Snowflake Snowman Craft

paper plate snowman craft

The snow was everywhere this time last week and we were excited to make a snowman. Unfortunately the snow wasn’t sticky enough so we had to come in warm up and make one with paper plates and glitter.  This snowman craft needs adult involvement for preschoolers for sure but working together is one of my favorite things about crafting with my kids. This snowman was inspired by our very popular  Snow Globe Snowman we made a few years ago.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need 1 large and 1 small paper plate, a cupcake liner, glue, scissors, glitter ( ’tis the season), goggly eyes, a hole punch, some ribbon, a stapler or heavy tape, black and orange paper.
  2. Start by cutting the middle out of your large plate. Make sure that the hole is a little smaller than your cupcake liner.
  3. Add glue to the plate.
  4. Add glitter and set aside to dry.
  5. Fold your cupcake liner in half, then half again.
  6. Make cuts along the side. Have extras on hand for preschoolers who insist on doing it themselves with no instruction and get frustrated when it’s not “perfect” for us that was 4 liners. Make sure that they don’t cut the outside edge or the snowflake won’t glue to the snowman’s tummy properly. This was tricky with the foil , he did the first cut and I did the second and carefully took the pieces out. Paper would be much easier , though not as shiny!
  7. Open and glue over the hole in the large plate . Let dry.
  8. Make a quick hat out of the black paper and a carrot nose out of the orange.  Great use of scrap paper if you have it!
  9. Using the hole punch have your child punch some holes in the black paper for coal for the mouth.
  10. Add glue to the small plate for the face.
  11. Add the googly eyes.
  12. Add the punched out black paper for the mouth – this is a great fine motor exercise, but may be frustrating for really little guys so be prepared to help . Add the hat and nose as well.
  13. Let dry. My light ( for pictures) was fading fast so I continued but you should wait until things are dry so they don’t shift on the plates.
  14. Attach the small plate to the bottom one. Glue is not a great option for this, staples are ok but tend to bend the plates. I have found the best option is to use packing tape.
  15. Add the ribbon as a scarf.

My Favorite Snowman Book Ever !

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Snowman in Paradise

Snowman in Paradise by Michael Roberts is genius. There I said it. I very rarely think that of books. I like the majority of books I read and think there are so many good ones to share but I don’t want to return this one to the library, I want to keep it! The book is about a snowman from Manhattan who is glum after Christmas and wants to go on a vacation too. A magical bluebird grants his wish and he flies first class to a tropical island , with the only rule being he needs to come back in time for Christmas next year. This book is written like the traditional “Night Before Christmas” and although I thought the copy would be too long for my son at first , I was so wrong. The rhymes are unique , my favorite being :

In May after splashing with buckets of paint, He threw down his brush, saying, “Gauguin I ain’t.”

Even if some references are more for the adults reading it than the children listening , both parties will close the book smiling and wanting to start all over again. Grab it and see why I love it so much!

Penguin Craft !

Penguin Place Mat!

Kids Penguin Place Mat

Who doesn’t like penguins? This penguin place mat craft could easily be turned into a plain old paper craft with white paper instead of a paper towel. You can find contact paper almost anywhere these days, both Walmart and Target carry it in my neck of the woods and of course the big craft stores do too! We use these place mats for play dough, crafts and yes dinner time too. Putting out the place mats for dinner is my son’s job so making something new and fun is a great way to keep it fresh!

  1. Gather your materials you will need 1 sheet of black construction paper, a sheet of paper towel ( paper will work too),contact paper,  some glue, silver and blue sequins, 2 googly eyes, an orange marker, scissors and some white construction paper. Kids Penguin Place Mat
  2. Start by drawing an outline of a penguin with the marker on the black paper. Penguin Template
  3. Cut out and glue onto the paper towel.Kids Penguin Place Mat
  4. Add glue for the sequins.  Penguin Place Mat Craft
  5. Add the snow – the sequins! This is awesome for fine tuning those fine motor skills. Those sequins are tricky.Penguin Place Mat
  6. We had no orange paper so instead I had my son color this white piece to use for the beak and feet.Penguin Place Mat
  7. Next cut out the beak and feet from the colored paper. Penguin Place Mat
  8. Add the eyes.Penguin Place Mat
  9. Add the beak and feet.Penguin Place Mat
  10. Let dry –  I didn’t because daylight and my ability for ok photos was fading fast in my cloudy sky town! But you will want to to avoid globs of glue stuck under contact paper.
  11. Measure your contact paper to fit – you will want to sandwich the place mat between 2 sides of a long rectangular  piece. Peel back only half the backing , place the place mat face down on the sticky side.  Doing it this way will prevent big bubbles and wrinkles on the front.Penguin Place Mat
  12. Peel the rest of the backing off the contact paper and press to sandwich the place mat. Press firmly to seal. Kids Penguin Place Mat
  13. Trim the edges and voila!

