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Constellation Craft & More

This is a wonderful activity for preschoolers interested in constellations and space. When I did this activity with my PreK class most of the children chose to make multiple constellations. For a special treat use glow in the dark stars!

  1. Gather your materials. You need black or dark blue paper, some white or yellow chalk and some sticker stars.
  2. Draw any picture you want on the paper using the chalk.
  3. Once the picture is finished , add the stars.
  4. Don’t forget to give your constellation a name.
Sparkle Paint Sponge Painting!
( say that 3x fast!)

  1. Gather your materials. You will need some liquid paint,glitter, a kitchen sponge some black paper, scissors and a marker.
  2. Draw a star on the sponge and cut out.
  3. Pour the paint onto a plate or tray, mix in the glitter. It should still be runny enough to paint with. My paint was too thick – if yours looks like this, add more paint!
  4. Start stamping.
  5. As the paint dries the sparkles will show through!


” Goodnight Moon- A Counting Book” uses the familiar illustrations from the classic book by Margaret Wise Brown and turns it into a counting book. The page with 100 stars really has 100 stars on it, count and see!

” The Night Sky” by June English is a short non fiction book for PreK-1st grade that touches on the phases of the moon, constellations and much more. The illustrations are bright and engaging.

” Five Wishing Stars” by Treesha Runnels is a great bedtime book, it countdowns from 5 to zero with a rhyming text and glow in the dark stars!

Free Art Friday!

Play- Doh!
Recipe Cook Off
I am very talented at messing up homemade play dough so I never make it. If you have a great recipe leave me a comment and I might consider trying one last time. We had a blast rolling, and making balls and generally just creating today!

Have a fun Free Art Friday .

** The cook off is on ! I have 10 different recipes , I’ll cook them all up at nap time and have my little man test them over the weekend. Thanks for everyone who submitted theirs. Come back Monday to see the results of all the recipes and find out the winner **

Family Photo Quilt


thanksgiving craft for kidsMore than any craft we’ve made, my son has gone wild for this, after making it he insisted I take it off the wall so he could study all the pictures. I tried to get a video if him pointing out all our family, but they never cooperate when the little red light starts flashing! I have done similar projects in classrooms, calling it a friendship quilt and insteadof pictures we have our recipe for being a good classroom, things like “Share” ” Be gentle” etc…

  1. Gather your materials. You will need card stock, I am using note cards cut in half, because they are sure to be the same size that way. Something to decorate the paper with , in our case it’s the paint rollers, it can be anything though. Double stick tape, do not use glue, if you mess up it the picture might be ruined, with tape mistakes aren’t the end of the world. Pictures of your family, ribbon, and more ribbon, scissors and a hole punch.
  2. Have your child decorate the paper, I only had my son do the cream colored paper because that fit his attention span , but there is no reason not to color all if you want. Let these dry.
  3. Next if your child is able to have them cut the pictures out in different shapes, you can go free hand or use a paper punch if you have one. If you have a little guy or gal do this for them. I cut them but had my son tell me who each picture was!
  4. Put the double stick tape on the back of the pictures and place them in the middle of the quilt square, my son put a picture of my sister sideways and laughed his fool head off, but since we were using tape it was ok, came off and we fixed it.
  5. While they are doing that write or if your child is able have them write the message on a extra piece of card stock, I layered mine for effect.
  6. Punch holes in all the corners except the very bottom corners of your bottom squares.
  7. Map out your quilt
  8. Thread ribbon through the holes and tie. Repeat.
  9. I used a little fine ribbon on the back of the quilt to tie the middle square to the squares on either side of it since it was only secured to the top and bottom squares, this way there isn’t too much ribbon on the front, but your quilt will stay together.
  10. Ideally I should have had a dowel and tied the top row of ribbon to it and then hung it, but I don’t so I just threaded some ribbon through the top two corner holes and push pinned it to the wall. It didn’t matter since my son has found it’s permanent home on my coffee table so he can gaze lovingly at out family.

“10 Fat Turkeys” by Tony Johnston was a classroom favorite, it’s about as silly as a book gets and the kids had no clue they were actually learning about subtraction while listening to the crazy rhymes. This won’t explain the pilgrims , or talk about the Mayflower, but it will make your kids laugh! Very cute!
“The First Thanksgiving Day : A Counting Story” by Laura Krauss Melmed is a stunning gem of a book. I can’t believe I haven’t read it before, normally great books like this go through teaching circles like wildfire. The book has so many layers it will keep toddlers and preschoolers alike busy and engaged. The text explains the first Thanksgiving while counting 1-10 in rhyming poetry and the illustrations by Mark Buehner have hidden treasures, see if you can find them! After I return this to the library, I will be buying it for sure!


Sent In By You !

Pilgrim Hat Cookies!

When I saw these cookies I gasped, my husband thought I was watching the Twilight trailer again ( come on admit you are excited!) but these little gems were exactly what I was looking for. I doubt the austere pilgrims would indulge in such decadent cookies but I am glad we get to! Jessica over at The Entertaining Kitchen is full of wonderful ideas! Pop over there and check it out, I am in awe!

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