We can all be Meteorologists !

Weekend RePost.
This is an old post from February that I added new book reviews and an additional activity to. My little helper is missing because in February he wasn’t able to play with cotton balls without eating them.Have a great weekend , there will be a new post up on Monday!

We are mixing things up today I am talking about a book first because ” It Looked Like Spilt Milk” by Charles G. Shaw goes perfectly with our activity. In the book all different shapes are shown and the children love to tell you what it is, an ice cream cone, a bird… but really they are all clouds! After reading I will ask students if they have ever seen a funny looking cloud and if they would like to make a funny looking cloud!You don’t have to use this book, you could just pop outside and find some clouds and talk about their shapes too!

Cotton Ball Cloud

  1. Gather your materials. I am used cotton balls, some card stock , a marker and white glue. Oh and don’t forget the scissors. If you don’t have cotton balls you can use tissue paper cut up or even toilet paper!
  2. Draw the outline of the cloud, I have made a very boring every day cloud but allow your child to make any shape they want and if they can draw it, let them. I would only draw the outline for very young toddlers.
  3. Cut it out. ( did anyone else have a flashback to Full House right there? )
  4. Put glue all over the cloud , and put on your cotton balls. Even really little guys love this part, but watch them they also love to pop them in their mouths.


What’s the weather?

What’s the weather ?
What’s the weather like today?
Tell me _(insert kids name)__ what’s the weather,
What’s the weather like today?
Is it sunny?
Is it rainy?
Is it cloudy out today?

Is it snowy?
Is it windy?
What’s the weather like today?
Additional Activity

One of my favorite activities to do with children after reading this story is to take a blue piece of construction paper, and white glue and make fold over clouds. It’s super simple and fast , so you might want to have a few pieces of paper for each child. You simply add white paint to one half of a blue piece of paper, fold , squish and open it up. See if there is a hidden image, we once found a piece of pepperoni pizza in one!



” Cloudy with a chance of meatballs” by Judi Barrett is a fantastic book for Pre-K and up, if your child has a long attention span I would try it earlier , but the text is long and complicated for most toddlers. My son won’t sit for more than a few pages if I am lucky. The story follows one Grandpa’s tale about the town of Chewsandswallows where the weather comes in the form of food! All was well in Chewsandswallows until the weather took a turn for the worse! I loved teaching with this story, and kids love it too!

” Weather” by Pamela Chanko and Daniel Moreton is the perfect little non fiction book about weather for toddlers and young preschoolers. It’s short and has big interesting photos depicting different weather. Don’t be fooled, it looks like nothing, but trust me little guys will ask you to read it again and again. It’s important that children get read a variety of things, not simply fiction, so don’t be afraid to get your child a simple little non fiction book like this one!

” The Itsy-Bitsy Spider” by My First Taggies Book is a fun little book with the ever popular tags which add an extra level of sensory experience for your little one. The pictures are cute, the rhyme familiar and I liked traveling with this book when my son was little, because of the tags it was a double duty, book and touch toy!

Sent In By You ! …. sort of

Ice Bergs!

Last week when I was updating my blog roll I came across this awesome idea for some homemade bath toys! Bath time won’t be a struggle if your little one has a cool ice berg with a toy frozen inside. This is a great lesson about water, temperature and weather too, perfect as winter approaches.

For full instructions and more adorable pictures
check out
Glamour Moms

Thank you Lyndsay for letting me share this!

Windsocks are not for your feet!

Catch The Wind!

  1. Gather your materials. You will need a piece of paper , some crayons or markers, some streamers or tissue paper, some tape or glue, a hole punch and some ribbon.
  2. Have your child color and decorate the paper. Let them have some free creative time, and don’t be shocked if it doesn’t last long. Young kids don’t usually spend a lot of time on drawing, so if you want to keep the activity going, switch up colors by giving them one at a time, remember to name the colors as you do this!
  3. When they are finished , tape or glue some long strips of tissue paper or streamers to the bottom of the paper, on the non decorated side.
  4. Tape, glue or staple the paper into a cylinder.
  5. Punch two holes and thread a ribbon through, knot it.
  6. Hang it up where you can watch it dance in the wind.


Finding books that had to do with wind was not an easy task, at least not ones that held my interest. However my trusty local library and I succeeded in finding two titles that are worth a read!

” The Very Windy Day” by Elizabeth MacDonald is a funny story about how everyone walking on North, South , East and West streets had their belongings mixed up by the wind! Hats , blankets and even food got passed along from one person to the next in this silly story about a windy day.

” How the Ladies stopped the Wind” by Bruce McMillan is a charming story that is reminiscent of a folk tale, about ladies in Iceland who decide to plant trees to stop the wind. There is some fantastic bits of humor for parents and amazing illustrations! This was a great library find!