Color Lab Science For Kids

color science for kids What would happen if we put watercolors in shaving cream? What about vinegar ? Or oil? Great hands on science always begins with ” I wonder…” and this color lab science activity was no exception. We wondered what would happen if we mixed water colors and different household liquids. After we explored our set questions it was time for completely kid directed play. We used liquid watercolors made with plain old paint instead of food color to avoid staining. Food color will make much more vivid colors.

Gather your materials. We used water, vinegar, shaving cream and oil for our liquids, liquid watercolors, some jars, an eye dropper, a cookie sheet, and goggles! color lab for preschool

Start by making liquid watercolors. Pop the disks out of the watercolor tray and add a little water. Sit for a few minutes and stir. liquid water color lab

Now you are ready to set up your color lab! Pour the liquids in ( I did the shaving cream) . color lab science for preschoolers

Time make a few predictions.

Grab your eye dropper and start adding colors. The eye dropper is important because it gives this activity an element of fine motor development as well, it takes a lot of coordination to make eye droppers work and works out the pincer grasp too. color lab water

She noted how slowly the colors floated down through the water.

The colors seems the same in the vinegar. I asked her if anything was different and she said the smell! Observing is a huge part of science!

The shaving cream was interesting because the color spread over it but didn’t mix much. She also discovered that if she pinched the eye dropper really hard the watercolor made a hole in the shaving cream. color lab shaving cream

The oil was rad. She had no previous experience with water in oil.  color lab oil wowShe was amazed when they turned into little dots of color and slowly sank down to the bottom. I loved seeing her experience this for the first time. color lab oil

Time to play. After going through each liquid it was time to mix them all together. mxing  color lab science

The shaving cream didn’t pour as well as the water did. color lab science pretend play

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Monarch Butterfly Craft For Kids

monarch butterfly craft I hope you like butterflies as much as we do! This butterfly craft was inspired by our first monarch butterfly sighting ( or at least we think it was a monarch). When my daughter and I were digging through our craft cabinets for inspiration we saw the party streamers saved from Halloween and this is what we made. I wasn’t sure how it would turn out or if the streamers would stay in the clothes peg. We made these a week ago and they have stayed in place perfectly.

Gather your materials. You will need some wooden pegs like these from , party streamers in orange, yellow, white, and black, markers, scissors, and pipe cleaners. monarch butterfly craft for preschool

Start by cutting your streamers. If your child is interested you can have them make a pattern. monarch butterflies craft

Next color your peg with markers. My daughter loved this and colored both of ours at the same time. We used smelly markers and in the split second that I was putting the camera back down she stuck both the markers up her nose. Can’t really blame her, they smell so good! Guess we will need to get new markers. butterfly craft for preschool

Time to put the party streamers into the pegs. These pegs have a slit and the paper can be carefully slid into it and then scrunched. Great concentration exercise! monarch butterfly craft for kindergarten

Next time for some pipe cleaner antennae. Pink was a must. mess free butterfly craft

What I love about this butterfly craft is that there is no drying time. No paint and no glue means no wait needed to send it home or play with it!


Books About Butterflies

Extend or introduce this activity with a story or two about butterflies. All our book lists include affiliate links.

From Caterpillar to Butterfly

From Caterpillar to Butterfly by Deborah Heligiman is part of my favorite non fiction for kids series ” Let’s Read and Find Out Science”.  I always grab these books at garage sales and thrift stores. In this edition you follow a classroom of students observing a caterpillar as it metamorphosis into a butterfly. A classic spring activity for preschool age children to discover and learn about life cycles. Also a perfect match for your own Insect Lore Live Butterfly Garden which I highly recommend and will be doing this year with my son. Reading non fiction with your preschoolers is important as it teaches them seamlessly that writing and reading is not just for stories but for information too.

butterfly colors

Butterfly Butterfly: A Book of Colors by Petr Horaeck is such a wonderful book! I love the simple text and engaging story about a little girl who is trying to find the butterfly that she saw the day before. In her attempts she finds many other colorful bugs in her garden. At the end of the book is a beautiful pop up butterfly that will delight your little readers. I read this to a class of 2 and 3 year olds who were glued to every page and both my kids who are 3 and 7 loved it as well.  Great book!



Crafts and Activities For Kids { Link Up! }

rp_link-learn-2014-455x178.jpgWhile you are reading this I am hopefully happily running a half marathon here in Washington State – I can’t wait to see all the awesome kids activities and crafts you link up after my race. I will be cozy in my sweats getting totally inspired by the amazing posts y’all share week after week.

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summer reading ideas ofr kids

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15 Books About Baseball

baseball books for kidsBaseball season is in full swing and we are way overdue for a round up of books to share with our little players and fans. I was just complaining to a friend about how baseball has taken over our house but after reading many of these books with my kids I have fallen back in love. Baseball is more than a game and these books get that. Here are 15 books about baseball to read with your kids.

All our book lists include affiliate links.

mama played baseball

Mama Played Baseball by David A. Adler  This baseball story is told through the eyes of a little girl who watches everything change during World War Two. Her dad goes off to war and her mom tries out for the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League, and makes the cut! The story is simple and I was left wanting more but understood why the author ended it when he did. It’s a great book to explain the basics of what baseball was like on the homefront during World War Two.


