50 Easy Art Projects For Toddlers

easy art projects for toddlers My daughter isn’t a toddler anymore and my son is almost as tall as me, but I am preparing to jump right back into the world of toddler art projects as a teacher. I was going over some of my favorite easy toddler art projects and decided to turn the list I am using into one for you to use too. These toddler art projects are all focused on play. Some have an end product but even those few have wide boundaries and stress the experience and not that there is only one way to create the art.

If you need great toddler books as well check out our Favorite Board Books and 50 Books For 2 Year Olds.

sponge painting for babies

Simple Sponge Painting
Torn Paper Acorn
Pot Scrubber Painting
Paint with Recycling

easy toddler crafts
Ribbon Butterfly
Newspaper Hat
Paint With Toy Trains
Paint and Peel Math

toddler activity
Painting with Water
Bubble Wand Painting
Texture Collage
Paper Plate Tambourine

toddler art projects
Walnut Painting
Rubber Duckie Printing
Bubble Wrap Painting For Toddlers
Potato Masher Prints

painting with sound 5 senses activity for kids
Painting with Sound
Paint The Snow
Paper Bag Jelly Fish
Toddler Beads
No Mess Color Squishers

art projects for toddlers

Alphabet Cookie Cutter Prints
Heart Rainbow
Water Table Paint & Print
Block Painting

toddler art ideas
Puffy Paint Clouds
Flower Sticky Window Mural
Jackson Pollack Painting
Spray Painting Outside

cork painting rainbows st. patrick's day craft

Cork Painted Rainbow
Painting with Toy Bugs
Toddler Binoculars
Worm Painting
Fly Swatter Painting

toddler art ideas

Glass Sponge Painting
Garden Vegetable Prints
Painting with Baby Dolls
Trash Rainbow ( great for groups)

Animal Tracks- painting with toy animals

Animal Tracks
Fresh Picked Flower Place Mats
Painting with Nature
Pumpkin Prints

puffy paint moon sensory fun

Puffy Paint Moon
Mix & Make Colors
Turkey Baster Painting
Painting with Toy Trucks

infant and toddler painting ideas

Bath Poof Painting
Cork Painted Snowflake
Puffy Paint Ghost
Cookie Cutter Prints

Storytelling Box With Photos

storytelling box Every year we go down to the Oregon Coast and rent a beach house and relax. This year I got to bring along something extra! A brand new Nikon D3300 ! Nikon wanted me to check the camera out and I jumped at the chance, I started playing with it as soon as it arrived.  I knew that when Nikon asked me to share the photos I took with the D3300 with my readers I wasn’t just going to throw them in a post, I wanted to show you how I used the vacation photos for a simple but very effective literacy activity. Storytelling.

Before you can make your box you need to shoot some great photos. I am not a photographer but I have always enjoyed taking photos and know that taking many is a great strategy for getting just the right shot! Here are some of my favorites that went into our storytelling box – trust me these are just a few that I took.



The view from the window seat – Taken with my Nikon D3300


Taken with my Nikon D3300

Making sand angels – Taken with my Nikon D3300

It's a big big world - Taken with my Nikon D3300

It’s a big big world – Taken with my Nikon D3300


Taken with my Nikon D3300

Taken with my Nikon D3300

oregon coast vacation storytelling

Oregon Coast Taken with my Nikon D3300

Jumping tide pools - Taken with my Nikon D3300

Jumping tide pools – Taken with my Nikon D3300


shells - Taken with my Nikon D3300

shells – Taken with my Nikon D3300


Jump - Taken with my Nikon D3300

Jump – Taken with my Nikon D3300


vacation photo box

Catch at the beach – Taken with my Nikon D3300


Running out of the waves - Taken with my Nikon D3300

Running out of the waves – Taken with my Nikon D3300


vacation photo storytelling box for kids

Checking out one of the instruments the beach house had – Taken with my Nikon D3300


Shells from the beach - Taken with my Nikon D3300

Shells from the beach – Taken with my Nikon D3300


When it comes down to it, they adore each other. Taken with my Nikon D3300

When it comes down to it, they adore each other. Taken with my Nikon D3300


Once you have all your favorites chosen print them out or have them printed at a photo lab. I am a last minute sort of gal so I did it myself.  Very late at night… don’t know about you but that is my time to check off all the items on my to do list.