Books !

Tacky the Penguin by Helen Lester is such a cute and funny story, your kids will love it! Tacky is an odd bird but when hunters come to get some pretty penguins is funny odd ways of doing things turn off the hunters and saves Tacky and his perfectly not odd companions. This is a sweet look at being different and being happy as pie about being different.  My son loves this book and will often point out that Tacky is proud to sing just the way he wants. I love that it can preach to kids without preaching at all.


Penguin Dreams by Vivian Walsh is a crazy trip of a book. Both my son and I loved it but it wasn’t at all what I expected. I am not sure what I expected but I’ll summarize. The story is simply one penguin’s dream.  He dreams he can fly ,  and readers follow along as he flies through his clever and off beat dream.  I loved thinking about whether or not penguins even dream and that thought had my son and I talking for quite sometime before he himself drifted off to sleep. It’s fun, it’s weird and it’s perfect for creative imagination driven kids!

Marshmallow Snowman Craft

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marshmallow snowman craft for kids

This activity is in disguise, it looks like a snowman craft  but really it’s all fine motor practice and counting. My son has been skipping 5 while counting so I decided to focus on it more and this is a great activity for that. Our rule was he could eat one marshmallow after he counted out 5, 10, 15 etc… it worked wonderfully. His fine motor skills and hand eye coordination got an awesome workout too as he placed each marshmallow carefully on the glue.  Fun and learning!

  1. Gather your materials. You will need some mini marshmallows, glue, some markers ( include black), some orange scrap paper and a little helper.marshmallow snowman craft
  2. Start by drawing a basic snowman on the paper with marker. Depending on the age of your child make it larger or smaller, challenge your child but have realistic expectations .marshmallow snowman
  3. Draw the face and buttons with marker.marshmallow snowman craft
  4. Cut out a carrot nose with the orange paper and glue on.marshmallow snowman
  5. Add the glue along the outline. If your child is able have them do this, it’s tricky to stay on the line but great practice in patience and hand eye coordination.  No my son did not do this step, he was busy sneaking marshmallows while I was concentrating.marshmallow snowman
  6. Start adding the “snow” . Like I said in the preamble, I had him add 10 to the bottom then eat one, then 5 to the middle, then 13 to the bottom again. It was very interactive and fantastic counting practice . He had a ball and really didn’t eat too many .marshmallow snowman
  7. Look at the fine motor skills! For children who are still at the early stages of fine motor development, you can adapt this by using large marshmallows.marshmallow snowman
  8. Let dry.


The Lonesome Polar Bear by Jane Cabrera is a cute little book about a little polar who’s only friends are a snow cloud and snow animals that keep melting away. The book has a cute message about not giving up hope and to keep trying to make friends , a lesson that is worthwhile for everyone. The illustrations are very cute and my son loved it!

Birthday Snow by Kim Messinger and Michael LaLumiere is such a sweet book about believing in something even when all the facts say maybe you should give up. Daniel doesn’t give up hope waiting for the snow to come on his birthday , but who really steals the show is his mom and her continued support of her little guy and his determination. A very cute book and a new addition to my must buy list!

Snow Party by Harriet Ziefert is a magical book that celebrates the biggest holiday for snow people, the winter solstice. I wish I had had access to this book when I was teaching because it’s a perfect way to read a story about celebrations without focusing on one tradition, or leaving out another. The illustrations are beautiful and the idea of snow people eating and dancing in the middle of the night is delicious!