The Babe & I by David A. Adler is not really a story about baseball, it’s a story about The Great Depression and pride. A young boy discovers that the job he thought his father had is not what it seems and starts selling newspapers to help out. Not only does he learn about secrets and pride , he also learns about hard work. Babe Ruth does play a part but only a little one. I love this book but it’s not for your average picture book crowd. I think it’s a little heavy for 3-5 year olds , I didn’t share it yet with my 7 year old but I think his age would get the full story and maybe learn a little about their own life in the process.

players in pig tails

Players In Pigtails  by Shana Corey . This book is all about the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. If you are reading this with your child you will probably start thinking about the Penny Marshall movie A League Of Their Own which is all about the same league. It’s doubtful our kids will make the same connection and most may not even know anything about the special role women played in baseball during WWII.  This book can change that and maybe how they look at the nice old ladies at church… my son asked me ” Do you think they played baseball?” while nodding towards two of the older ladies at our church after reading this. I loved the main character and how determined and sure of herself she was, not a bad role model for our girls and boys.

roasted peanuts

Roasted Peanuts by Tim Egan is a sweet story about friendship, disappointment, and achievement. I really enjoyed this book and the sweet supportive friendship between friends with very different abilities. As kids get into elementary school they really start noticing that different people have different talents and abilities start spreading out. This is a great book to read when those questions like ” How can he hit so much further than me?” start popping up.


Ballpark Mysteries #1: The Fenway Foul-up (A Stepping Stone Book(TM)) by David A. Kelly is just one of the many Ballpark Mysteries books we have read over the past year. The books center around Mike and Kate two cousins who get an insider view of the world of baseball because Kate’s mom is a sports writer covering the games. The kids are great sleuths and although things can get tense I don’t think that these early chapter books will scare any readers. I love the mix of sports and geography as each book is set in a different ball park. My son devours these books. In this one a special bat goes missing … but can the kids find it? Spoiler… Yes!


Clorinda Plays Baseball! by Robert Kinerk was loved by my son and not by me. I love absurd humor but for me this rhyming book just didn’t work. Clorinda the cow was playing on a farm team and then discovered a boy who was super talented and coached him to the major leagues. When he was unable to play without his coach she was brought to the games … I just lost interest and when she flew a helicopter  and was a pinch hitter in the championship game I rolled my eyes. However, my son loved this book and probably not just because I didn’t. He wasn’t looking at it through my old cranky eyes where cows can’t fly helicopters, he saw it as funny ,heartwarming, and nice.  I’ll let you decide!

batter up wombat

Batter Up Wombat by Helen Lester is a cute story about a Wombat who is discovering baseball for the first time. All the lingo is foreign to him. The different meanings get the wombat confused and will get your children laughing! It’s a sweet book that ends with the wombat saving the day even if he can’t play baseball .

baseball saved us

Baseball Saved Us by Ken Mochizuki is such an important book for children to read. This book is all about how baseball helped keep children and families busy at Minidoka the internment camp in Idaho during world War Two. A lot of adults don’t know much if anything about this part of American history and this book is a good place to start teaching your child about it. From a child’s perspective readers see the injustice and grief during and after confinement. Although my son knows a good bit about Japanese internment during WWII this book personalized it for him and baseball gave him something to connect him to the boys in the story.

baseball hour

Baseball Hour by Carol Nevius is a simple book that explains what goes on at baseball practice. Seems kinda bland… but it’s not. The rhyming text coupled with stunning ultra up close illustrations by Bill Thomson build momentum and by the last few pages it will feel like you are on the edge of your seat screaming for your home team! Very cool book. You will read it then go back and just flip through all the illustrations again and again, they are just that amazing.

dear ichiro

Dear Ichiro by Jean Davies Okimoto is a story about reconciliation and how one grand parents experience turning an enemy into a friend can help his great grandson learn how to make up with a best friend after a fight.  I like this book because my son is an Ichiro fan even if he’s no longer a Mariner. I like ti because it connects generations, history, and good old advice about how to resolve conflicts. Some parents may not like how mean the little boy seems when angry but I think it’s important to show anger for what it is because kids relate to that!

mighty casey

Mighty Casey by James Preller is a cute and funny story about an awful little league team who rallies and finally wins one game. Every parent who have ever watched a little league game will recognize a few familiar behaviors in this book . The kid who decided to pee during the game, on the field, will get a ton of laughs from your little readers. The heart of this book is that even if the odds are stacked against you , don’t give up until the game is done!

oliver's game

Oliver’s Game (Tavares baseball books)by Matt Tavares is a great book. I will say that while this is a picture book it’s not really for preschoolers, a few might get the messages of disappointment, sadness ,and sacrifice. The story is about a grandfather who shares his big league experience with his grandson. What’s so sad about that? Well in the story the grandfather’s dreams were cut short by World War Two. My 7 year old and I had fantastic discussions after reading this book together and it was easy for him to relate this story to other stories of sacrifice and making the most of what you are given. Love this book!

let them play

Let Them Play (True Story) by Margot Theis Raven and Chris Ellison is an amazing book, it tells the true story of the 1955 State Champion Little League team from South Carolina. The story is heartbreaking and heartwarming all at once as the authors tell the readers about the realities and injustice that this team of little boys faced. They were the first all black all star team who were disqualified from playing in the little league world series because they hadn’t played a single game to become state champs, because all the other teams forfeited. I dare you not to cry, I was a sobbing mess by the end. The book itself is too complex for really little guys, my son had no interest in the text, though he loved the pictures. All kids old enough though should take a look, and be prepared to answer some tough questions about why people were so mean. Wonderful wonderful, important book!


