Songs – updated

toddler singingSongs

I am working to re-record all these songs, if there is an * next to the bolded title the video is working. Thanks for your patience.

Each song is listed and linked  alphabetically with coordinating themes in parentheses.

A Ram Sam Sam ( Silly Songs, Old Favorites)
Daisy Song ( Flowers, Spring, Plants)
Dentist Song ( Community Helpers, Dentist)
Do Your Ears Hang Low? ( Body , Classics, Silly Songs)
Don’t Throw Your Junk In My Backyard ( Garbage, Environment, Earth Day)
Family Song ( Family)
Firetruck Song ( Community Helpers, Emergencies, Fire Safety)
*Five Green And Speckled Frogs *
Five Little Ducks
Five Little Frogs ( Frogs, Counting)
Five Little Jelly Beans ( Counting, Food, Colors, Halloween, Easter)
*Five Little Monkeys ( Monkey’s Silly Songs, Alligators)*
Fried Ham ( Silly Songs, Food, Nutrition )
Grand Old Duke Of York ( Physical Songs, Royalty)
Halloween Songs ( Halloween, Pumpkins)
*Herman The Worm ( Worms, Family,Eating, Silly Songs)*
Herman The Worm – Remix ( Worms, Shapes, Eating)
Hurry Hurry Drive The Fire Truck ( Community Helpers, Fire Safety, Transportation)
Itsy Bitsy Spider ( Bugs, Spiders, Weather)
Leaves Are Falling ( Autumn, Outside , Leaves)
Little Bats ( Bats, Halloween)
Little Brown Dog ( Dogs, Animal Sounds)
Little Bunny Foo Foo ( Bunnies, Emotions, Fairies, Forrest)
*Little Caterpillar ( Caterpillars, Butterflies) *
Little Dinosaur ( Dinosaurs, Big and Little )
Little Fishy ( Sea Animals)
*Little Green Frog ( Frogs, Silly Songs)*
Little Hunk Of Mud ( Outside, Mud, Silly Songs)
*Little Penguin ( Winter,  Bids )*
*Little Red Car ( Transportation, Cars, Color Red)
Mail Song ( Community Helpers, Post Office, Mail)
Mr. Sun ( Weather, Summer, Space)
Oscar The Octopus ( Sea Animals, Counting)
Over The Irish Sea ( Pirates, Boats, Counting)
Owl Song ( Birds, Autumn)
Seasons Song ( Seasons)
*Shake Your Sillies Out ( Physical Songs, Silly Songs)
Shape Song ( Shapes, Math )
Shark Attack ( Fish, Silly Songs)
Sing A Song Of Sixpence (Birds)
Six Little Ducks ( Ducks, Counting, Birds)
Smile Song ( Silly Songs, Feelings)
*Spaceship Song ( space , counting)*
Snowman Song ( Winter, Weather, Snow)
Thanksgiving Song ( Turkeys)
Three Little Pigs ( Pigs, Farm, Counting)
This Is The Way We Build A House ( Construction, Tools)