Paint Easter Eggs in A Bag! { Color Mixing Too!}

mess free easter eggsI want to say that when you paint Easter eggs in a bag that it’s mess free and for many kids it would be but my little girl loves to get her hands dirty and insisted on reaching in and grabbing the painted eggs herself. Who am I to say no to that? That said, if a fear of a mess is something that stops you from getting artsy with your kids or if they are not interested in getting their hands covered in paint this Easter color mixing activity can be done without any mess . The Easter eggs we are using are artificial and coated with paper so they paint and dye just like real eggs but can be kept year after year.

Gather your materials. You will need some paper or wood craft eggs, liquid paint, gallon ziplock style bags, and something to rest the wet eggs on to dry. You may also want a piece of painter’s tape to hold the bag in place while pouring paint into it. shake painted easter eggs

Start by rolling the edges of a bag down and taping the bottom to the table to keep it all stable.

Pour the paint in. My daughter did every color the first time and was super excited about it!  shake painted easter eggs in ziplock bag

Pop the eggs in. ziplock painted easter eggsIt’s more fun if you pop two in at a time, especially if you shake it because they clang together. If you are doing this with real eggs only do one at a time or you will have shell everywhere. I imagined she’d shake the bag but she liked squishing it more. Which is fine, don’t get hung up on the little details like this. shake painted eggs

She reached in to grab the eggs but you can carefully dump the egg onto the carton for drying without ever touching it, which is what I did with the next four eggs. No need for little hands to get covered in paint unless everyone is cool with it!paint easter eggs in a bag

After the initial every color exploration we decided to make some colors. The first combination was the classic yellow and blue! color mixing and squish painting in a bag easter eggsNext up all the “girl colors” it doesn’t seem to matter how often I say colors don’t have genders, my daughter is think in the stage of classifying things by gender. I know that this is a stage and helps kids make sense of things but I would be lying if I didn’t say I am looking forward to the next phase. Please tell me I am not the only one?! easy painted easter eggs in a bagYou can use the same bag or grab a new one. If you want to reuse the best way to wash them out is to fill with water pour out, turn inside out and give a quick wipe.  Let dry . decorate easter eggs in a bag


Ziplocs Aren’t Just For Snacks….

Shake Baby Shake !

One of my favorite things to do as a child was shake the shake and bake bags when my mom made chicken, this activity is inspired by that. I think any light ball would work, ours is from a birthday loot bag. I loved the results and so did my son! It was an experiment though and we did it two different ways – check it out!

  1. Gather your materials. You will need some paper, liquid paint, a fun light ball and a ziploc.
  2. Fold the paper if you need to fit completely inside the ziploc, it needs to be able to close.
  3. Place it in.
  4. Add some paint.
  5. Throw in your ball.
  6. Close the ziplock and SHAKE ! I ad mu son shaking it high, low and in the middle. Hey I had to add in a lesson! With older kids this can be a fun color mixing lesson, I tried with my son but he was so enthralled with the shaking I am not so sure he caught on, although toddlers tend to surprise you with what they do pick up.
  7. Add another color and keep going !
  8. We did it a second time with the paint ON the ball and tat worked too, not major difference.


This is my son’s favorite song right now!

Shake shake shake your sillies out!
Shake shake shake your sillies out!
Shake shake shake your sillies out,
and wiggle all your waggles away!

Flick flick flick your fidgets out!
Flick flick flick your fidgets out!
Flick flick flick your fidgets out,
and wiggle all your waggles away!

Jump jump jump your jiggles out!
Jump jump jump your jiggles out!
Jump jump jump your jiggles out,
and wiggle all your waggles away

I also add in kick your kickers out, stomp your stampers out and Hop your Hoppers out.