Even more cold weather books

Snowflake Garland

snowflake garland

My son loves “sprinkles” also known as glitter, and I love them when they are being used correctly. The other day it was “snowing” in our kitchen aka my son was dumping large quantities of glitter on the floor while running away from me.  I haven’t been able to completely de-glitter my kitchen since so I thought what the heck it’s already a mess let’s make these snowflakes.  I love using cupcake liners for snowflake crafts because for the life of me I can’t make pretty circle snowflakes any other way. This is a great winter craft but you can also use clothes pins between the snowflakes to clip holiday card on!

  1. Gather your materials. You will need some cupcake liners, scissors, blue ribbon, glue, glitter and a good dustbuster.snowflake garland
  2. Start by folding your liners into triangles.snowflake garland
  3. Make cuts into them to make snowflakes. My son got the hang of this after a few tries, one liner he simply demolished but he made 3 really cool ones, I made the rest.snowflake garland
  4. Lay your snowflakes out and add glue. snowflake garland
  5. Add your glitter. I love the flexible plastic place mats I have for this because I can bed them and pour the extra glitter back into the jar easy peasy.snowflake garland
  6. Let dry .
  7. Thread your ribbon through the cuts.  The paper is so light that they will stay in place on your ribbon without slipping.snowflake garland
  8. Thread the rest of the snowflakes on and hang up!snowflake garland


Animals in Winter by Henrietta Bancroft is part of the Let’s-Read-And-Find-Out Science series and it doesn’t disappoint. I love this series and when I find stage 1 books I am always excited. Non fiction books for 2-5 year olds are hard to find but every single book in this series has been a gem. This book explains hibernation, seasonal migration and why some animals don’t do either of those things! Great illustrations round out this great read!


Un-Brella by Scott Franson is such a cool book. There is not a single line of text in the book , and it’s not missing a thing! The illustrations are so vivid, so layered and tell the story perfectly. A little girl has a magical umbrella that brings sun on a snowy day and snow when her yard is green and sunny. My 2 year old was beside himself laughing and saying “No no” to the little girl wearing her swim suit in the snow. Grab this book and enjoy!
Stella, Queen of the Snow by Marie-Louise Gay is my kind of book. If I were to quote all my favorite bits of this book I would write out most of it. I just love the writing, it’s simple but doesn’t talk down to the reader. The characters are sweet but not saccharine and I love how inquisitive Sam is . Stella is a know it all but not bratty about it at all! Sam has never seen snow before and Stella tells him all about it as they explore the first snow fall of the year.

Winter Sun Break !


My mother in law was asking me what I could make with hand prints besides a turkey, and this sun topped my long list of crafts. We all need a little sun during the dark days of winter, this craft is so easy and fits well with themes likes space, seasons, and learning about weather !

  1. Gather your materials. You will need a paper plate, some construction paper, yellow paint, a paint brush , a container, glue and scissors.
  2. Start by tracing your child’s hand a few times on a piece of construction paper. I am using yellow paper but white or orange would work too. In a class you can do one of each child’s hand if you want to make a large sun as a cooperative project.
  3. Cut out.
  4. Have your child paint the paper plate yellow. We are using a number of different paints, for variety but plain yellow paint , crayons or markers are all great.
  5. Add some sparkle paint, bet you thought I was done sparkles just because the holidays are over!
  6. Paint the cut out hands. My son decided he wanted to dip them in the paint and the result was really cool. You can also simply use the brush if you prefer.
  7. Let dry.
  8. Glue the hands on the under side of the plate.
  9. Bask in the glow!!
Song !

Mr. Sun, Sun Mr. Golden Sun,
Please shine down on me!
Oh Mr. Sun , Sun Mr. Golden Sun,
hiding behind a tree!
These little children are asking you ,
to please come out so we can play with
Oh Mr. Sun, Sun Mr.Golden Sun,
Please shine down on me!


” The Sun Is My Favorite Star”by Frank Asch is a great true introduction to astronomy for young kids. The book walks the line between story book and non fiction with figurative language but will keep kids interested while teaching very very basic facts about the sun. The illustrations are interesting and seem to glow all by themselves. “Un Brella” by Scott Franson is such a cool book. There is not a single line of text in the book , and it’s not missing a thing! The illustrations are so vivid, so layered and tell the story perfectly. A little girl has a magical umbrella that brings sun on a snowy day and snow when her yard is green and sunny. My 2 year old was beside himself laughing and saying “No no” to the little girl wearing her swim suit in the snow. Grab this book and enjoy!