners in it.
  • Now onto my cheap shelves that in June broke and I used some pipe cleaners to hold them together, call me McGuyver ! Anyway on those shelves I have white paper construction paper and card stock on top. As well as scrap printed paper in the silver box.
  • On the shelves I have one with tissue paper and paper bags, the one bellow it has my son’s easter basket with all the fun big sponges, bath poofs etc.. for free painting.Under the basket are a few brown paper grocery bags.
  • The square closest to the door has a large box for scrap paper. It also holds my magazines I use for crafts.
  • The square above it has all the specialized things- like googly eyes, pinking shears, buttons, sequins, sparkles etc… in a container so I can grab all the non kid friendly things fast if need be. It also keeps my paper plates close at hand.

I hope this helps !

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