Kids Craft Supply List

More than any question I get asked where I get my supplies and if a certain store will have them. I get many of mine at popular big box stores like Walmart and Target, some I get at craft stores but they tend to be pricey. Here is a list that includes links to each of the basic and not so basic supplies we use often.

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Construction Paper
Construction paper is sturdy, retains it’s color and is easy for little hands to handle, cut and rip when you want to.

crayola kids paint

Crayola Washable Kid’s Paint
I love this paint, it really is washable. I have washed it off walls, chairs, floors and of course many many pairs of PJs.  I like the small jars because even when you paint as much as we do the large bottles take up a lot of space and that is something many young families are in short supply of.

Crayola Pip-Squeaks Washable Markers
I love these markers. My son was notorious for biting markers and for whatever reason he never did that with these. Their short but still thick size was great for his little hands.

Crayola 64ct Crayons
Crayons are so versatile, they last forever, and when they are broken you can melt them into fun shapes, or multicolor disks! We love using them for all sorts of projects.

elmers glue

Elmer’s Washable No Run School Glue
I like using white glue, my son put everything in his mouth for a long time and the thought of him biting off and possibly choking on a glue stick scared me. We started with white glue and still use it more than any other. I like this specific brand because it stays where you put it within reason, it wipes off easily and the big bottles are easy for little fumbly finger to squeeze.

Chenille Stems
Also known as pipe cleaners these fussy little wires are awesome for a multitude of projects , the only draw back are the ends are a little sharp so be careful!

Plastic Scissors
These scissors are great for learning how to cut and manipulate scissors.  We use similar ones to cut play-dough and build confidence in using scissors.


Child Comfy Grip Scissors
These scissors are great once kids are ready to cut paper and have some basic skill, but still safe for younger children.

Googly Eyes
Something about googly eyes make basic crafts awesome! They are fun, cheap and not suggested for children still putting things in their mouths! If you go back to older posts on my site you will see I avoided them until my son was older.

Art Tissue Paper
Tissue paper is a wonderful material. It’s great for collages, crafts and you can even paint with it by getting it wet!  I often keep it from gifts to use, but you can also buy multi color packs.

glitter glue

Crayola Glitter Glue
Glitter is probably my favorite so I consider it a basic- although it might really belong in the next list. Luckily this is my blog and I say it’s a basic, so it is. You can use glitter glue like this or glitter you sprinkle on white glue and let dry. Both have their benefits and pitfalls. Glitter glue doesn’t make as much of a mess but the sprinkles shine like no other… and will get everywhere!

Foam Sheets
These foam sheets are not really a must have but I use them frequently enough that I thought I should add them in. There is special foam glue but I have always just used white glue on it with no issue. You can make all sorts of things with this material.

Paper Plates
Paper plates are great for a million different crafts. I often use left over ones from birthday parties.

Pom Poms
Are useful for art, sorting, counting and sensory activities!

Not So Basic ( but still often used ) Supplies :

Do a dot art

Do-a-Dot Art
We use these often, I like them because they are low mess and great for little hands. That said the tip can come off and are not suggested for any child who may put them in their mouth, due to a chocking hazard.

Double Sided Tape
Double stick tape is my best friend when I don’t have time for glue to dry.

Roll It Paint
Roller Paints are an extra but if you do art as often as we do, it’s fun to have as many different tools to shake things up. We love these but they aren’t the best for full coverage.

sticky back glitter foam

Glitter Sticky Back Foam Sheets
I love this stuff, it really glitters and doesn’t shed the glitter nearly as much as traditional glitter. Also you can use the sticky back by peeling the backing off, or you can just use glue. It’s a holiday favorite for sure.

The first time I used feathers with my son he was anything but excited, he hated them. A few months later he tolerated them and a few months after that he loved them.

Solar Print Paper Kit ( Sun Prints)
For fun teaching about the sun, light and shadow this paper is fun and makes beautiful prints. Great for older kids!

Contact Paper

Clear Contact Paper
I use clear contact paper on anything I wish I had a laminator for! From place mats to my very popular Snow Globe Snowman. It’s not cheap but some crafts beg for it!

Are just so pretty and if you have an older child a great alternative to glitter.

Recyclables I Often Use :
Toilet Paper Rolls
Paper Towel Rolls
Egg Cartons
Cereal Boxes
Paper Grocery Bags
Milk Caps

Household Items I Often Use :
Aluminum foil
Cotton balls
Cupcake Liners
Kitchen utensils and all sorts of sponges
Wax Paper
Zip locs

This post contains affiliate links