Valentine Candy Bouquet

DIY Candy Bouquet

This bouquet won’t wilt after a week , if it lasts that long! The idea of a candy bouquet isn’t new but when I was at the dollar store I wanted to see if I could make it with stuff I found there for a fun and frugal centerpiece .  The total cost was $4 ! Not bad.  For a simpler Valentine’s Day craft, just make the candy flowers and hand them out to friends.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need some white card stock ( we used paper plates), Valentine’s themed lollipops, a glass vase, florist foam, some red tissue paper, heart stickers ( or self adhesive foam hearts) , red and pink crayons , a marker and scissors.Candy Bouquet
  2. Draw some outlines of flowers on your card stock.Candy Bouquet
  3. Have your favorite little one color them for you.  I should have taken a video, he was narrating to “other kids mommies” how to do this step.  Candy Bouquet
  4. While they do that  cover the florist foam with red tissue paper and pop in the vase. I just tucked it in , didn’t even tape it.Candy Bouquet
  5. Cut the flowers out. Candy Bouquet
  6. Poke holes in the middle of the flowers. Candy Bouquet
  7. Thread the lollipop through. Ours have twist ties on them and I used them to hold the flower in place.Candy Bouquet
  8. Pop the lollipops in the foam.
  9. Add stickers to the vase.Candy Bouquet

A healthier twist: If you don’t want candy you can do this craft with Valentine themed pencils. It would be a cute gift to a teacher , I know when I was teaching I was forever running out of pencils.

Valentine’s Day Craft!

Valentine's Day Craft

It’s a month away! Get your love shaking with this musical Valentine’s day craft.  There is nothing my son loves more than music ( well maybe garbage trucks) and any craft that can be used for something besides decorating your fridge is a huge plus in my book.  The novelty of the peek a boo window made this an even bigger hit!  Have fun, shake it and make some music !

  1. Gather your materials. You will need 2 paper plates, red paint, a sponge brush or roller ( helps the paint dry faster so you can play with it faster too!), some jingle bells, some pom poms , a zip lock bag, packing tape or a stapler, scissors and glitter glue.Valentine's Day Craft
  2. Start by drawing a heart on the inside of one plate.Valentine's Day Craft
  3. Paint the outsides of both plates.Valentine's Day Craft
  4. Add glitter if you want!Valentine's Day Craft
  5. Let dry. We patted ours dry with a paper towel so we could keep going.
  6. Cut zip lock so that one layer covers the heart opening. Tape well.Valentine's Day Craft
  7. Pop the pom poms and jingle bells in the plate. Valentine's Day Craft
  8. Tape the top to the bottom. We used packing tape because I can’t find my stapler . If you are stapling it make sure that the staples are close together so that no jingle bells fall out. * Also if you have young ones that are  still popping little things in their mouths try ripped pieces of paper instead of pom poms, and dry rice! Valentine's Day Craft


Valentine's Day by Anne Rockwell

Valentine’s Day by Anne Rockwell and Lizzy Rockwell is a lovely book with a a cute twist. The story follows a class making special valentines for each other , some are very touching others goofy. The story doesn’t reveal who the Valentine’s are for. There are pictures of the same girl with the various students though so after a while you are clued into that they are for her we still don’t know why. I was so worried she was sick in the hospital, as it turns out the class goes to the post office to send it away to a classmate that is far far away! I like the idea of a class all writing to a friend far away, focusing on friendship and not candy! I also love any book that causes my son to say ” Let’s go see a map of where she lives mama!”


Happy Valentine’s Day, Dolores by Barbara Samuels is hilarious. If you are a younger sister, or older sister you will relate to this book. My son didn’t really get it but loved the illustrations especially the one of Dolores in music class. Here is the run down of the story; Dolores snoops in her older sister’s room. They fight about it and she stops, until she can’t take it anymore. Before Valentine’s Day she sneaks in and finds a necklace in her sister’s drawer.  She ends up wearing it and loosing it and going to hilarious lengths to get a new one before her sister notices it’s gone.  I applaud the author for having her fake a veterinary emergency with ketchup! Very funny , cute book but geared more to the 4-6 year old group.

I lost my Kisses

I Lost My Kisses by Trudie Trewin is cute story about a little cow who has lost her kisses! She looks everywhere for them, gives wonderful descriptions of what kisses are, sound and feel like but she just can’t find them. The thing is , is that she is picking her daddy up at the airport and has to give him a kiss when he arrives! Luckily her heart find them when she sees her daddy.  My son loved this book, he is an affectionate kid and loves to tease us that he is “all out of kisses” so this book was right up his alley! Very cute and I love the mostly black and white illustrations by Nick Bland.

