Valentine’s Day Kids Craft !

This is another classic craft for Valentine’s day, the first time I did this I was barely older than my son. I was excited to see how much my son liked making it and it’s a great craft for families with various abilities, it’s easy to add lace, sequins, glitter etc… for older children. It also makes a great valentine to someone you love, my son gave away his hug to my sister as soon as she arrived for a visit .

  1. Gather your materials. You will need some cardboard or other sturdy paper, red paint, construction paper ( red and black), googly eyes, scissors and some glue.
  2. Draw one large heart and 2 smaller heart on the cardboard.
  3. Have your child paint the small hearts – I used this as a little mini lesson about small vs. large.
  4. Paint the large heart. Let dry.
  5. While that is drying , take your red paper and fan fold it. Cut two pieces off for the arms.
  6. Cut a mouth out of the black paper.
  7. When the paint is dry Cut out the hearts.
  8. Add the glue for the mouth and the eyes.
  9. Add the eyes and mouth.
  10. Glue the small hearts onto the ends of he arms for hands.
  11. Glue the arms to the big heart!

When I asked for book reviews I was inundated with reviews for this book “Snuggle Puppy” by Sandra Boynton, when I was out buying groceries today I saw it at the checkout and I snatched it up . Sandra Boynton is a preschool parents dream, short and easy to read melodic books with illustrations to die for. The story is simply a little love song about all the ways the dog loves the puppy, simple and touching. As an educator something I love is that the dogs don’t have an obvious race , they don’t even have an obvious gender which is perfect. Regardless of who loves who in your family your child can see you in the dog and themselves in the puppy! I think that is the perfect valentine!

Be Still My Heart !

Katherine from Katherine D Photography was kind enough to share an adorable Valentine’s craft ! If you have a chance and want to see some amazing pictures check out her photo blog, I wish I was closer to her so she could take some pictures of my little man!

Take wax paper, a marker, glue, water and colored tissue paper (red, pink and white).

Mix equal parts glue and water on a paper plate.

Then tear up small pieces of tissue paper.

On the wax paper, draw a heart (or in our case, we drew hearts, this is our Valentine’s exchange project)

Dip the tissue paper into the glue/water mixture and then put it on the heart.

All the hearts done:

Once it’s done, let it dry. I had to wait overnight and I put it on top of my dryer so that it would dry faster

Cut out the heart shape, punch some holes in it and string up ribbon so it can be hung

Be A Guest Reviewer !

Valentine’s Books

I just don’t have many and most that I have found are boring me , so I decided to send out a call for help! If you have a Valentine’s book that your children or students love send me a review! I will post your review with a link to your blog . I will be posting these next week in a big book round up! Also I like giving my son books for holidays so you’ll be helping me shop too ! If I have duplicate reviews it will be first come first serve .

Send them to :

[email protected]

Toddler Valentine’s Day Craft – Heart Suncatcher


toddler valentine's day craft
Yes the glitter is back, but it doesn’t have to be used for this adorable toddler Valentine’s Day craft, tissue paper alone is perfect too. Parts of this craft are tricky but you can prep them ahead of time and the results are worth it!

  1. Gather your materials. You will need 2 pieces of construction paper, some tissue paper, sparkles, double stick tape, contact paper , scissors and markers. * Glue can work but it’s so messy, it’s worth the cost of the double stick tape.toddler valentine's day craft
  2. Start by cutting out 2 large hearts from the construction paper, I just layered the two pages so they would be exact.toddler valentine's day craft
  3. Have your child use the markers to color the hearts. If they are older have them write words like Love, Sweet, etc…toddler valentine's day craft
  4. While they do that cut the tissue paper into small shapes.toddler valentine's day craft
  5. When your child is done fold both hearts in two and cut out the middle – don’t make the frame too small, you can use the cut outs as little valentine’s too!toddler valentine's day craft
  6. Here is the tricky part- cut the contract paper to fit within the heart- I used the piece I cut out as a guide, but made the contact paper heart a bit bigger.
  7. Tape to the undecorated side of the heart- the sticky side of the heart should be facing up, the decorated frame pointing down.sun catcher heart contact paper middle
  8. Now add the tissue paper!toddler valentine's day craft
  9. Add the sparkles! Come on you know you want to!toddler Valentine's day craft
  10. Repeat with the other side so you have 2 hearts with contact paper middles .
  11. Press together, sticky side to sticky side.toddler valentine's day craft


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XOXO Cupcakes for Valentine’s Day

last minute valentine's day cupcakes

If you are concerned about red food dye ( which I wasn’t when I wrote this obviously but now restrict as much as possible  ) use this  Natural Color red dye instead!

  1. Gather your ingredients. I cheat when it comes to baking so, a cake mix and it’s ingredients, some rope licorice ( I used pull and peel twizzlers) , icing , the above mentioned red and pink food coloring, and a few extra bowls.
  2. Make the cake mix, separate it into two bowls one red and one pink. If I did this again I would make the pink lighter so there was more contrast.
  3. Fill the muffin cups with the red first , then at the pink, I used a toothpick to swirl it a little.
  4. Bake and let cool.
  5. While they cool add a little more pink food coloring to the white icing.
  6. Ice the cupcakes when cool.
  7. Start creating with the licorice, write names, messages or just hearts! The licorice is really easy to work with!
  8. Have a treat!
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