Letter Of The Week – Letter V Crafts and Activities

letter of the week v crafts and activities Are you doing a letter of the week with your child? Does your class follow a letter of the week program? If you are here are some ideas for your letter of week letter v week. Before I get to the crafts can I share a few of my thoughts about letter of the week? I think letter of the week is a fun way to use a little novelty to focus on one letter, but that’s it. Please only focus a small amount of attention on the single letter and continue to focus on all letters as a whole. Letters work together and children learn about letters and how they work when they use them in meaningful ways. Play is meaningful, art is meaningful, and a fun craft can be a mix of both but focusing too much busy work is not. Choose one or two fun ideas from this post then check out the whole alphabet activities after the letter v crafts and activities.

Letter V Crafts

letter v

Vase VVegetable V 


Crafts and Activities for V

letter v activities for letter of the week

Vegetable PrintingEasy Recycled VaseVegetable Alphabet Gardening  – VolcanoVegetables Above & Below Ground Craft

Whole Alphabet Activities

sensory alphabet activity

Disappearing Letters   – Alphabet Playdough  – Alphabet Slime 

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rp_kids-crafts-preschool-blog-455x34711-455x34711111.pngIt’s Sunday and while I am off running this morning I am hoping that you are combing through your posts for just the right one or two to share here on Link & Learn.  We aren’t picky about what you share as long as it’s something that will benefit No Time For Flash Card readers.

Washi Tape Lego Duplo!

washi tape craft for kids I will cry when we finally give away our Lego Duplo , but considering my 8 year old will still happily play with it I am not packing it up yet. One of the things I like to do with toys that we already have to make them fresh is to find new ways to use them or ways to make them seem new. Enter washi tape. If you aren’t familiar with washi tape it’s colorful paper tape that comes off easily so not only can you reposition it you can remove it. I added some washi tape to my daughter’s Lego Duplo on a whim around Valentine’s Day and posted it to Instagram and the response was great enough I knew I needed to do a full post about it here.  As you will see washi tape Lego Duplo can also be used for more directed activities too. Scroll down to see what we did with it.

Gather your materials. You will need some blocks – we used Duplo but Mega Blocks or Little People Builder blocks would work, as would regular old wooden blocks. You will also need some washi tape. I got ours online here ( affiliate link), as well as some Scotch brand washi tape at Target. lego duplo game for kids from no time for flash cards

Start by wrapping the tape around the blocks. Make a few blocks with the same tape. Lego Duplo activity

Time to build. washi tape blocks for kids Mix the different blocks with tape along with some without the tape for a fun group of blocks to build with. washi tape on lego duplo blocks

If you are looking for a structured activity here are two that emerged from our play :

lego matching game with duplo

Match all the similar patterns – dots and stripes. I suggested she count them to see which had more by casually saying ” I wonder which tower has more blocks.” duplo lego game

And then match the exact tape patterns. She counted them all without me prompting it, which is exactly what I love to see!

duplo matching patterns game

Have you re-vamped any of your kids toys to stimulate more play? Tell me about it in comments or share it with out Facebook community on our No Time For Flash Cards Facebook Page!

washi tape and duplo


Find Great Children’s Books On Pinterest

book lists for kidsAs many of you know I love children’s books. We read a lot and share the books with you and even match great activities to the books. Check out our Read & Make posts for activities that match favorite picture books.

One place I have been going to share our book lists as well as find book lists for myself , especially when I am lesson planning is Pinterest. I LOVE Pinterest for lesson planning. I wanted to share a board I have been building JUST for book lists. There are lists from No Time For Flash Cards, Scholastic Raise A Reader blog, and so many other great book bloggers.

Check out my Book Lists For Kids on Pinterest hereto find great children’s books !!

Beginning Letter Sounds Game Homework

beginning letter sounds game learning to readDo you have a child as eager to do homework as I do? I am not talking about the child who actually gets homework, I am talking about the younger sibling chomping at the bit to be a big kid too. I am lucky because my son’s homework is very short, and since he must do it before he can even ask for screen time he gets it done without argument. I ask my daughter to play quietly or to go upstairs when my son is doing homework so she was overjoyed when I moved my laptop and set up some homework for her right next to where her brother does his every day.

I chose a beginning letter sounds game for her “homework” because his homework was word work as well. The other reason I chose it was because she needs little to no help with this skill and I was hoping my son would offer to check her work if she asked. You could easily do this game without the homework spin just for the benefit of early literacy skill development.


Gather your materials. You will need 1-2 cookie sheets, letter magnets, some magnets with easily identifiable items like animals, plain paper, and markers.

literacy game for kindergarten Start by choosing the right magnets. For this activity you want to make sure your child knows exactly what the pictures are. If you are doing this as a free choice activity in a class what I like to do is use the items first in a circle time or just with the child using them so I am certain they know what each item is.

Write out the words without the first letter.This may act as a scaffold for children more advanced in their literacy development but I wrote it out so that after my daughter matched the beginning sound I could go over the full word with her. She is presently obsessed with spelling and writing and I knew for HER  this would grab her attention and make the activity more meaningful. beginning sound letter match game

Set the trays up with the items next to their word and place the letter magnets some place off the trays.

letter sounds

She saw the set up as we were leaving to pick her brother up from the bus stop – look how excited she was!

homework activity for kids

Homework time.letter sound activity

He got busy with this word work and she started saying each animal name and grabbing the corresponding letter for the beginning sound.

letter sounds game for kids

I kinda love this picture of the two of them hard at work. beginning letter sound match homework station

She kinda loved feeling like a big kid and I managed to sneak in learning too.