DIY Felt Wreath Ornament

felt wreath ornament

Letter of the week is on hold while we focus an amazing amount of energy on Christmas crafts. These DIY felt wreath ornaments are so easy to make and great for school age kids. Each Monday instead of our regular old letter of the week we will be doing a series of unbreakable ornament crafts. There is no reason to leave your tree only half decorated anymore when you can cover it with these great DIY ornaments.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need some red, green and white felt ( mine was scrap), some beading wire, a large needle, pinking sheers, and some fun ribbon.felt ornament
  2. Start by cutting your felt into rough squares.felt ornament 004
  3. Thread your wire through your needle. felt ornament
  4. Thread the felt onto the wire , making a pattern.felt ornament
  5. When it’s all threaded on take the ends and tie in a tight knot. Snip the ends.felt ornament
  6. Add some fun ribbon and hang it up- on the low branches, because it’s unbreakable !felt ornament