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Holiday Reads
Cuddle Up With

I want you all to have plenty of time to check these books out of your local library, so even though it’s not yet December this is just the tip of the holiday book iceberg.

” If You Take A Mouse To The Movies” by Laura Numeroff is a favorite in our house. I love it because like how your house transforms around the holidays the ever popular “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie” transforms too, every page is “decorated” with something from Christmas trees, red and green popcorn buckets, and snowmen. If you aren’t familiar with this series of books the text is cause and effect with each page taking the mouse and a little boy from different holiday situations like listening to Christmas carols, making ornaments and of course going to the movies on a winter day.

” Hurry, Santa!” by Julia Sykes is an okay book. I wanted to like it more than I did. The pictures are cute, the idea of Santa being late for Christmas morning has a lot of potential and the author tried but it just never gelled for me. I would still check it out from the library and test it out with your child, but I won’t be adding this to my must buy list.

“McDuff’s New Friend” by Rosemary Wells was a classroom classic in my last year teaching. I think I read it every day for 3 weeks straight and then a few weeks after Christmas too! In it McDuff the little Westie dog saves the day finding Santa stuck in the snow! I love Susan Jeffer’s retro illustrations and the little details like the dad feeding the baby, the doggy sweaters the McDuff wears in the snow, and how Santa gave them all gifts they needed in the story .

Naptime Creation: Make a Point !

Make at Home

Georges Seurat is the artist best known for pointillism, which is essentially a painting made of many many tiny dots of color to create a large homogeneous work of art. For examples of his work click here and here. When teaching children about fine art I think that a great way to do it , is to have them try it out. Making images using this technique is hard and will foster some appreciation after testing it out! Here’s how.

  1. Gather your materials. If you have some art books on hand grab a few , or check some out of your local library, although some pictures online are good, being able to manipulate the pictures helps. You will need some markers ( more colors the better) and paper.
  2. Look at some of the paintings with your child, make note of how from far away they look like regular painting you would paint normally. Up close you can see the individual dots. Ask them if they think this would be easier or harder than normal- would it take more time? Let’s find out!
  3. Let them go! Have extra paper on hand because this can get frustrating, it’s not easy. Show them how the marker can be used on the side to make a large dot and on it’s tip to make a small one.
  4. Suggest using different shades colors for effect.
  5. Go clean the house cause this might take them a while ! If your child is getting frustrated , suggest doing the outline of drawings with the points, and filling in the rest traditionally.

Field Trip !

Museums are fantastic places for kids, the coolest thing I have ever seen as a teacher was a group of 4 year olds in Paris sketching a Rodin sculpture. They were sprawled everywhere and even now many years later that memory reminds me how vital art is!

So here is a list of fine art museums with Georges Seurat’s works!

Shape Turkey Craft For Kids

When you are teaching shapes it’s easy to fall into a rut, this activity is a great example of how to mix shapes into art seamlessly. This is a fun way of including Thanksgiving crafts into your math lesson.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need Various colors of construction paper, googly eyes, scissors, glue and markers.
  2. Give your child a piece of construction paper you have cut into a big square, have them decorate it with markers ( or crayons) if they are old enough you can ask them to draw the very first thanksgiving, or maybe a farm scene. If they want to just go abstract that’s perfect too.
  3. While your child is drawing cut out 5 hearts 4 large and one tiny.
  4. Next cut out a large oval, a rectangle , a small circle and a triangle.
  5. Time to start gluing! Start with your hearts. Arrange them so that the points are down , they are going to be the feathers.
  6. Next glue the oval lengthwise over the bottom of the hearts.
  7. Now the rectangle. When something has to be glued in a certain direction I like to add the glue first so my son can see how it goes without me looming over him, then he can succeed on his own!
  8. Add the circle for the head.
  9. I did the googly eyes because my son was trying to put it in his mouth (will it never end?) , also add the triangle and tiny heart for a beak and waddle.


I have a turkey, big and fat.
He spreads his tail and walks like that.
His bowl of corn he would not miss
And when he talks, it sounds like this
Gobble Gobble Gobble!

The Jury Is in !

Play dough
Pay Day !

The above is just a sampling of the surviving recipes. Yes I did screw up 3…or was it 4 ? It’s all a blur! Thank you so much for all your input my son and I had fun testing them all out, even the ones we messed up ( I am sure the recipes were all perfect, remember I am a jinx! ) Here are the winners and a few honorable mentions.

My son’s favorite was Apple Cider No Cook Play dough he wanted to eat it, and kept smelling it. It’s texture was firmer than most of the others but I liked that for my toddler since it allowed him to break apart pieces, and be rough with it. Also did you read there is no hot anything, very classroom friendly for all you teachers! My son loved it, don’t mind his helmet, it’s a new obsession.

My Favorite was The Super Easy No Cook Play dough .I liked how insanely easy it was, even me the play dough jinx didn’t mess it up! It also required the least amount of clean up and was easy to make with a toddler pulling on my leg. Now I can boil water for tea and play dough at the same time!

The Pumpkin Spice play dough smelled amazing ! Here my little man is adding the last of the cream of tartar. The recipe is big, it would be wonderful for a classroom or Thanksgiving party.

The Bisquick play dough was really good too, it really felt like the brand name stuff, and it cooks in the microwave. I was sure my microwave was going to explode but the results were great, be careful all the microwave recipes get really hot. If you have a little helper make sure it’s out of reach.

Thank to everyone who submitted a recipe .

Holiday Gift Showcase – First Edition

Holiday Gifts
Inspired by Children’s Books

Reading to your child is the very best gift you can give them and all the gifts below celebrate the magic of children’s literature . I was awed by the creativity, and hit with a feeling of nostalgia while putting together this showcase. I hope you find something for your special little reader. Click on the images to see full size pictures!

That rad little shirt can be found here at
Brittain Road

One of my favorite books is the Eric Carle Classic The Very Hungry Caterpillar Check out there adorable gifts inspired by that book:

Never too young to start reading!
The diaper cover seen above can be found at
The Little Britches

How cute is this hat? Go see that and more at
Pink Alligator Designs

Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown is read every night at our house. Here are some wonderful Goodnight Moon gifts:

I think I may be adding this hand stamped necklace to my wish list, with the words ” Good Night Stars, Good Night Moon” it’s perfect in it’s simplicity! See it at

This teeshirt is so cute, and it’s only one of the many adorable designs at

For those of you who are fans of Maurice Sendak’s

Where The Wild Things Are

Even little ones will want to use a coaster, with these adorable ones from

Or if you are more refined but like to show just a titch of your wild side
This pendant from Images Under Glass is perfect !

My favorite little Parisian has always been Madeline here are a few gifts that will make you smell the fresh croissants you all the way back to Paris!

These are centerpieces but I think they would be adorable as bedroom decorations too! Check out more awesome character ones at
Play Patterns

This necklace is so delicate and doesn’t need any diamonds to make it sparkle!
Design by Sabreena

Every Sunday from now until Christmas I will be showcasing holiday gifts
If you have something you would like included

contact me