Our Favorite Book Lists of 2014

best book lists for kids 2014So far we have covered alphabet activities, math activities, and now today our favorite posts of 2014 takes us to book lists! It was hard choosing my favorite book lists because I adore picture books. I decided to include the book lists that moved me the most, that I feel are the most useful for families, and ones with hidden gems that you might not find on the best sellers list even if I think they should be.

baseball books for kids

This list of books about baseball is filled with history and wonderful lessons as well as fun books about a great game!

diverse christmas books for kids

This list of Diverse Christmas Books was a labor of love finding books with all sorts of families, and children to share with my own kids and yours.’s

books about divorce for kids

We did a list of books about divorce but I think Fantastic Fun and Learning’s Books About Divorce list was better, so I am listing it here!

books about children with disabilities

The Measured Mom has a wonderful book list about Children with Disabilities. I immediately pinned this awesome resource!

LGBT picture books

Every year during pride month I post a book list that is inclusive of families with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered members. This year I was thrilled with the overwhelmingly positive response, even if I lost some followers. I am passionate about filling bookshelves with diverse books even if it costs me some followers in the process.

books around the world

KC Adventures posted this amazing book list of Around The World in 30 Books and I fell in LOVE!

books about worrying

Books About Worrying is a list that I made in response to reader need. There are a lot of anxious kids out there and I hope this list has helped a few. I know the books have done wonders in my own home.civil rights books

Another list that I think is vital for families to explore is this list from What Do We Do All Day of Civil Rights Picture Books.

books about cancer for kids

I have never been thanked via email more of any post than this books list of Books About Cancer. It struck a chord and I am happy I could help.

books with role models for girls

Role models for young women in books aren’t always the best. This book list is all about great role models for girls in books you may not have heard of .

best kids activities




Don’t miss tomorrow’s post where we will be sharing our favorite fine motor activities from 2014!

Our Favorite Math Activities of 2014

best preschool math activities Did you see your favorite alphabet activities in our Friday post? Check it out to aee all the alphabet activities that made our list. Today we are talking all about math. I love math and one of my absolutely most favorite things to do with it is to turn math into a game. Lots of math games made it onto this list of favorite math activities for kids because games are such a wonderful tool for developing mathematical skills.  Let’s see if your favorite is on the list

LEGO math lesson

  • This Lego Math Game was not only popular at our house, it was our most popular math activity of 2014! preschool math game
  • My kids love to hit things so when I can work that into a math game I pretty much feel like I have just won the lottery. This Count & Pound Math Game will be a huge hit at your house too!
  • Buggy and Buddy had a lot of great posts this year but I fell in LOVE with their Pete The Cat inspired Subtraction Game.
  • At Easter we did a fun math game that also worked as a egg decorating activity. Color by Number Eggs! gross motor number line
  • Our Outdoor Number Line was a wonderful way to take math outside and my kids LOVED it.
  • Frugal Fun 4 Boys has a rad little game called Fill The Cup that works on preschool math skills while having fun! math game with monsters
  • We wove math into a monster theme with this Monster Math Craft. I love that they worked on math skills while getting crafty!
  • This bead craft is actually a math game! Fun Bead & Roll post from PBS Parents.place value worksheet
  • Volunteering with 2nd graders inspired this Place Value Robot Activity and my then first grader adored it!
  • He liked this Pokemon Math activity even more.

Don’t miss tomorrow because we are sharing our favorite book lists!

best kids activities

Link & Learn – Best Kids Activities From 2014



I am on a plane right now headed to Texas and I remembered I hadn’t written my Link & Learn post yet. This week I am featuring all the very best activities for 2014 and today is no exception. I  would LOVE to focus on your very best post of 2014.  Best can mean a lot of things from most popular, most pins, most views… or just your favorite. Whatever measure you use is all up to you but I just want to see what you think your best post was.

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Also I want to ask you – does Link & Learn work for you? Is this something we want to keep doing every weekend? I am open to all opinions as I am re-evaluating this in the new year.

Our Favorite Alphabet Activities of 2014

alphabet activityWhat an amazing year. 2014 has been a banner year for the blog with the most traffic, the most subscribers and I think the most fun! Over the next week I will sharing six posts filled with my favorite activities from 2014. Many posts are our own but there are some of our favorite bloggers woven into each list as well. Today we are doing alphabet activities. Here are my favorite alphabet activities of 2014!

alphabet activities

Come back Monday for our favorite math activities for 2014 and all week for even more!

best kids activities

Happy New Year !

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas 2014 fbMerry Christmas ! I hope you and your family have a fantastic holiday and more importantly a new year filled with health and happiness. Thank you for being a part of our 2014, it was an amazing year and we have high hopes for 2015.

Tomorrow we launch a week of our favorite posts from this year. Some are posts from our own No Time For Flash Cards archives and many are from other crazy talented and creative bloggers. You won’t want to miss so many fun ideas.

Merry Christmas,

Allie and family.