Gather your materials. You will need the photos you took, a box, some card stock, glue, and scissors.

making a storytelling box

Taken with my Nikon D3300


Cut the photos out and glue them onto the card stock then trim. Pop them in the box and set them out for your little storyteller.

Do you use your family photos for activities? Tell is about it on our Facebook page!

As stated above I was provided with a Nikon D3300 in return for sharing this post.


Caterpillar Craft For Kids

easy caterpillar craft for kids We’ve been doing a lot of home renovations and have a lot of remnants of them around. We decided to use one of these paint stir sticks that always seem to arrive with new cans of paint even though we say we don’t need them. Instead of letting this stir stick go to waste we turned it into a caterpillar craft. You don’t need to sneak into Home Depot to get a stick  if you don’t have one laying around, you can use old rulers or even just a piece of cardboard cut in a strip.

Gather your materials. You will need a paint stir stick, pom poms, glue, googly eyes, a pipe cleaner and paint. We used paint daubers because they dry so quickly and we didn’t want to take a break in our art time. You may also want some scrap paper under the stick to keep the paint from getting on your table. My daughter helped me set up the shot.

pom pom caterpillar craft

Start by painting. She loved this and I just sat back while she worked on her hand eye coordination with this step.cateroillar craft for kids

Grab the glue! The glue will probably pick up some of the paint color but it won’t wreck the craft.caterpillar craft fine motor skills

Add on the eyes. caterpillar add the eyes If your child adds the eyes in the middle of the stick resist the urge to peel them off. Let them create, crafts are wonderful opportunities to create while working on so many other skills and there is NO need for perfect little facsimiles. One tip is to provide materials but no example. When you show kids what you are making they will likely duplicate it but if you give them materials to create it remains less structured , the more options for materials the more open it becomes. I usually ask my daughter what she wants to make and have her help me choose what we use, which is why so much of it is pink.

More glue! caterpillar craft more glue yay

Add the pom poms!caterpillar craft for kids with paint sticks

Add on the antennae too! caterpilar craft for kids


As soon as this was dry my wee girl popped it on her bedside table so it can watch her sleep. I think it may a bit like a dream catcher, watching over her at night. When she attaches so deeply to something she created I can’t help but smile. Excuse the iPhone photo but after so many years with terrible sleeper I had to sneak in and get a shot in the pitch black! Thank you Instagram for your magical filters.

sleeping with her caterpillar craft

Caterpillar Books For Kids

All our book lists include affiliate links.

bob and otto book

Bob and Otto by Robert O. Bruel is a lovely story about two friends who must part ways , in this case because one is a caterpillar who needs to build a chrysalis and the other an earth worm who needs to dig deep into the ground. What I like about this book is that it goes on to explain that the earth worm’s digging is vital for the trees to grow so that the caterpillar can eat the leaves and turn into a butterfly.  The message being that everyone has an important job to do even if they aren’t the same.


very hungry caterpillar

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle is a classic, that most preschool teachers like myself can recite from memory. It really is a fantastic book, not only does it explain the life cycle of a caterpillar/ butterfly it also is useful for lesson about day of the week and healthy eating. The simple cut outs in the illustrations where the caterpillar ate through different foods is just the right amount of novelty to grab kids attention for this simple story. It was a childhood favorite of mine and both my children have loved it as much as I do.

caterpillar and polliwog

The Caterpillar and the Polliwog by Jack Kent is a sentimental favorite. I remember being read this book in elementary school when learning about life cycles. It’s more than just about life cycles of butterflies and frogs, it’s about becoming comfortable with who you are. I remember thinking it was hilarious when the caterpillar tells the turtle that she will be changing into something else not just getting bigger and bigger and he replies with ” I don’t blame you.” It made me snort as an adult too. Good for preschool through the early elementary years and if like me you read it as a child there is of course the sentimental factor. I love sharing books from my childhood with my kids.

5 Ways To Survive Back To School Shopping with Target {Sweepstakes!}

win $300 Target Giftcard sweepstakes

This is a sponsored post. I was compensated by Target for my participation and the sweepstakes.

My son hates shopping.  I know that hate is a strong word  but it’s true. He is normally pretty well behaved ( at least outside of the house) but when you take him shopping for clothes it’s like we are on a road trip but “Are we there yet?” turns into ” Are we done yet?” he can not wait to just leave!

Over the years I have come up with these five ways to survive back to school shopping.