Valentine’s Day Truck Craft


My son requested a truck for art time, since this will be our last Valentine’s post I figured I would throw in some hearts. It can easily be done sans hearts with other shapes or even stickers. The dumper is an envelope so you can really pop things in and out too!
  1. Gather your materials. You will need 1 full piece of construction paper, some scrap paper, an envelope, markers, glue and scissors.
  2. Start by drawing a flatbed truck. I practiced first but luckily my son’s pjs had a good model on them for me to copy. You can have your child color the truck if you want, mine was jonesing for the glue so we skipped that step.
  3. While they color cut the top off the envelope.
  4. Cut or punch out some small hearts for the truck.
  5. Cut some larger ones to go in the dumper.
  6. Next add the glue!
  7. Glue on the envelope
  8. Glue the hearts on to decorate!
  9. Now slip the cargo into the back of the truck!

Photo Wreath – Valentine’s Day Kids Craft

valentine's day heart wreathEvery holiday whether it’s a hallmark one or not deserves a wreath! This craft uses holiday photo cards and recycles them into a fun Valentine’s tribute to friendship. You can also sneak in a color mixing lesson if you want , by making pink paint with red and white. As you will see further down when a 2 year old has decided he is done- there isn’t much you can do.
Roll with it !
  1. Gather your materials. You will need a paper plate, a cereal box, some paint, glue, a marker, scissors , some ribbon, photos and a heart shaped paper punch.
  2. Draw some hearts on your cereal box.
  3. Have your child paint the hearts. Let dry.
  4. While they are painting, cut out pictures of your friends using the paper punch. Older children can do this themselves after finishing painting.
  5. Cut out the center of the paper plate.
  6. Cut out the hearts.
  7. Try and try and try to get your child from the sink to come and glue the hearts on but understand that bubbles and water are second only to Dora the Explorer and accept defeat.
  8. Glue the pictures on the middle of the hearts.
  9. Glue onto the paper plate- even if your child hasn’t staged a mutiny this step is tricky so be prepared to help a lot .
  10. I put my plastic place mat on my wreath for a few minutes to press it down, it did the trick!
  11. Let dry.
  12. Loop some ribbon around it and hang up to cherish your friends this Valentine’s Day !
Books !

“Jessica” by Kevin Henkes is a cute book for anyone who may have a child who has an imaginary friend. I think it’s more a book for adults to clue back into what these invisible people really are all about than a book for kids, although your child will like it. The story follows a little girl Ruthie and her imaginary friend Jessica. I have had children over the years tell me they can see the invisible Jessica in the pictures and I am just too old to see. As a parent I so enjoy this author’s ability to remind big people the depth and complexity of small children’s emotions and motivation. He gets it !

” Slugs In Love “ by Susan Pearson had me giggling while reading it. The story is about 2 slugs who write poetry to each other while admiring each other from afar. The book is too complex for the tiny crowd but PreK and up will appreciate the humor and it could be a great springboard for a unit on poetry . A silly but fun book about those slimy garden pests!

Heart Shaped Pizza !


fun valentine's day food for kids

Making pizza is the perfect cooking activity for young kids, it doesn’t require you to be near a hot stove and they are practically a shoe in even for picky eaters. My son has recently started picking everything except meat and cheese off his pizza so I blend carrots and peppers into the sauce, mama always wins ! Also using tortillas makes it easy to shape the crust into a heart.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need a pan, oven , tortillas, pizza sauce, pepperoni , mozzarella , kitchen sheers and a heart shaped cookie cutter.
  2. Start by folding your tortilla in half and cutting it into a heart.
  3. Next using the cookie cutter make your heart shaped pepperoni, you could do this with a host of other toppings as well.
  4. Time to gather the kiddos! Mine was a little hungry after nap and decided to taste test the crust.
  5. Spread the sauce on
  6. Add the cheese, I am not sure if he is putting it on or taking it off in this picture. Shred much more than you need if your little chef is a fan of cheese!
  7. Add the pepperoni! My son insisted the hearts were eyes, so we made a mouth too.
  8. Bake- I baked ours at 400* for about 10 minutes, checking on it often.Do you do something special for your kids on Valentine’s Day? Tell us about it!