Dad, Jackie, and Me by Myron Ulburg is a touching look at father’s and son’s and the complex relationship that develops at the same time as tackling bigger themes like discrimination and baseball.  A father and son share a love of baseball and specifically of Jackie Robinson. This book handles these multiple themes very well and will likely create a few lumps in your throat as you read the sometimes achingly honest text. I really liked this book and how it linked different kinds of discrimination, adversity and the way the human spirit can triumph over both.


Dino-Baseball (Carolrhoda Picture Books)by Lisa Wheeler is a fun rhyming book about two dinosaur filled baseball teams playing an action packed game. What I really like about this book is that it goes over many of the things that a child will encounter at a real MLB game. Grab this book if your child is a little nervous about going to such a big game.


Hair Bow Match-Inspired by Minnie In Paris

Minnie In Paris book I LOVE Paris. It’s hard to put into words how much I love Paris. The first time I visited I was 16 and it felt like home. I have since gone back a handful of times and can not wait to take my children. The thought of taking my daughter on a trans Atlantic flight gives me hives, so until she is a better flyer we are going to be visiting Paris in books. When I was asked to create a fun activity to go with Minnie In Paris by Shelia Sweeney Higginson I couldn’t wait for the book to arrive. My daughter loves Minnie Mouse and doing anything with other languages. I decided to create a bilingual match game that used patterned paper hair bows for her to match. Each match unlocked a new word to learn in French. She said it felt like a secret code. I loved that.

Here is how you can introduce some French words and play a fun game at the same time.

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Gather your materials. You will need some colorful card stock and fun patterned paper, glue, scissors, pencil, a paper punch ( or some serious scissor skills to make circles), a marker and the book of course!Minnie in Paris craft

Start by making a template out of card stock. I folded the paper so it would be symmetrical.minnie in paris get ready to play

Use the template to cut out various color bows. I made mine with matching colors because I didn’t want this to be too challenging for my daughter who is 3. There were a few colors with multiple bows so they weren’t all obvious matches but I balanced it so there was success and challenge. Older kids would get all pink !

Next trim the template.

Use the trimmed template to cut out the pattered paper. Make two of each pattern. The kids are really matching up the patterns and then the adult is helping them learn the words. Obviously at 3 most kids, my daughter included aren’t reading at this level,  if you want to make it an independent activity use letters or numbers. But as you will see we had a blast playing together.minnie in paris matching game

Cut out circles for the middle of the bows.

Write words on the circles, one in French and a matching one in English. If you aren’t familiar with French use Google Translate to pop in words from the book. I used :

girl – fille
thank you – merci
pink – rose
goodbye – aurevoir
skirt – jupe
garden – jardin

Glue all the pieces together.bow match minnie in paris

Time to play! Put the bows face down and play memory match. Each player flipping over two bows a turn. If the patterns match read the French word and ask your child to try to guess what it means, then read it in English to find out. minni mouse bow match game


If there was any question about how fun this game was look at that face! Anyone who knows my daughter will attest to the fact that you can’t make her smile unless she really is having fun. I was so pleased to be able to share this with her. Not only does it widen her horizons to understand that other people use different languages than she does but the book lets her get a taste for my favorite city in the whole world.minnie in paris match game



Minnie In Paris – In Stores Now!
by Shelia Sweeny Higginson
Illustrated by Mike WallMinnieinParis

About The Book – from the publisher :

Fashion is Minnie’s passion! And, as a result, she’s been invited to show her bows on the runways of Paris!

At the airport, Minnie is so busy taking care of her nieces, Millie and Melody, that she accidentally switches suitcases with Penguini the magician–and finds that his suitcase is full of bunnies instead of bows! Minnie must round up the mischievous little bunnies, find Penguini, and make her bows in time for the show. Will she make it?

Readers are treated to a stunning tour of famous Parisian locations, from the Louvre to Tuilleries Gardens to the Eiffel tower, to a classic Parisian bistro—all in search of Penguini’s bunnies.

This charming hardcover picture book comes with a code to access the Minnie in Paris eBook.

Visit the Minnie in Paris product page

My thoughts :

I am never surprised when my daughter likes character driven books but I am when I do. I really enjoyed this book and was worried it would look all ragged in our photos because we’ve been reading it a lot. I like that the book was a fun tour of Paris and I took the time on each page to tell my daughter a little more about each landmark . It’s a sweet book and the illustrations by Mike Wall are awesome. I felt like I was on a ride at Disneyland with all the bright colors and details on each page.


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