1. Go right after breakfast.

Even kids we think of as “older” are at their best right after breakfast. So gobble up your cereal and hit the road.  If you can’t do it then have a healthy snack on the way to keep your child from getting “hangry”.

2. Make a list so he knows the plan.

Just the same way I show my children maps of road trips to help them feel like they have some control and knowledge about what is coming next, I do the same for shopping trips. With younger kids you might want to make a visual checklist with pictures , for my 7 year old I just made a plain list. Make sure everything is on the list. Going to browse the handbags might seem like no big deal to you but for a kid who is obviously not at all comfortable shopping it can be frustrating. I am not saying don’t browse, just add it to the list.

target shoes

After shoes he knew we still had to look for a backpack, lunchbox and water bottle.

3. Give him as much control as you are comfortable with.

I gave my son a budget for his outfit and let him decide what to do with any extra as long as he got all the items I had specified. This teaches him some responsibility and keeps his mind busy which for him is half the reason he hates shopping, because it’s boring.

backpacks target back to school

He’s pricing the different backpacks!

4. Turn it into a date with you.

Leave siblings at home and add in a special stop to a favorite park or small treat. I know this one won’t be possible for everyone ( we could only do this because my husband had the day off)  but it certainly lowered our stress levels to be one on one. Being able to give each other all the attention makes everything feel less frantic.

5. Double ( or triple) up.

If you are buying a bunch of clothes for your less than enthusiastic shopper find clothes that come in tons of colors and or patterns. You can send your child into the dressing room with one outfit but go back to the display and grab multiples and fill a closet with only one trip to the dressing room. I don’t know about you but for my kiddo that seems to be the worst part of shopping. Keeping it to a single trip helps.

We got everything on the list :

  • hoodie
  • new gym shoes
  • tee shirt
  • socks
  • shorts
  • backpack
  • water bottle
  • lunch box
  • and a Pokemon card set with the money left over from his budget!

target sweepstakes back to school

and he was still smiling in his new clothes!


What are your tips for easy and productive back to school shopping? Share them in comments or even better on our No Time For Flash Cards Facebook page here.


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Hot Rock Melted Crayon Art

melted crayon on rocks art project for kids

I have wanted to do this melted crayon art project for ages. I did these decades ago in a day camp but never felt my kids were ready for this activity until now.  This is not something I would try in a busy class because you need to be able to really watch the kids 100% of the time. I changed a few things from how I did it years ago to make it a little safer for my kids as well. The first one was to place the rocks in individual bowls. The bowls were safe to touch to move the rock and stopped my kids from reaching for the rock to move it. I also didn’t peel all the paper off the crayons so that there was a “safe section” to hold onto and if they got down to that part they knew to switch and get a new crayon.

This was a very fun and dynamic art activity and I hope that even if your kids aren’t ready to try it yet that you will save it for when they are!


Gather your materials. You will need some medium sized rocks, foil, crayons, a cookie sheet, oven, and as many little bowls as you have rocks. I also lined our work area with an old tablecloth and more foil.

crayon melting art

Start by washing your rocks and warming your oven to 250. I popped the rocks on a cookie sheet lined with foil and into the oven right away not waiting for the oven to get to full temp.

hot rock and crayon experiment

While they were in the oven I lined the bowls with foil. I also placed an old tablecloth and foil under our work area.

hot rocks summer art project for kids

I also peeled most of the paper off a bunch of crayons. Leaving a handle on each. This was the safe spot for the kids to handle the crayon.

hot rocks crayon art

Once the buzzer on my oven indicated that the temp was reached I took the rocks out. They are HOT mine didn’t get hot enough to burn but I can’t guarantee yours won’t, PLEASE DO NOT LET KIDS HANDLE THEM EVEN WITH OVEN MITTS. Have an adult wearing oven mitts place them in the bowls. Wait until you are certain that the rocks will feel very warm but NOT burn before you invite the kids to come create. Test EVERY rock not just one, they may heat unevenly.

hot rocks art project for summer camp

Start creating. They were both amazed at how quickly they melted. melted crayon on hot rocks activity for kids

They LOVED it and they were very careful too. melted crayon art for kidsI was worried I wouldn’t be able to get photos – and I didn’t get as many as usual but they were so conscientious about the safety and rules I had laid out for them. If only this ability extended to water flights in the yard… crayon art with hot rocks for kids

The colors mixed and twirled together and were so shiny! melted crayon activity craft for kids

Let them cool completely. We placed ours in our garden for decoration. hot crayon rock craft