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Hello from Disneyland !

My family and I have been here all week and are heading home today. I know that if you follow my Instagram I have flooded you with pictures but those are just a FEW of the shots I took of my little ones enjoying the (mostly) happiest place on earth.  We are exhausted, but happily exhausted and I think I will be going to bed when the kids do for the rest of the week.  Don’t be surprised if there aren’t a long list of new posts until next week because I have  HUGE pile of laundry, and a to do list just as long waiting for me at home.

That doesn’t mean you won’t have great new ideas available. Our Pinterest is packed with good ideas especially our Early Literacy and Spring Activities For Kids and my favorite My Classroom boards.

Have a rad week and catch me up on everything you’ve been doing while I have been riding those teacups and meeting those Princesses!

Disney Inspired Kids Crafts & More { Add Your Link!}

rp_kids-crafts-preschool-blog-455x3471.pngI am WAY late posting this this week because it’s been a jam packed week here at our house. This week I am looking for Disney inspired crafts and activities. Our family is heading off to Disneyland soon and I am getting SO excited. Of course you can share any craft or activity or parenting article that you posted on your blog but if you have a Disney inspired post I’d LOVE to see it!

Have a GREAT week!

Valentine’s Day Crafts & More! { Add Your Link }

rp_kids-crafts-preschool-blog-455x347.pngI hope you are as excited about February as I am. I LOVE this short but sweet month. This month my class will be celebrating all sorts of things we love like shapes, friendship, emotions, and of course letters and numbers. Basically we are covering a lot of bases and even though I have a ton of ideas of my own and my own archive to look through I love finding new wonderful crafts and February themed activities from other people. It’s when you collaborate that good ideas become great.

What Valentine’s Day crafts ( or anything really) do you have to share today?

valentine's day activities for preschool

I have this great list of Valenitne’s Day Activities from me and some rad kid bloggers! You must scroll through for amazing Valentine’s Day craft and activity inspiration.

OK your turn!